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Sparklite Soundtrack Now Available For Pre-Order

Scarlet Moon Records is pleased to announce pre-orders for the Sparklite (Original Game Soundtrack), a whimsical and adventurous score by Dale North. Best known for his work on Wizard of LegendNintendo Minute, and The Long Return, North has composed Sparklite’s soundtrack with a distinct GameCube aesthetic. Expect a memorable experience covering everything from grasslands and deserts to poisonous bogs and hidden caverns throughout this heartfelt game and soundtrack.

A digital booklet adorned with lovely artwork from Sparklite will be included with purchases on Bandcamp and iTunes featuring a composer interview, liner notes, and track-by-track commentary.

The Sparklite (Original Game Soundtrack) is available for pre-order and will release on November 7, 2019, one week before the game: Sparklite (Original Game Soundtrack) on All Storefronts

Available for pre-order now for just $7 here

“GameCube music was unique in that it seemed to bridge gaming eras,” explains composer Dale North. “It rode this line of being both chip or hardware based as well as being a fully fledged disc-based game machine that could play back more expansive recorded musical scores. I created a workflow that was pretty true those soundtracks. I recorded and sampled several instruments and created my own sound banks for Sparklite. Outside of very few exceptions this initial sound set I created was used in every piece of the Sparklite soundtrack. And to keep with that direct-from- hardware vibe I strictly limited myself to MIDI programming for this soundtrack. So there are no recordings, no sample libraries, no synthesizers, or modern production techniques. It’s basically just raw MIDI data triggering sampled soundbanks, just like the old days!”

Look forward to the release of Sparklite on PC, Mac, and consoles on November 14, 2019 along with a beautiful physical edition from Signature Edition:

About Dale North:

Dale North is a composer, arranger, and orchestrator for videogames, based in the San Diego. As a multi-instrumentalist (piano, vocal, brass), performer, and singer-songwriter with an international training, he brings a unique voice to videogame music.

Dale’s music mixes traditional instrumentation with vintage colors, blending live pianos and orchestral tones with the synthesizers and sound sets that shaped the sounds of games from the Super Nintendo and PlayStation eras. His upbringing in Tokyo, Japan helped shape his melodic sense (and his love of synthesizers), and he continues to hold the traditions of game music in the highest regard.

Dale looks forward to working on projects that favor creativity and seek to honor game music’s rich heritage.

He also really, really likes Welsh Corgis.

Dale North is represented by Scarlet Moon Artists.
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About Scarlet Moon Records:

Scarlet Moon Records has been releasing original game soundtracks and unique arrangement albums since 2013. They’re best known for their flagship album series, Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies, and the soundtracks to IndivisibleWizard of Legend, and more.

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