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Desirai Labrada

Desirai Labrada

“No Sleep Til Brooklyn”

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY where I had dreams of learning to play the guitar and singing in the NYC subway stations after graduating high school. Thankfully my Guidance Counselor convinced me I needed a plan B. That’s how I ended up in the Fine Arts program at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Unfortunately, we were a bit of a joke and were often referred to as the ‘starving artists’. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I wouldn’t be able to draw, paint and sculpt my way through life, so after a year and a half, I dropped out to go find myself.

“I’m Keeping My Baby”

Years later, after deciding I wanted to return to college, I discovered I’d be having my first child. This changed my plans a bit, but I put them on hold and became a stay at home mom up until he was ready for Pre-School. Being a stay at home mom meant I got to do a lot of what I loved, like read books, surf the web and play video games. It was while playing a video game (Halo 2 to be exact) that I met and fell in love with John Henry from Melbourne, FL. Since long distance relationships suck and he knew I wanted to go back to school, John encouraged me to finish college in FL.

“Another Turning Point”

After receiving the proper support from friends and family, I moved to Winter Park, FL to pursue an Associate Degree in Digital Media in an accelerated program at Full Sail University (called Full Sail Real World Education back then). After completing the Digital Media program I went on to get a Bachelor of Science in Digital Arts and Design.

“Truly, Madly, Deeply Do”

Shortly after graduating, John and I got engaged and later went on to have the geekiest wedding EVER! That’s right. To celebrate how we met, we had a Halo Themed Wedding. We were featured on MTV, VH1, Kotaku, Destructoid, G4, The Official Xbox Magazine, Geek Monthly, The Guinness Book of World Records 2013 Gamer’s Edition and more. Most exciting however was having our wedding photo show up in the Halo 4 segment on Conan O’Brian and later being in a national holiday commercial for Best Buy!

“What About Now?”

I’m a full time educator, teaching a college Digital Literacy class. I’m a part-time freelancer, designing graphics and websites. In my free time I’m a technology enthusiast, an avid podcaster, a crafter extraordinaire, a lucid dreamer, and still, a daydreamer with an ambition to play guitar and sing in the subways of a big city.

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