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Let’s Build the Most Amazing Zoo

Let's Build a Zoo

Always wanted to build a zoo? Don’t worry, you don’t need koalafications for this fun game. From the development team of Springloaded Games and published by No More Robots, Let’s Build a Zoo puts you in the reigns of your own animal-topia, Much like other sim type games you have the ability to create your own enclosures for your animals and build the park to the best of your liking.

However there is a plot twist… Unlike most zoo games, this game is equipped with its own state of the art DNA splicing mechanic. That is right. You can make your own elehawks… or maybe a liraffe. There are over 300,000 different types of animals you can breed or genetically mutate with another animal.

As you start the game it is like any other normal sim game that you would play. You build your staff buildings, hire your staff, build a couple enclosures (with animals) and start inviting guests to your zoo. There is a slight in game tutorial that will help you out as you are going when new stuff is unlocked. Those will help you from getting lost along with help to build your zoo up so that your guests and animals are happy.

The more you research along the way, the more you can unlock. There are tons of decor items, shops, and amenities to be placed after you have unlocked them. You can truly make a custom zoo to fulfill your animal imagination needs.

If you put all your animals in one area you could have otter panda-monium

This is the start to my Dreamz Zoo. It is important to make sure you have the proper enclosures with water and things to do for your animals so they keep happy. Each animal has several different types and if you plan on making some sort of super animal like a Crocoduck you will need all the DNA types from each species before you make your super animal.

I definitely look forward to playing more of this game and unlocking even more things to decorate my zoo with. I am also excited to see all the different animal types. If you could mix any two animals together what would they be? Give us your answer in the comments. We would love to see what you come up with.

You can pick up this game on Steam starting November 5th!!! You can also find more details at
If you would like to see the official Let’s Build a Zoo game trailer from No More Robots you can watch it here

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