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    Clean Your Refrigerator Day – November 15th



    What better way to kick off your weekend of fun than by cleaning out your refrigerator? November 15th marks an especially odd obscure “holiday”, Clean Your Refrigerator Day.  With Thanksgiving looming right around the corner, you’re going to need to clean out…whatever that is you’ve shoved in the back of your fridge. This way on turkey day, you won’t have to worry about if you have enough room for all those leftovers, or if you’re going to have to force your friends and family to loosen their belts one more notch and go back for seconds, or fourths.

    Normally I like to go with the old saying “When in doubt, toss it out”, but if you are like me and don’t enjoy wasting food, check out the website StillTasty.  They have an easy search system so that you can look up questionable food items.  November 15th is also America Recycles Day, so make sure to recycle as much as you can.

    So say TGIF, by burying yourself in your refrigerator for a few hours, finish off those half bottles of wine, and create interesting snacks out of smaller leftover items.  If you decide to do a major overhaul, feel free to take some before and after pictures and share them with us on Facebook.  We promise we won’t judge you…much.

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    Cards Against Humanity – PAX Prime 2013

    Cards Against Humanity Fortune Cookies

    Cards Against Humanity Fortune Cookies

    What happens when you sneak in the exit of the Cards Against Humanity booth at PAX Prime? A random interview!

    I stuck my head in their booth, hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive Bigger Blacker Box, and maybe grab some swag. What I ended up with was an interview with Ben Hantoot, one of the eight co-creators of Cards Against Humanity. Ben was a good sport and didn’t seem to mind being kidnapped at all.

    Desirai (Mommy Gamers co-host, co-owner, and Evil Genius) and I are huge fans of Cards Against Humanity. We’ve mentioned CAH in many of our podcast episodes,  Episode 22: Deep Dark Hole (12:35) and Episode 27: Sparkle Pukes, to name a few. Also, last year when I attended PAX Prime, I was covering the convention for The Married Gamers.  I experienced Cards Against Humanity for the first time and even wrote a little something about what has now become my favorite card game of all time.  You can read that article by clicking here.

    Sadly, I missed out on the Bigger, Blacker Box. By the time I got around to going to purchase one, they were sold out. I plan to keep an eye on their website though, where I’ve signed up to be notified when they are available to purchase.

    However, I did come back with something awesome. The exclusive Cards Against Humanity themed fortune cookies that were being handed out at PAX Prime 2013. I have FOUR of these to give away, and to win you just have to do one thing for us…harass the people at Cards Against Humanity. I’m sure they won’t mind at all.

    Cards Against Humanity Cookie
    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    If you win one of the fortune cookies, please visit our Facebook page and share your fortune with us once you receive it. Desirai really wants to know what’s inside of these things. A fortune cookie opening video would really make her day.

    *Ben Hantoon was not actually kidnapped by The Mommy Gamers, and was safely returned to his booth after finishing the interview. I think he might have actually run away…hmmm.

    National Cheese Pizza Day – September 5th


    Do you like cheese pizza? Have you been looking for a good excuse to cheat on your diet and have a gooey, greasy slice? If so, then today is your day! September 5th is National Cheese Pizza Day!

    Pizza made its way to the United States along with the arrival of Italian immigrants in the late 19th century.  Since then pizzas have been made in a variety of different ways, and are a common Friday night treat in our household. Sometimes we make our own, but for the most of the time it’s just easier to let the local pizza place bring it to our door.

    It’s not too late to scrap whatever healthy dinner plans you had for your family this evening, and call out for a pizza.  Don’t forget to ask for paper plates too, making your evening even more simple by cancelling out any arguing over who has to do the dishes. Make sure to do some searching on the internet as there are a few places out there offering special deals to celebrate.

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    Cheerios Biracial Ad Causes Some To Choke On Their Breakfast

    Cheerios Love

    This commercial is awesome. It has breakfast, Love, a cute kid, humor, and a biracial family :insert record scratch: Did that freak you out? Hopefully not. Seriously, how is this something people still get upset about? Crazy, right? Apparently, it’s not as nuts as we’d think. Cheerios was forced to disable comments on their youtube video after receiving thousand of racist comments. That makes me incredibly sad. Thankfully, Cheerios is sticking to their guns and keeping the ad up. Thousands more have been rushing to the Cheerios facebook page to congratulate them on a job well done.

    My son is biracial and knowing that he will still encounter racism in this day and age really sucks. Could you believe that just this week a man in Virginia got a visit from the police after shopping at Walmart with his biracial daughters. They thought he had kidnapped them!!! They pulled the kids aside and asked them to point out who their parents were. Oh my god. I can’t. I can’t even imagine what I would do if this happened to me.

    Meagan Hatcher Mays over at Jezebel has shared her thoughts on the Cheerios ad and growing up in a biracial family. It’s definitely worth the read.

