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Brittney “Brie” Haddock

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I was the one girl who would go home after school and play Mario Bros. on the original Nintendo console in the early 90s. Friday and Saturday nights, we would camp out in the living room, and my parents would play along with till it was somewhat late I’m sure. Back then, nine P.M. was later than I should have even been up.

Over the years, my gaming habits faded, then I got back into it again with the original Gameboy. Still, those habits faded, they came back and the vicious cycle.

When my husband and I started dating in 2006, we would play the old Nintendo, or Xbox. He was into the PlayStation, but I never stepped foot into that territory and was team Microsoft all the way. Eventually, I created an account that mimicked I was his girlfriend like most girls do when they game with their significant other.

I played Call of Duty for the most part but played the occasional racing game or something instead of a needed distraction. Over the years, I also found my passion for writing and started my B.A in English and Journalism/Mass Communications in 2012. At the same time, I was sending writing samples from every genre I had in my stockpile and began searching for work. It wasn’t long before I found a home at All that’s Epic, an entertainment website that covered all things geek.

I went to my first Comic-Con in 2014, ECCC, or Emerald City Comic Con. I was in as press, but it got me in to do so many cool things, and I got to meet some of the most amazing celebrities. I was hooked. I continued my education and worked part-time, working my way to a lead contributor. Friday and Saturday nights consisted of gaming with co-workers, talking about all the incredible things happening in gaming, movies, and television. But it ended when I left in May 2015 to finish my undergrad and move on to bigger and better things.

Present day, I still game a whole heck of a lot, but my taste in games has expanded. Stardew Valley and My Time At Portia thanks to Marcia, Fortnite all due to an article that was written here on The Mommy Gamers, Call of Duty is still there, but it has become a more social game when friends come over to hang out. Destiny is a game I pick up on occasion and World of Warcraft is a constant.

Kris Holden-Reid and I at Kansas City Comic Con 2016

As of right now, I teach English in the local school district, or at least I will after this year is over. I substitute teach throughout the district in secondary grades as needed. When I’m not working, I’m gaming or studying for the darn certification exam.

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