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Fading Embers

Explore a new story of This War of Mine

Fading Embers story of This War of Mine

A few months ago we talked about a new story in This War of Mine mobile. Well, now there’s a brand new story out on PC called Fading Embers. I fell in love with This War of Mine a long time ago (it released in 2014) and ever since they’ve given me new reasons to keep revisiting the game.

Custom story builder for This War of Mine

The regular mode of the game has different character combinations and you can create custom scenario mixes which helps keep it fresh. However, the story modes that have been releasing really keep gamers coming back. Each story has new characters with a completely new premise and objectives. There are currently three available: The Last Broadcast, Father’s Promise, and now Fading Embers.

The Story

At the beginning of Fading Embers, there is a wounded man trudging through a blizzard. He eventually falls into the home of our main character: Anja. She is trying to survive the war and cold while keeping her home and possessions as intact as possible. As the story progresses you learn that a primary objective is to save as much of the town’s art as possible, you may even find yourself living in a museum!

Some precious items in Fading Embers

The Feels

Honestly, if you can play this game without any feels whatsoever, you’re probably a psychopath. Just saying. And that goes for any of the modes because the premise of This War of Mine is to put you into the shoes of someone having to survive through war tearing apart their world.

The last story, Father’s Promise, got me in the feels because it involves a child. But Fading Embers seems a bit bloodier than the others as you scavenge through places with dead bodies lying around and blood on the walls. I also love the art elements and flashbacks, they really add more body to the story.

War is a bloody affair


This War of Mine might be in your game inventory already since it was free on the Epic Games store. But if not you can pick it up on Steam for $20. You can get the complete edition for another $8 which gets you the Little Ones DLC and the season pass for the stories. This game is one of my favorites ever made, so all I can say beyond that is… why aren’t you playing it already?

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