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Carrie Bland

Carrie_BlandMy gaming journey started when I was 3 years old and my mom bought an Atari 2600. I would spend hours playing Combat, Yars Revenge, and the Sword Quest games. As I grew older, video games became an escape for me. When I was 10, my mom gave me the Nintendo Entertainment System. I played Super Mario Bros. so much I used to be able to beat World 1-1 with my eyes shut, by just going off the rhythm and the music. Not long after I had the NES, she gave me Dragon Warrior. No matter what happened to me at school, or what was going on at home, I could fire up my NES and escape into the rich world of Alefgard. To this day, the Dragon Warrior/Quest series is still my favorite.

When I was in high school, my family’s income situation changed, and my parents were not able to afford the newer gaming systems. I would still play my older games on my NES and even my Atari, but this was when I also got into tabletop gaming. My high school friends and I would have hours long Dungeons and Dragon sessions. It became such a part of my life, that I would roll characters in my spare time just for fun.

After I graduated high school and was able to get a job, I started being able to afford my own games. One of my first purchases was a Nintendo 64 along with Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It was such a step forward from the video games I had been used to playing. The graphics mesmerized me, and the story was truly enthralling. I couldn’t believe that video games had come so far. My appetite for more became insatiable. I started working for Software, Etc(now GameStop), to help afford my new addiction. During this time, I purchased a Super Nintendo, a Sega Genesis, a Sega Saturn, a PlayStation, and a Dreamcast to help myself get caught up on all the games that I had missed in my teens. It was also during this time, that I discovered Dance Dance Revolution. I become immediately obsessed. Not only would I play for hours at home, but I would spend countless quarters at the arcade playing on the big machine. I competed in tournaments and was… if I may say… pretty darn good. DDR was my first look into the world of competitive gaming. The other games that really grabbed me at that time were Goldeneye 64, Silent Hill, and Legend of Dragoon. I would wager that I had more combined hours on my Legend of Dragoon save files than anyone else. The love for LoD carried over when I found out that I was pregnant with my first child, I decided to name her Meru, who is a character in that game. It was a theme I’d keep with my other 2 daughters, as I named them both after LoD characters, too.

As I entered my 30’s, I was introduced to the world of competitive shooters. I would play Halo 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare all around the clock. I was going through a moment of depression and was unemployed, so I would play Halo 3 all day, and then switch to Call of Duty at night. Eventually, I stopped playing Call of Duty, but I stuck with Halo. This was when the PMS clan came into my life. I joined the PMS Clan Halo Division and threw myself into clan activities full force. After a month with the clan, I was promoted to Community Manager for the Halo Division. It was during this time, that I was introduced to The Mommy Gamers. I was asked to be a guest on their podcast, and I had never been more honored. Over the next two years, I would move up in ranks in PMS Clan, becoming Community Director for the entire clan, and would return to The Mommy Gamers more and more frequently.

In 2014, I started working closely with the Frag Dolls and assisting them by working at events. I worked E3 that year for Wargaming, but then worked PAX Prime, SDCC, GameStop Expo, and the PlayStation Experience all for Ubisoft with the Frag Dolls. The next year, my life really changed. Not only was I a regular on The Mommy Gamers, which had been a dream of mine for the two years previous, but I was also hired full time by Ubisoft as a Community Manager. I had to move my entire family from Mississippi to North Carolina, but it is a small price to pay to achieve one’s goals. One of my new goals is to let everyone know that even if you get a late start in reaching for your goals, it doesn’t mean you can’t make them happen.

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