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Miscreated Game Shenanigans

Miscreated Video Game Shenanigans Sorry About Your Red Truck

With so many survival games out there, how do you pick which one to stick with? Our latest Twitch clips video showcases what I find the most fun thing about this redundant, yet fun, genre of games. The shenanigans!

Miscreated is another entry into a long list of post-apocalyptic multiplayer online hardcore survival games. Nuclear fallout, mutants, surviving, crafting, and of course looting and hoarding way more items than you’ll ever need. Sound familiar? Yup, it’s the same as about a half a dozen games out there currently.

However sometimes it’s more about the fun you have in a game. A perfect example would be the fact that I turned a truck blowing up fail into a funny clips video adventure. Check out that video here:

Miscreated Video Game Shenanigans Sorry About Your Red Truck:

The Story of the Red Truck & Other Miscreated Shenanigans

One main difference that stood out to me about Miscreated is the base building feature. You can tuck your base into a cave, or claim a plot of land anywhere and build. With up to 50 players per server the need for a well-defended, or smartly hidden base is a must. Unless of course you’re friends with everyone on the server. But you can see how well that went in the video included in this post.

As someone who absolutely adores building in games I found the building aspect incredibly disappointing. The concept is great and I hope the developers make it better as it would add so much to the game. In its current state it’s enough to make any building perfectionist cry.

Someone call HGTV, we have a fixer-upper on our hands.

All negatives aside, I still had a fun time playing Miscreated. What makes these types of games is less about the game, and more about adventures with friends. Having your own game server to call home is always helpful as well. Our shenanigans were enjoyed on a Nitrado server where everyone was able to easily hop in and play together.

Disclaimer: This isn’t an ad for Nitrado by the way, I just really love their game servers. If you’re looking for an awesome game server check out Nitrado here.

Nitrado offers free Game Switching and up to 5 different games installed on each single game server you buy. You can switch back and forth between all of your favorite survival games as often as you like. So if you’re like me and can’t decide if you love Miscreated, Atlas, 7 Days to Die, or Conan Exiles the most…you can play them all on one server!

Miscreated is available in the Humble Bundle store for $24.99 currently. If you use our link here to purchase the game you will be supporting The Mommy Gamers and our favorite charity, Extra Life!

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