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    The Textorcist: I’m a Cranky ol’ Priest!

    Can you TYPE your way out of bullet hell?
    The Textorcist logo over a pentagram with screenshots of the game in each piece

    If you’re not prepared to hear my sailor trash mouth, definitely don’t watch me play The Textorcist. The amount of rage clips from other streamers is hilarious and I definitely feel their pain having played through the demo. YET! I’m really looking forward to playing more of the game as it releases for Valentine’s Day! Warning: This game is NOT for children. 18+ only thanks.


    The Textorcist has a lot of dark and adult humor. Follow Ray Bibbia, a private exorcist, as he faces a demonic outbreak in a city filled with crime and seedy establishments. You’ll have lots of fun reading the dialog and laughing at the ridiculousness of names and situations.

    I had a hoot over the nightclub/strip club in the game called… THE TITUS TWISTER. Yup. You read that right. There’s some other great bits in the demo of dialog exchanges that make actually reading the text a reward. Cause let’s face it, most of us just blast through in game dialog without fully reading it. (Don’t even try to deny that, I see you).

    Ray says "Ugh, life is short but shitty days never end. I should get that." as the phone rings in his office.


    Ever wondered what would happen if you slammed a bullet hell game with a typing game? No? Well be prepared for something unexpectedly awesome!

    Activate both sides of your brain as you try to simultaneously try to type and move away from danger during fights. I cannot tell you how infuriating it was to get my sleepy morning brain to try and type with one hand and move around using the arrow keys with my other! But it made for a great show (I think?). You type out incantations in order to attack bosses (of which there will be 10). You also type to perform actions outside of fights, like using items or interacting with characters.

    Getting hit by bosses not only does damage to you but knocks your book out of your hand (can we just glue the darn thing to his hands?). Chasing that thing around the nightclub dance floor was a lot of cardio. I’m surprised I didn’t give poor Ray a heart attack. And in a different fight, you get vomit on your book that blocks out the text you’re supposed to be typing. You either have to remember what it was or wait for it to clear.

    Vomit covers Ray's book in this boss fight


    The soundtrack for this game is wonderful! Composed by GosT, the music for this game is an awesome addition to the gameplay and would be great to listen to all on it’s own. Take a listen in the announcement trailer, it definitely gets you hyped at key moments in the game!

    The Divine Verdict!

    Not gonna lie, I was a lil mad to see the demo was so short. However! I’m super hyped to see the full release coming up in a few weeks. (Conveniently after I get back from vacation!) I played the big boss on stream the other day and everyone seemed to really enjoy watching me ride the struggle bus. It’s definitely not for weaker audiences though so if you don’t like adult humor or swearing or are a prude, don’t play this game.

    You can check out a clip of my play on YouTube and the highlight of the boss fight on Twitch. Be warned this content is NSFW!

    Check out The Textorcist on Steam and head over to the publisher page for more games by HeadUp.

    Three Indie Games that Will be a Hit on New Game Tuesday

    Engaged Family Gaming E3 Indie Game Finds The Mommy Gamers

    Tuesdays are all about new games on The Mommy Gamers Twitch stream. I scoured E3 this year to find some games that I knew Marcia would love to bring to her channel on New Game Tuesday. Below are three indie games that are all but surefire hits. Take a look and let us know in the comments if they sound like games you would play too!


    Ooblets is an adorable indie game that is being developed by a two-person, patreon-funded team. Rebecca Cordingley and Ben Wasser have been working on it since 2016 and it is scheduled for release on Xbox One and PC sometime in 2018. Ooblets is a farming, town-life, and creature collection game that draws heavy inspiration from games like Stardew Valley and Pokemon. Players run a farm, manage a shop, and explore all while trying to uncover the secrets of “Oob” (whatever that is).

    All of the different mechanics in the game are centered around collecting the titular Ooblets. You grow them in your garden, you explore the wilderness looking for new seeds, and you even battle them with your own team. Anyone who has felt to the urge to Catch ‘Em All should feel right at home here.

    I could talk about interesting mechanics all day, but that would betray the true strength of this game: Its charm. Every line of code and frame of animation is just oozing (oobing?) with it. Characters walk with a fun bob in their step. The Ooblets sway to the music and battle each other using dance moves. Heck. Even the plants in your garden are practically dancing as they grow.

