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Jackbox Party Pack 6

Jackbox Party Pack 6 Review

When It’s Time To Party We Will Party Hard

Here we are in the sixth, I repeat SIXTH, iteration of Jackbox Party Pack games. Every time a new edition of Jackbox Party Pack gets announced I eagerly await the list of games coming with it like I was waiting to the hear cast of the latest Marvel movie. As someone who throws social gatherings pretty regularly, Jackbox Party Packs almost always end up closing out the night as friends sit around on their phones making each other laugh as we fail at trivia, or try to hit on each other as monsters, or come up with the best t-shirt combo.

With this, the sixth version of these popular party games, can the good folks at Jackbox Games REALLY keep ideas fresh? After spending some time with this newest version I can confidently say: Yes. Yes they can. And this might be their best pack yet.

Before I get into it, let’s talk about the games included with in Jackbox Party Pack 6:

  • Trivia Murder Party 2, the deviously funny trivia game where getting questions wrong leads to fighting for your life in a variety of absurd and challenging mini-games (1-8 players).
  • Dictionarium, the wacky word game in which you compete to create definitions for totally made-up, never-before-seen words (3-8 players).
  • Push The Button, the space-age secret identity game in which you try to hunt down alien interlopers, while taking part in bizarre writing and drawing tasks (4-10 players).
  • Joke Boat, the seafaring stand-up game where you and your boatmates compete as aspiring comedians in a talent show on a fourth-rate cruise ship (3-8 players).
  • Role Models, the offbeat personality game in which you and your friends become guinea pigs for a mad scientist and label each other to find out who you really are (3-6 players). It’s also Jackbox Games’ first title to support player selfies as avatars!
Trivia Murder Party 2

Let’s start with Trivia Murder Party 2. The Trivia Murder Party killer is back and has taken up residence in a hotel where a series of murders took place. Players answer trivia questions and move through hallways in an attempt to an escape. If players get trivia questions wrong they are taken to one of the rooms in the hotel, dubbed “The Killing Room”. Each room has a method for a player to try and escape death. More often then not, the player (or players) will end up dying.

What makes Trivia Murder Party such a fun game is the ways players try and keep themselves from dying. In Trivia Murder Party 2 the production value has gone way up and the new Killing Room games are amazing. Even some old favorites (MATH) return to torment you. Just in time for your Halloween party, Trivia Murder Party 2 is sure to slay.


Dictionarium was one that I didn’t expect to enjoy, and yet found it to be incredibly fun. It’s played in three rounds where players come up with a definition of a made up word, followed by a synonym, followed by using it in a sentence. That’s all there is to it! While it might not be one for everyone, it was very enjoyable and the fact that it is so short makes for easy replayability. You even have the option to turn on Archives and it will save every word you’ve ever created. So after a ton of games, you will have your own Dictionary to look back on.

Push the Button

Push The Button – If you have played hidden role games like “Werewolf” or “Secret Hitler” then you will feel right at home with Push The Button. This is game for you. You NEED to have people in the same room or at least a way to verbally communicate with them because the banter between people trying to prove they are human is amazing. If you’re not a fan of lying, you might want to skip this one. It is also a fun one to watch as your friends squirm and try to figure each other out. One time I was the alien, and did all I could to throw a friend under the bus with me to get everyone to think they were in cahoots with me.

As a former Jungle Cruise Skipper, stand-up comedian, and improvisor, Joke Boat was the game I was the most looking forward to and I was not disappointed. Players build “fill the blank” style joke set-ups then write their own punchline. After that the players can choose to tell the jokes themselves or have the game use gibberish to vocalize the joke. This is by far, my favorite game in the pack as it unleashes bad puns and creativity. I see myself playing this one a lot.

Role Models

Last, but certainly not least is Role Models. In every Jackbox Party Pack I feel that there is one game that is better when everyone knows each other. In Jackbox Party Pack 6, that game is Role Models. Everyone will try and label their friends to see what they really think of one another. It is a very fun social experiment and helps you learn a lot about your friends.

Every game in Party Pack 6 comes with it’s series of options: extended timers, audience, close-captioning and sharing the funny after the game has ended. At this point I would like to see a massive “Jackbox Big Box” where all the games can live in one app so that I don’t have to keep going back and forth between party packs.

Without a doubt, Jackbox Party Pack 6 is their best offering yet. In previous Jackbox Party Packs there’s usually one-two games that I enjoy playing while others get left behind and rarely touched. With Jackbox Party Pack 6 I don’t feel that way towards any games. Every game I look forward to playing over and over again and I am more excited for game nights than I have been in a while.

Whether you’re a streamer, a party host, or someone that screenshares online while hanging out in Discord with their community, The Jackbox Party Pack 6 is a must-have. The care and thought put into this latest edition of the game is astounding and I can’t wait to keep playing.

Jackbox Party Pack 6 is currently on sale for 17% off in the Humble Store and Humble Monthly subscribers save an additional $4.99.

The author was given a digital copy of The Jackbox Party Pack 6 for this review.

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