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    Grow: Song of the Evertree – A journey of tranquility

    Come take an absolutely tranquil journey in the game Grow: Song of the Evertree
    Grow Song of the Evertree

    Come take an absolutely tranquil journey in the game Grow: Song of the Evertree. This enchanting world-sandbox type game is developed by Prideful Sloth and published by 505 Games. It released November 16th 2021 across PC, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Therefore giving you full control of how you want to embark on this journey. The smooth controls and beautiful artwork throughout will make your adventure feel seamless.

    Grow Song of the Evertree

    As the last of the Everheart alchemists it is up to you to save the worlds of Alaria from the withering. By helping bring the Evertree back to life from the corruption and rebuild the town at the base of the tree. So this game is sure to bring you a beautiful melody of exploration and simulation.

    In many ways the simulation feels similar to Animal Crossing where you can literally design every aspect of your town. However Grow goes a few steps further in terms of customization. Giving you full potential to build your dream town. Make sure you plan your days to get your full potential out of it. Because much like Star Dew Valley or My time at Portia your time limit for the day time is limited. Perhaps a bit short in my opinion.

    Inside your Day to Day…

    There is a variety of things to do day to day. Once you first start the game you go up the tree to plant your seed and start working on repairing the tree. Pulling plants, planting seeds, removing debris, and singing, the corruption slowly fads away. What makes this experience more rewarding is that the worlds of each seed are not determined by predetermined maps, but by the essences used when creating the seed in an alchemy session. This allows diversity in numerous worlds, with new trees, bushes plants, and creatures to discover. When your worlds in the Evertree have been repaired, you can then befriend animals, go fishing, and catch bugs. Don’t forget you can harvest the unique plants and fruit as well.

    If you don’t want to work on growing your tree you can work on your town development, or pick away at one of the MANY achievements in the game. It is definitely worth completing those achievements as they give you items to decorate and alchemy essences. The more your town grows you will start to notice new characters will show up and want to move in. Once they have a home you can provide them a job at one of the shops in the town.

    I have to say there were many pieces and mechanics to this game I absolutely loved. If I had to say one of my favorite thing about the game was the brilliant music by Award-Winning Composer Kevin Penkin. It is beautiful and draws you in deeper into the tranquility of the game. I highly recommend this game between the adorable story and fun game play it is well worth your time.

    If you would like to see the Official trailer for Grow: Song of the Evertree you can check it out here! YouTube link

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    Animal Crossing New Horizons: Getting Ready for Update 2.0

    Animal Crossing New Horizons Version 2.0

    With all the hype coming up about the Animal Crossing New Horizon 2.0 update a lot of people are running back to their islands to prepare for all the awesome things coming up including myself. I don’t know about you but I had quite the mess when I came back. Weeds, bugs in my house and some very worried villagers that apparently have not seen me in months… GASP!!

    There are so many things that you can do in this game daily like exploring, events, and so much more. Need a refresher? No worries so did I… so I put a list together that helped me to remember. Maybe it will help you too!

    One of my favorite daily things to do is to find out if I have a special visitor for the day!!

    Here is a quick Special Visitor List. Make sure to take a look, there are some new ones since the game release in March 2020

    Who is your favorite visitor? Mine is Celeste, because she is an owl and she comes on my favorite type of nights. Star catching nights!!!

    If that isn’t enough to keep you busy then there is always flower breeding, hanging out with your villagers, traveling to other islands, visiting friends, and if you dare you can always go visit Harv (shivers)

    Speaking of visiting friends, I am super excited because this weekend an awesome group of streaming friends and I will be doing a private party to celebrate Halloween. Island tours, cataloging, fun treats and so much more!! I personally built a fun maze for my guests to do when they visit. Watch the party live on Twitch on my channel this Saturday Oct 30th at 4 ET. Do you ever do fun events for your friends? Let us know in the comments!

    However, that is not the only event this weekend! That’s right. On Sunday Oct 31st the official spooky festivities begin in Animal Crossing from 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM. you can find Jack, the czar of Halloween, walking  around the plaza! Don’t miss out on your chance to get some great items that can only be received during this event!!

    With the new free update just around the corner here are just a few things you can look forward to like the long awaited Brewster’s Cafe, along with cooking, new crops, new furniture, new villagers and SO MUCH MORE!!!!!

    Enjoy and Happy Trick or Treating!!!!

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    Book of Travels: First Look

    illustration of farmers relaxing in the field

    Well, well, well, what have we here? Another absolutely gorgeous game? Correct! Book of Travels is a brand new game from Might and Delight, a small studio out of Sweden with a knack for creating art. I’ve been eyeing this game for a few months now and am happy to be able to try it out and give you my two cents at launch! So, let’s dive right in.

