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    Crock Pot Quickie: Beef Stroganoff

    You don’t have to be an amazing cook to make delicious food for your family!

    hqdefaultCrock pot meals are a quick and easy way to have a great meal waiting for you at the end of a long day.  A little bit of prep in the morning can make for a more relaxing evening with your family.  This is the first in a series of crock pot cooking videos I plan to do.  My hope is to show people first of all, that you don’t have to be an amazing cook to make delicious food for your family.  My second goal is to show how simple cooking can be.  There’s a misconception at times that cooking has to be this huge complicated effort.  While you can go as big or as crazy as you want with recipes, I think it can be a little overwhelming to try and tackle complicated recipes when you already have a full day of work, kids, etc.

    So first up in my Crockpot Quickies segment, is a savory and simple Beef Stroganoff!

    I hope you enjoyed my video.  What’s your favorite crockpot recipe?  Feel free to leave comments, feedback, or suggestions on recipes you’d like to see me try.  Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for not only cooking videos, but all the other fun things we are putting up there for you all to enjoy!

    Get Cooking: Mason Jar Caprese Salad

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    The latest entry onto our YouTube cooking channel is a little Mason Jar Caprese Salad.  You can prep these ahead of time easily with just a few simple ingredients.  Check out my video on how to put them together, and have an easy to grab lunch ready to go each day!


    Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel here:  for more cooking videos, and also the weekly video version of our podcast, BookTube videos, and whatever other crazy stuff we decide to put up there for you to enjoy!

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    Get Cooking: Mason Jar Breakfast Prep

    Mason Jar Breakfast The Mommy Gamers
    In addition to loving games here at The Mommy Gamers, we also love to cook!  So I’ve started creating some YouTube videos showcasing some of the recipes I know, or ones I’m learning to make.  Here’s my first attempt at a cooking video, with a simple mason jar breakfast idea.


    For more cooking videos, and other amazing video content including the video version of our podcast each week, subscribe to our YouTube Channel here:

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