The Mommy Gamers

Mike Robles

Marcia asked me to write one of these so I guess I better listen.

I’ve been gaming ever since I was a little kid. My parents had an Atari 600, I grew up next to some of the best arcades in Southern California, and I had just about every video game system as they came out.

Growing up in LA I was outside a lot, until I realized Magic: The Gathering, Comic Books, and Video Games were all better inside. I spent a lot of my youth playing games and having fun. When I got older I worked at Disneyland as a Jungle Cruise Skipper and behind the scenes of Fantasmic! for about 5 years.

After working in the Happiest Place on Earth for a while I spent some time doing background work in TV/Film. Sharp eyed viewers can spot me in episodes of Gilmore Girls, Friends, and the movie Tenacious D & The Pick of Destiny.

Since I wasn’t discovered yet, I went to work as a QA Tester vor Vivendi Universal in 2002. I had always been interested in video games, but now I FINALLY got to join the game industry. I worked for Vivendi Universal and Disney Games before moving from sunny California to sometimes sunny Washington State.

11 years later and I’m still here. I dabbled in community management while working at WB Games and later joined Wizards of the Coast as a community manager for Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. I joined Microsoft as a community manager for Microsoft Studios. I worked on Killer Instinct, Minecraft, Age of Empires and more.

My love of video games has never stopped and you can almost always catch me playing something on my Xbox One. I’ve got a wonderful wife who also plays video games and we have an almost 2 year old son who can turn the Xbox on all by himself already. In fact, he has his own controller so that when momma or dada are playing video games, he can also be playing.

I am honored to be joining Marcia and Carrie here on The Mommy Gamers. (Marcia made me say that). As  parents sites like these are important to showcase that yes, there are parents who still game. Being a parent is hard work, but you’re never alone. Come hang out with us Mommy…and Daddy Gamers.

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