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    Breast Cancer Awareness Month


    October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and since we at The Mommy Gamers understand the value of our breasts we will be providing our podcast listeners with weekly tips on how to reduce your risks. Episode 11 kicks off our monthly coverage and our first tip is to get more sleep. Easier said than done for most of us who have so much going on that our days and nights seem to blur together. Instead of getting eight hours of healthy much needed sleep, we see those hours as an opportunity to get more things done. This is especially true for parents who often only get some peace and quiet after the kids are tucked into bed. Night time turns into crunch time where we catch up on chores, schoolwork, and of course…gaming.

    Studies are showing that getting fewer than six hours of sleep per night can increase your cancer risks. Working through the night can increase your risk by as much as 30-40%. Kind of shocking news for those of us ladies who like to stay up late gaming after the kids go to bed. As mom’s and gamers we know how hard it is to get enough sleep, but think about the value of the things you are doing after your kids go to sleep and compare that to the value of getting enough sleep in order to ensure you have a long and healthy life ahead of you with those that you love. Get your gaming in, get your work done, but get your sleep too. All those things will still be there to do the next day.

    Remember to tune in to our podcast each week this month, and if you have any helpful tips or links to share in regards to helping raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness or tips that might be helpful to anyone please share them with us and we will be happy to pass them along.

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