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Sparklite: Ready for an Adventure?

Ready to fall in love or maybe rage a little?

Sparklite cover art

Sparklite is a wonderful new release from Red Blue Games that takes us into the world of Geodia. In this top-down adventure game, you will find an ever-changing world of Sparklite-powered gear to help you take down the titans of mining! Be prepared to do things over and over if you’re anything like us (yeah, yeah, we’re scrubs) and possibly rage a little bit during boss battles. It’s extra rewarding when you win!

Here we go again…

The game starts pretty swiftly by introducing you to the first boss so you can get your butt kicked before you ever get any real gear. After you die you get brought up to the flying town, which will be your home base for Sparklite. After meeting everyone you’ll be able to equip some tools and venture back to the ground to gather Sparklite to level up your items and health.

But SURPRISE! Every time you go back to the ground it’s different. The map has different room tiles that will be randomly generated to make the map different each visit. This keeps the game fresh… or makes it frustrating I guess, depends on your perspective. This means each time you fail to beat the boss you have to wander through the map again and find his location again.

It sounds tedious but really it helped me get better and I was able to really rack up Sparklite and upgrade my gear. After about 10 tries I finally got the right combo necessary to beat the first boss, Boris. Personally I used a combo of the crossbow and bombs – but you can watch Jax’s failures and final victory here!

One boss down, four more to go!

So now that I’ve been the first boss I will be loading back in and playing through the rest of the game. But I had to report on finding a new game to love as soon as it was available to everyone. You can go check out the demo or buy the full version now on steam or the Humble Store! And if you snag it before Nov 21st you can get it 15% off!

I will update you all again when I’ve completed the game and tested out the local co-op function! Let me know in the comments if you’re going to try it out and what you think.

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