    Venture out into a living, breathing fairytale world. Craft a character with its own unique personality and explore the open land however you choose. Set your own goals and shape your adventure alone or with the others you find in this serene online TMORPG (tiny multiplayer online).

    Might and Delight

    What is this game?

    Book of Travels is a multiplayer game but you won’t see as many people as you’re used to like an MMO. Instead, the game focuses on roleplaying and individual playstyles giving you the freedom to craft your own journey in the world. You will run into many randomly occurring events that make your play-through of the game unique and different every session.

    The game takes inspiration from “old-world fairytales, Eastern mythology, and early industrial eras.” There are tons of special secrets, items, and features to unlock as you play. 300+ abilities, magical skills, and passive feats to unlock and master will give you numerous ways to experience the game.

    And of course, this game is a playable piece of art. It has click-to-walk movement like old-school RPGs but with 3D depth.

    A solid first impression

    One early annoyance is that while the game launches from Steam it then launches a launcher for you to press play and then you have to also log in when the game itself launches. While none of this is difficult it’s just more steps in a process that should be more seamless. Hopefully, it’s something that changes in the future.

    Character creation for Book of Travels is an interesting process that felt more akin to creating a character for a tabletop RPG than your usual MMO or modern RPG. You immediately have portions of your character to flesh out on your own, completely freeform, to get you in the right mindset of creating an actual character outside what they look like or what their skills are. It’s a great first step to setting the mood.

    Character Creation screen for Book of Travels - first portion with the explanation of "Form"

    After getting into the game proper, it was interesting to see how the mechanics would work. Visually the game looks 2D until you start moving around into the back and foreground. The transition is so smooth and it absolutely amazes me. Sometimes pathing gets a little odd because of terrain that isn’t actually traversable but you’re never waiting on it long.

    As you might expect, if you’ve ever seen me play a game, I immediately went off into my own direction exploring instead of going where I was told to go. So I haven’t gotten past the first few areas. However, I’ve gotten pretty good and picking out what in the scenery is an interactable item! I did eventually make it onto the path the game wanted me to go down. I talked to every person and pet every animal along the way too. Which made me realize I wanted a space in a journal or something to write notes since there’s already functionality in the game to put your own text in things like background/appearance/etc. it’d be nice to implement something for us to keep notes on our character for what/who we encounter.

    Should You Add Book of Travels to Your Library?

    I had a great introduction to the game and there’s a lot for me to continue uncovering in the hours of gameplay to come. You should definitely head over to Steam and add it to your wishlist/follow it. Give Book of Travels a shot if you enjoy roleplaying games or if you think the art is striking. If you do give it a go, be sure to leave me a comment about your experience! Book of Travels releases October 11, 2021. I will report back once I’ve gotten further into the game, so look for a part two!

    Summer Catchers

    Time for an epic road trip!
    Summer Catchers title screen image, a silhouette of a girl looking out on the beach with sun and seagulls

    Jump in Chu’s wooden car for an adventure in Summer Catchers, a beautiful little game from Noodlecake Studios. Venture from the cold, snowy north down south in pursuit of warmer weather and sandy beaches. The best part is that you can pick your platform of choice: PC (Steam), Mac, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, or Android.

    Since I’ve been without my PC for a while, I requested a copy for the Switch to review (Thank the gods for mobile solutions!). I honestly didn’t have any idea what kind of game to expect, I was just drawn in by how pretty the screenshots were. Sue me, I like pretty games. And after playing several hours of it, I can report I am not at all disappointed!

    Chu from Summer Catchers meets a spectral elk in the forest. Text reads: "You met a beautiful sparkling spirit. What will be your next move?" Choice selections are "Close your eyes, trying to hide yourself" or "Come closer, trying to say hello"

    Pros and Cons

    Obviously, the biggest draw to this game is how gorgeous it is. I mean, look at it! Each of the different segments in the road trip has a different atmosphere and the art never stops being satisfying. The interface is clean and fits in with the style so well.

    The only con I can find to Summer Catchers is the repetitive nature of it. You race through different areas to complete tasks before moving on to the next segment of your journey. I feel this type of gameplay is really good for mobile applications and the Switch is definitely the largest platform I’d want to play something like this on. I’ve found it to be a great game for short spurts (under an hour) when I am just wanting to chill or waiting on something. I imagine it would be really good on a phone as the UI seems designed well for touch input.


    Gorgeous game! Pick up a copy of Summer Catchers on your phone or Switch to make waiting on your next appointment more enjoyable. Be sure to come back and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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