The Mommy Gamers

Elaine Stryker

Hi folks! Let’s start with the vital statistics: my name is Elaine, I’m married with two kids, I’m an Electrical Engineer who specializes in communications design (primarily for railroad safety) by day, I play a lot of games by night. I also ride a motorcycle, have a German Shepherd and a Boxer, love Pumpkin Spice things completely unironically, and live for that first cup of coffee on a cool morning.

I’ve been playing video games since I was about five years old so that puts me at about three decades of games under my belt. I grew up mostly playing on Nintendo consoles. When I went off to college I was exposed to everything I had missed out on growing up and promptly picked up a PS2 the first month I was away. Now I play games on anything that will run them. Seriously, if my toaster or fridge could run Doom you best believe I would stand in my kitchen playing it while making dinner. Games are the one hobby that has persisted through my life. I’ve never stopped playing games and I likely never will. I’ll probably be the crazy grandma bumpin’ Tupac and crushing my grandkids at Mario Kart.

I used to say I had specific genres of games that I would only play but as I’ve gotten older my tastes have really broadened. Now you can find me playing anything from JRPGs to shooters while touching every genre in between. Having two kids has also opened up my gaming horizons. They love things like Minecraft and Fortnite, games I would probably never have even tried if it wasn’t for their enthusiasm and creativity. I get excited to share new games with my kids or watch the E3 press conferences with them. My children have really refreshed my excitement and love for games and I’m so beyond grateful for that.

I’m so thrilled to be a part of The Mommy Gamers because that same enthusiasm my children have for games is truly captured here. This group of people loves games. We love playing them and talking about them. We love sharing them with everyone who will listen or watch. The goal is to keep spreading that love to as many other parents, and non parents, that we can and I’m thrilled to be a part of that dream.

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