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    Rad Rodgers – Xbox One Review

    Rad Rodgers was a successful Kickstarter project that made $30k more than it’s original $50k goal. It promised the return of 90s platforming games made with modern technology. After watching Jax play it for a little while I can say this game did deliver on it’s promise of a 90s plattformer. All the way down to it’s difficulty.

    I managed to get a copy of Rad Rodgers and loaded it up. The graphics are cartoony and bright just as you would expect for a game like this. Controls were slick and precise. Beautiful and lush worlds graced my screen as Rad and his partner, Dusty, took to the stage. I was prepared for difficult, and was met with a nice challenge. Not too overly frustrating the game captures the nostalgia of games like Commander Keen or Earthworm Jim. It’s hard enough to keep you playing, but not so hard you quit.

    One element I was not prepared for, was Dusty. Dusty is a grizzled video game cartridge that LOVES to break the 4th Wall. Not quite as funny as Deadpool, but just as annoying. We get it, you’re in a video game. We don’t need the constant reminder. Dusty does have his own section in the game where he has to go into the games code and find missing assets in order for Rad to reach new parts of the levels.

    The world design is almost like a Metroidvania with no clear indication of which way to go. Eventually the game has a natural way of getting you pointed in the right direction while making you feel like you found it yourself. The worlds are pretty large and have secret areas as well as hidden items throughout. There aren’t a ton of worlds though and most gamers can probably beat this game in around 4 hours. Serious collectors will go back and replay to get those completionist achievements.

    Rad Rodgers gets a lot of things right. Most “retro” games these days tend to focus on graphics and difficulty. Rad Rodgers manages to have a great looking game, with solid graphics and excellent gameplay. There is some customization in the game which I feel is neat, if you don’t want Dusty cussing up a storm or don’t want to see a ton of blood, there’s a “Kids Version” of the game which tones all of that down. This makes for a welcome addition for parents who want to give their kids something to play.

    If you’re looking for a fun throwback to when times weren’t as scary, Rad Rodgers will take you there. Fun, funny, and challenging, Rad Rodgers is a delight to be around. Dusty, however, can be kind of a jerk.


    The reviewer was given a code of Rad Rodgers for review purposes. Rad Rodgers is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One
    This post includes affiliate links. Using our links to purchase the games via Amazon helps support The Mommy Gamers

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    Bridge Constructor Portal – Xbox One Review

    I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.

    It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.


    Aperture Science,

    Has teamed with ClockStone

    Software, it’s true.

    For the good of all us.

    except the ones who hate games.


    But there’s no use trying

    to make sense of it all.

    You just keep on playing

    and you might have a ball.

    It is such a fun game

    you really can’t complain,

    but there is a good chance

    you will fail.


    I’m not even angry.

    I’m being so, sincere right now.

    Even though this game is hard

    and beat me.


    And made me rage quit.

    And made me curse all that is good.

    As I seethed I hurt because

    I was enjoying this game.


    Now this game is a great one

    don’t think I’m making that up.

    I think you’ll be having fun

    while wanting to give up.

    So I’m GLaD I got mad

    think of all the fun I had

    with this game that is

    super hard.


    Go head and try it…

    I think you’d prefer to play inside…

    Maybe you’ll find someone who will help you?

    Maybe Headup Games?

    That was a joke, they are, busy.


    Anyway this concept is great.

    It’s so perfectly fits.


    Look at you: still reading

    while there’s bridges to construct.

    Place them right in place

    or you’re sure to be… stuck.


    This is a game you should buy

    or at least give a try

    because this game is

    incredibly fun.

    And the controls are

    really well done.

    And the concept is

    real gosh darn fun.

    And hearing GLaDOS is

    incredibly fun(ny).

    What I’m saying is this game is

    incredibly fun.

    Incredibly fun.

    Incredibly fun.

    Still Alive written by Jonathon Coulton. Bridge Constructor Portal parody written by Mike Robles. The reviewer was compensated with a retail code for this game for review purposes.

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    Claybook (Game Preview) Review – Xbox One

    I grew up in a strange time for video games. Publishers were always trying new things. For a while there were games that based their looks off of an old animation style, Claymation. The game studio Interplay Entertainment put out a few games in this style. The ClayFighter series got recognition for being a fighting game that parodied pop-culture as well as the fighting games at the time. It was so popular that it spawned sequels.