    How do YOU feel about the commercial? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

    [box type=”shadow”]Random but fun fact: The mom in this commercial is played by Whitney Avalon. I met Whitney in LA last year while we were shooting a Best Buy commercial.[/box]

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    Pinterest Plan Our Weekend!


    Are you a Pinterest addict? If so, I need your help. In episode 39 of The Mommy Gamers podcast we discuss an article on about how “Pinterest stress” is affecting moms.  I  personally have avoided Pinterest for that exact reason. There are so many great creative and inspiring ideas that I find myself feeling overwhelmed. Who has time to do all those things, much less search through the site and pick which of the things you want to do?

    And then I realized…I may not have the time, but I do have access to this amazing community of people who like to play on the internet. YOU!

    So where do you come into play on all of this? I want to show that Pinterest can be easy to use, and possibly create less stress for mommies. I will allow you, our amazing community, to select Pinterest projects for us to do over the weekend. I even created a board on our Pinterest page titled “Pinterest Plan Our Weekend”

    Here is what I need from you. Pins you like for:

    Easy/kid friendly meals:


    *Breakfast X 2

    *Lunch X 2

    *Dinner X 2

    *Fun snacks/desserts

    *Maybe a grown up drink idea…hey, why not?

    Ideas for things to do at the:





    And maybe a craft or two for kids ages 3, 11, 13.

    I will sort through all of your suggestions and pick some of my favorites. Get me your ideas soon for this weekend so that I can get to the store and grab what I need.  Share as many ideas as you’d like, and if I don’t use your suggestion this weekend, fear not! If this weekend goes well, I will turn this into a semi-regular series. Check back here next week for a follow-up of how this experiment went. I promise to take lots of pictures!

    Share your suggestions in the comments section here, or on our facebook page and then watch the progress on our Pinterest board.  Have fun, and thanks for participating!

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    The Last Barfighter: Beer Dispensing Arcade Game


    What’s cooler than an old school arcade game? An old school arcade game that dispenses beer!

    Traditionally, at most beer tasting festivals attendees wait in line to grab a sample. With The Last Barfighter, beer-loving folks are forced to fight for their beer…arcade style. Players choose one of five characters named after Big Boss brews: Hell’s Belle, Bad Penny, Angry Angel, Blanco Diablo and High Roller. Thirsty combatants then get to fight using basic moves, as well as signature moves like fire throwing, unicorn horn impaling and butt slaps. Best your opponent in three rounds and get rewarded with a sample of automatically dispensed beer.

    The Last Barfighter was created by the McKinney ad agency for Big Boss Brewing Company. According to Dave Ross, Big Boss Brewing’s marketing and distribution manager:

    “The Last Barfighter is the latest tool in the Big Boss arsenal. It’s a secret weapon that really showcases our beer brands in a fun, interactive, beer-dispensing video game with retro-cool appeal!”

    We agree Dave! The Last Barfighter was discussed on Episode 29 of The Mommy Gamers podcast.  I emailed the company and told them I would give them “all of my money” to get one. Sadly, I have not yet received a reply. Elaine wants to get one and hack it so that it would give her beer every time she put a coin in. Either way, we all want one, and agree that this is a creative and amazing thing of beauty.

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    Shop Healthier With Fooducate

    Woman Food Shopping

    Getting fit and healthy can be pretty difficult for someone like me who doesn’t know what to shop for. I barely have enough time to food shop at all. And let’s be honest, stopping to read every label and do research on all the ingredients isn’t going to happen. Kudos to you if you’ve actually been able to master eating healthy. I however still have a long way to go.

    But luckily for me there are apps, like Fooducate, available (on Android and iPhone) to make the whole process easier. I actually talked a little bit about Fooducate in Episode 9: Train Wreck.

    You can use Fooducate to:

    • Automatically scan a product barcode
    • See product highlights (both good & bad)
    • Compare products
    • Select better alternatives
    • Dig deeper and learn more about food and nutrition


    • Created by dietitians and concerned parents
    • Uses your mobile’s camera to effortlessly scan UPC barcode
    • Over 200,000 unique products and growing daily
    • Simplified information helps you make better choices
    • Works on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android OS version 2.2 and up

    [quote] “Fooducate is like taking your own personal dietitian to the supermarket.” [/quote]

    Fooducate analyzes information found in each product’s nutrition panel and ingredient list to show you what manufacturers don’t want you to see, such as: high fructose cornsyrup, excessive fats, confusing serving sizes, additives and preservatives and more. It then grades the product on a scale of F-A+ and goes into detail on why it received it’s score. One of the best part of Fooducate is that it’s NOT funded or influenced by food manufacturers. Using it feels a lot like taking great advice from a trusted friend.

    Do you use Fooducate or any other app to help with your food shopping?

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