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Love Animal Crossing? Check Out Our November Twitch Giveaway!

Ahhh November. The air is getting colder, unless you live in the south where we are on our fifth wave of summer. We’re all running out of things to do in Animal Crossing, but that doesn’t make us love it any less right? So the theme for the November giveaway is…Animal Crossing. Yay!!

First you should know that the ONLY way to enter the November giveaway is to watch The Mommy Gamers on Twitch. These giveaways are just a clever ruse to get you to hang out with our community. Hanging out in the Twitch channel earns you hourly channel points which you can redeem as an entry into this giveaway. Subscribers earn double channel points each hour.

Hey Jax, stop blabbing and tell us what’s in the giveaway okay?

Animal Crossing Loot from AHareAffair

Isn’t this adorable crocheted bell bag the absolute cutest thing ever? All of these items were made by the lovely and talented AHareAffair. She has an Etsy shop full of cute things here. The little wine charms were originally stitch markers, but I don’t crochet so she repurposed them for me. I like sharing so I am passing them on to you!

$20 Nintendo eShop Digital Card

If you’ve won anything from me before you know that I’m horrible at mailing things out in a timely manner. However, this digital Nintendo eShop gift card will get to the giveaway winner ASAP. There’s lots of fun new stuff in the eShop like Pikmin 3 which we talked about in Episode 200 of our podcast!

Stuff from our Teespring shop!
Check out our Teespring shop for more!

Check out our merchandise shop where we have all sorts of cool items with this logo that AHareAffair also made. Here’s the link. If you win the November giveaway you will get a sticker from the shop and you can pick one of these masks in the color of your choice. I have a cool new idea for some more merchandise so keep an eye on the Teespring shop for more fun stuff.

If this sounds like a bundle you’d like to win make sure to watch The Mommy Gamers Twitch channel at: Streams happen Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12 pm ET – 5 pm ET and sometimes Animal Crossing on Saturday afternoons. Schedules are subject to change though so make sure to follow on Twitter for updates.

You’ll need to earn 669 Channel Points in our Twitch channel. That’s a couple hours of watching to earn an entry. Winners will be select at the end of June so you’ll have plenty of time to watch and enter!

Remember that Twitch subscribers earn DOUBLE the channel points. Subscribing supports my streaming efforts, and if you happen to have Amazon Prime you can sub free with Twitch Prime!

*US only please. Shipping outside of the US is too expensive.
**This post includes affiliate links. Using our links may generate some income that we put back into giveaways and charity efforts!

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