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Thanksgiving Served up In Automachef

Get into the holiday spirit with new recipes and more in the new free update for the resource management puzzler.

After hours and hours of cooking for the family on Thanksgiving I often wish the whole process could be…automated. Actually I’m kidding. I really love cooking for the family. I was just trying to do a witty intro into this news about a very fun resource management puzzler game.

Automachef is getting into the holiday spirit with the launch of a free Thanksgiving themed update available today on PC (Steam and GOG) and Nintendo Switch™, Team17 and Hermes Interactive have announced. The update includes three new levels, Thanksgiving related recipes and a new machine for budding Automachef engineers to utilize in their culinary construction– the electric oven!

Thanksgiving Update Trailer:

Cornbread, Pumpkin Pie, Roast Turkey and Sweet Potatoes! Yum!

Each of the new recipes bring the essence of Thanksgiving to Automachef, with roast turkey, roasted sweet potatoes, cornbread, and pumpkin pie all on the holiday menu. Players can also take advantage of the latest cooking appliance to arrive in the game, the electric oven, which has selectable power options to help meet energy consumption levels.

New Thanksgiving Themed Challenges! You know I’m All About that Baste too!

Three new levels and two new contracts for Contract Mode have also been added. Lots of bugs were fixed in this update as well as some extra modding support. You can read all about that on their Steam page if you’d like.

Automachef Key Features:

  • Plan. Position. Program: Design and build automated restaurants, then program them to run like a well-oiled machines.
  • Challenging puzzles: Tackle intricate spatial, resource management, and scenario puzzles!
  • Multiple modes: Overcome the campaign, take on the business world in contracts mode, or be creative in the sandbox test mode.
  • Mod Support: Create your own ingredients, recipes, and scenario levels via Steam Workshop (PC only)

Automachef is a great game for adults and older children. The puzzles really test your problem solving skills as you creatively try to figure out which combination of machines work best. There’s always another way to solve each puzzle to increase your score too. So the replayability factor of this game is endless.

I personally have enjoyed playing Automachef very much and believe you will too. If you’d like to pick up Automachef it is available for PC via Steam or the Humble Store and is currently on sale for only $10.04. Humble Monthly users save an additional $2 off as well! You can also pick it up on GOG, and Nintendo Switch!

We at The Mommy Gamers hope you’re having a wonderful holiday surrounded by people you love! Thank you for being a part of our community!

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