    Flash Forward to 2017 and meet, Claybook from Second Order.

    Claybook Game Review The Mommy Gamers

    Claybook, out now in Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access, is a game set entirely in a world of clay. Shocking right? Players move, mold, and shape the clay in order to complete a puzzle or task within the world. As mentioned before the game is currently in Early Access but it already shows A LOT of promise. Controls are fluid and the animations look incredible. Players will jump, rewind, create duplicates and change shapes throughout the colored world of a If I have to point out anything negative it’s that I don’t feel there’s enough weight to the clay. The clay moves around relatively fast and feels incredibly light, even for clay.

    One of the incredible little touches the team from Second Order put into the game is the coloring. When the clay moves or turns on one color of clay, you start to see that color appear on your clay shape. It’s a little touch, but it shows how much insight they put into how a material like clay would interact with itself.

    Xbox Claybook Game Review The Mommy Gamers Mike Robles

    Claybook is also bringing some interesting gameplay additions with it. Up to 4-Player Split Screen action, leaderboards, and an incredible toolbox to let players create and share their own worlds. With so much added gameplay the team at Second Order will have their hands full with the development of this title. With Claybook being in Game Preview/Early Access platform they will be able to see how the community reacts to the game. Since the game isn’t in full release yet they have plenty of time for feedback.

    To me, there’s something almost relaxing and satisfying in Claybook. I ignored the pressure of the leaderboards and replayed the same levels over and over again trying to find different solutions. The soft soundtrack mixed with the imaginative gameplay create this sense of serenity in a video game world filled with assassins, soldiers, and street fighters. If you’re looking for a fun break with a hint of challenge, open up your Claybook and dive in.

    The reviewer was compensated with a code for review purposes.

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    Past Cure – Xbox One Review

    At first glance you would think that Past Cure was a AAA title. It’s gorgeous looking. Cinematic, creepy, and full of intricate buildings. The controls are wonderful, and it’s full of different gameplay mechanics that remind you of other titles.

    After that, is where Past Cure runs into some issues. Most of my issues with Past Cure have to deal with the different gameplay mechanics. There’s stealth, third person shooting, time slowdown, and “out of body” experiences. All of these as a whole make for an amazing game. Past Cure, however, gives you each of these pieces individually which makes it feel like you’re playing different games with the same lead character.

    This is what makes Past Cure such a unique game. Because all these pieces, are done so well and are fun experiences that I wanted to see them put together. It’s not until the very end that you actually get to use all your cool abilities and mechanics together. Lucky for you, it’s a short game.

    The story in Past Cure is pretty decent. A soldier was experimented on and wants to find out what happened to the three years of his life that he can’t remember. Due to all the experiments he suffers from nightmares. The game has you playing in both the real world, and his nightmares. It breaks up the environments quite nicely for the first part, then you get put into a parking garage for a stealth mission that lasts for just a bit longer than you want it to.

    I really wanted to enjoy Past Cure, I REALLY did. I was super into the first few levels and learning all the gameplay mechanics but when I realized that there wasn’t really room for the mechanics to work together I got disappointed and found it a struggle to keep playing. Which is really a shame because the game has good gameplay. I just wish there was more of it.

    It’s cinematic, it’s creative, it has all the makings of a great game, it just gives you all those bits one by one rather than mixing them up.
    [learn_more caption=”Buy Past Cure on Amazon”] [/learn_more]

    The reviewer was provided with a code for review purposes, and this article includes an affiliate link

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    Bleed 2 – Xbox One Review

    I’ve got a confession to make: I never played the original Bleed. I should fix that at some point. Especially after playing Bleed 2. I mean where else are you going to play a game that is part bullet hell, part hack-n-slash that also includes a time slowdown mechanic?

    Bleed 2 is AWESOME. I will come right out and say it. In fact, I’ll make Marcia’s job easier and end my review now:

    Bleed 2 – Get it.

    Still here? I guess you want more details. Ok fine.

    You play as Wryn, a purple haired hero who uses her gun, katanas, and triple jumps as she bolts across levels. She can use her katanas to reflect bullets of the same color back at her enemies. This makes for some interesting gameplay choices as Wryn needs to time her shots and her katana swipes to ensure she maximizes her damage. Bullets fill the screen and seem to come from all angles but it never feels overwhelming. The fact that Wryn can slow down time for a short period of time makes navigating the onscreen bullets incredibly fun. The game takes on a whole new gameplay aspect with the slowdown.

