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    The Textorcist: I’m a Cranky ol’ Priest!

    Can you TYPE your way out of bullet hell?
    The Textorcist logo over a pentagram with screenshots of the game in each piece

    If you’re not prepared to hear my sailor trash mouth, definitely don’t watch me play The Textorcist. The amount of rage clips from other streamers is hilarious and I definitely feel their pain having played through the demo. YET! I’m really looking forward to playing more of the game as it releases for Valentine’s Day! Warning: This game is NOT for children. 18+ only thanks.


    The Textorcist has a lot of dark and adult humor. Follow Ray Bibbia, a private exorcist, as he faces a demonic outbreak in a city filled with crime and seedy establishments. You’ll have lots of fun reading the dialog and laughing at the ridiculousness of names and situations.

    I had a hoot over the nightclub/strip club in the game called… THE TITUS TWISTER. Yup. You read that right. There’s some other great bits in the demo of dialog exchanges that make actually reading the text a reward. Cause let’s face it, most of us just blast through in game dialog without fully reading it. (Don’t even try to deny that, I see you).

    Ray says "Ugh, life is short but shitty days never end. I should get that." as the phone rings in his office.


    Ever wondered what would happen if you slammed a bullet hell game with a typing game? No? Well be prepared for something unexpectedly awesome!

    Activate both sides of your brain as you try to simultaneously try to type and move away from danger during fights. I cannot tell you how infuriating it was to get my sleepy morning brain to try and type with one hand and move around using the arrow keys with my other! But it made for a great show (I think?). You type out incantations in order to attack bosses (of which there will be 10). You also type to perform actions outside of fights, like using items or interacting with characters.

    Getting hit by bosses not only does damage to you but knocks your book out of your hand (can we just glue the darn thing to his hands?). Chasing that thing around the nightclub dance floor was a lot of cardio. I’m surprised I didn’t give poor Ray a heart attack. And in a different fight, you get vomit on your book that blocks out the text you’re supposed to be typing. You either have to remember what it was or wait for it to clear.

    Vomit covers Ray's book in this boss fight


    The soundtrack for this game is wonderful! Composed by GosT, the music for this game is an awesome addition to the gameplay and would be great to listen to all on it’s own. Take a listen in the announcement trailer, it definitely gets you hyped at key moments in the game!

    The Divine Verdict!

    Not gonna lie, I was a lil mad to see the demo was so short. However! I’m super hyped to see the full release coming up in a few weeks. (Conveniently after I get back from vacation!) I played the big boss on stream the other day and everyone seemed to really enjoy watching me ride the struggle bus. It’s definitely not for weaker audiences though so if you don’t like adult humor or swearing or are a prude, don’t play this game.

    You can check out a clip of my play on YouTube and the highlight of the boss fight on Twitch. Be warned this content is NSFW!

    Check out The Textorcist on Steam and head over to the publisher page for more games by HeadUp.

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