The Mommy Gamers


My gaming journey started with an Atari and huge while trackball that I used to play Mrs. Pacman. I’ve owned pretty much every Nintendo system and a few Playstations but my main love is PC games. For the majority of my teen years, I played MUDs (text-based roleplaying games) more than anything else. I really enjoyed the creative aspect and spent a lot of my time coding and writing for those games. It wasn’t until adulthood that I really got into video games.

In my early 20’s I played a lot of Counter-Strike: Source and MMOs like D&D online, Guildwars, and Warhammer Online. During my World of Warcraft phase, a friend told me about a new game that was in beta they said I should check out because I played a lot of battlegrounds. After receiving my invite to the beta I became addicted to it… and that game was League of Legends. I played League primarily until my son was born and I could no longer guarantee an uninterrupted hour for each match.

As a military spouse, I’ve moved around a lot over the years and gaming has helped keep me connected. Helping build up communities around gaming enables me to connect across all the distance and differences in timezones. I’ve learned to combine my love for gaming with my love to be creative and dove into the realm of content creation. Twitch, YouTube, writing articles, and helping build communities in the space have all been ways for me to express myself in this industry. I’m hoping that I can make this love into a career.

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