    This is definitely a game to keep an eye on. I don’t know if it will dethrone Fortnite as Marcia’s game of choice for streaming, but I think it’s got a shot.

    Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

    Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin puts players in the shoes of a lonely Harvest Goddess who has been banished, along with a small group of mortal humans, to a dangerous island. She needs to fight dangerous monsters to clear the land for settlement, and then help grow rice to help keep the humans alive.

    Sakuna is two different games joined at the hip. Gamers from the SNES era might compare it favorably to Actraiser. Both games include a side scrolling action mode where the player controls a hero as they battle their way through stages to gather resources and to clear away monsters. The difference is that Actraiser paired that action with a Civilization style kingdom building game. Sakuna replaces that with a peaceful rice farming simulator.

    I’ve played Sakuna at each of the last two E3’s. I came away from my demo impressed both times. The art is gorgeous, the animations are smooth, and I was intrigued by how the two different game modes played off of each other.  Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin will be launching on PS4 and PC in 2019! I can’t wait to play it again.

    Mineko’s Night Market

    Mineko’s Night Market, by Meowza Games, is a game about “crafting crafts, eating eats, and catting cats.” All quirky humor aside, Night Market is a game that is intended to celebrate Japanese culture while also delivering a wide variety of interesting activities to perform and quests to complete. Players take on the role of Mineko as she moves to a new home on a superstitious Japanese island. The island is overrun by cats, which is fitting considering everyone on the island worships Abe, the Sun Cat.

    Gameplay is diverse, but the main loop of the game involves gathering materials through quests, exploration, farming, and trading. You then use those materials to craft items to sell at a market that takes place every week. Selling better items not only earns you money, but it improved the market as a whole which gives you access to even more resources.

    The cat theme runs deep here as well. Mineko is accompanied through the game by an, as of yet unnamed, giant cat as well as a cadre of “normal” cats. Its anyone’s guess at this point what those cats do, but  you acquire them in a number of interesting ways including growing them out of plants! I can’t wait to play Mineko’s Night Market when it comes to PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch later this year.

    If Marcia’s love for farming games is any indication, then she should love streaming these games. What about you? Do any of these three games interest you? Sound off in the comments!

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    Create Your Own Levels with MagiCats Builder!

    The Mommy Gamers Magicats Builder Review

    MagiCats Builder is now available on Steam, Android and iOS, from Dreamz Studio. The newly released game allows players to use their imagination to create levels, characters, objects, and environments. MagiCats Builder is free to play with available microtransactions. If players want to invest in the MagiCats Builder Infinite Pack, it’s a one time fee of $14.99. This pack has all the tools, code and access you need in order to create endless levels. Basically, the levels you can create are just that…infinite!

    MagiCats Builder has several key features that would make most platformer fans excited. The creation of custom levels using a coding tool to help with the movement of items within the build. But don’t worry, the tutorial will help you with how to do all the coding. It’s a matter of playing with it and testing those customizations that is the fun part. Once your level is complete, publish it and put it up for the world to play. In lieu of this concept, players can play other creations from around the world. Another option if you want more fun, bring in friends, up to four (including you) for the multiplayer mode.

    MagiCats Builder Review Screen Shot Trailer

    Platformers typically catch my attention, and so did the art style. The sandbox mode is something that I don’t play too much of, but I took the time and played with the game. At first, it was a struggle to get moving. The tutorial was brief, but once I was able to click buttons and explore, the concept made more sense. I do wish that the tutorial was more in depth with coding and not so vague.

    The creation process allows for platforms to be added and then with the creation tool, one may make it go forward, or backward. You can add elements, like hedgehogs, to jump over or kill. Instead of having day time, players can change it to a rainy day, or night time. If the jump feels too wide, use the tool and make a platform in the middle that sits stationary.

    The Mommy Gamers MagiCats Builders Review Screen Shot

    MagiCats Builder is now available on Steam for free! MagiCats Builder was entertaining and was fun. I give MagiCats Builder a 7 out of 10.

    Overall, I think this game was a little tough at first and I was losing patience because the coding tutorials weren’t in depth. Granted the testing phase is what is fun, I didn’t find the fiddling with numbers or layout to be the most entertaining. I do love platformers, but didn’t like the sandbox piece of it to much. I do think someone who likes customization and creation will love this. Enjoy Minecraft or Disney Infinity Sandbox mode? I think you’ll love this! I personally didn’t love it. I give MagiCats Builder 6 out of 10.

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