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Kena: Bridge of Spirits Announcement Trailer

Ember Lab, a new game development studio revealed Kena: Bridge of Spirits back in June of 2020 as part of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PS5 The Future of Gaming event. Like so many other things over the past year or so, the game was delayed. I am personally very excited to announce that the game now has a release date of September 21, 2021. I’ve had Kena wish listed in the Epic Store for quite some time now and cannot wait to play!

Announcement Trailer:

Did you watch the video? Now you see why I’m so excited about this game right? Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a story-driven action adventure game that seamlessly blends narrative with exploration, puzzle solving, and fast-paced combat for a beautiful, immersive journey. I borrowed that bit (and most of this write up honestly) from a press release as I personally haven’t had the pleasure of playing the game quite yet.

This gorgeous adventure takes players on a journey of self-discovery as Kena restores balance to an ancient village in a once-thriving environment. Players take on the role of Kena, a young Spirit Guide on a quest to uncover the mysterious story surrounding the demise of the village. Using her staff and the help of her collection of tiny companions known as the Rot, the player will disarm adversaries, unlock new skills, uncover secrets, and restore the beauty of the land.

One of the most unique aspects of the game revolves around enhancing Kena’s abilities with the help of her Rot companions. Building a bond with the Rot leads to a deeper, more organic combat and a nuanced skill evolution. Kena: Bridge of Spirits has been designed to take advantage of the PlayStation 5 hardware performance and DUALSENSE controller. The game features immersive haptic feedback including simulated string resistance for Kena’s Spirit Bow.

We’ve had this game concept for some time, and we’re finally able to bring our vision to life with the support from Sony and the capabilities of the new hardware,” said Mike Grier, chief creative officer of Ember Lab. “We want Kena: Bridge of Spirits to immerse the player in a detailed, fantastical world that feels real.

Releasing September 21, 2021, Kena: Bridge of Spirits will be coming exclusively to PlayStation5, PlayStation 4 and the Epic Games Store. For additional information, please visit If you play to purchase the game in the Epic Store please consider using my Epic Creator link here so that I can get rich and buy a llama farm. Thank you!

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