    Bleed 2 Review The Mommy Gamers Mike Robles

    Controls are slick and will take a little getting used to at first. The jump and shoot buttons aren’t where you normally would expect them to be but at the same time, it seems to work well for this game. Once you wrap your head around the controls you will be able to tear your way through enemies in a snap.

    Bleed 2 isn’t a very long game. Levels are short and bosses are epic. In true retro fashion bosses follow a pattern that you’ll need to figure out and attack. Speed-runners are going to have a field day with this title and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this make an appearance at a Games Done Quick event soon.

    Fast-paced, great looking, great playing, Bleed 2 manages to encompass varying levels of different game archetypes and mash them together in one beautiful, retro looking package.

    *The reviewer was given a copy of Bleed 2 for review

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    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter – Xbox One Review

    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Mike Robles Review The Mommy Gamers

    Games like Gone Home and Dear Esther are dubbed “Walking Simulators”. There isn’t much action as players control a character who walks around to solve a mystery, or explore landmarks, or escape whatever island they are on. Reminders of Myst fill the brain as some of the walking simulators feature puzzles. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter originally released on PC at the end of 2014, then on PS4 in 2015. Now in 2018 Xbox One users can finally get their hands on this game and experience this first-person mystery for themselves.

    What secrets is Red Creek Valley hiding? Where is young Ethan? Why are there a series of grisly murders? All this and more is answered as you walk along this small mining village.

    You play as Paranormal Investigator Paul Prospero. Prospero received a letter from Ethan and realized that Ethan was in grave danger. He quickly sets out to Ethan’s village Red Creek Valley. Upon arriving in Red Creek Valley Prospero begins to have unsettling images and experiences some paranormal phenomena. Interacting with spirits to solve murders, finding out what happened to Ethan, and finding out the truth is just a part of what makes The Vanishing of Ethan Carter an intense experience.

    The visuals in Ethan Carter are stunning. The game is Xbox One X Enhanced and the landscape and architecture are vibrant and at times photo-realistic. In fact the game looks so great that the developers (The Astronauts) have included an exclusive mode for the Xbox One version – Free Roam. In this mode players can walk around the whole game and not need to worry about solving any murders, or finding Ethan. They can just simply explore the world and all it’s 4K glory.

    The Astronauts have mentioned that if there is a a big enough demand for it, they would consider bringing Free Roam to PC and PS4. I’ll be honest, I spent more time in Free Roam than I thought I would. I thought it would just give a quick look for review purposes, but I ended up spending a good hour or so just wandering and looking at all the wonders of the world. I guess I could have gone outside and looked at my own backyard but it was cold and I was comfy and warm in my bed.

    The game isn’t super long and most players can through it if they set aside an afternoon or evening. Which I recommend you do. Starting and stopping this game removes the intensity and suspense. You want to make sure that you have ridden this emotional roller coaster all the way through so that the final moments of the game give you an emotional gut punch that rivals more Disney/Pixar films.

    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a great looking walking simulator that tells both a thrilling and sad story. Having the addition of Free Roam lets this game become the ultimate walking simulator and is a nice break from all the shooters and fighters that are out in the world right now. Beautiful, scary, and emotional, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter has finally made it’s way to the Xbox One, don’t let this one disappear.

    The reviewer was given a digital code of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter on Xbox One for review purposes. 

    Games, Reviews
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    Albert & Otto: The Adventure Begins – Xbox One Review

    Albert & Otto review Mike Robles The Mommy Gamers

    Limbo and Inside helped usher in a string of Indie games that all centered around the same aesthetic: small child in a creepy environment dealing with monsters and puzzles while being viewed with high contrast colors. I loved Limbo. I loved Inside. Would I love Albert & Otto? The only way to find out was to play it.

    Developed by K Bros Games and published by Digerati Distribution Albert & Otto was originally going to be a four-part narrative. Lack of funding prevented the other episodes from ever being made so they released Episode 1 – The Adventure Begins on PC and eventually Xbox One and Playstation 4. The gang at K Bros Games are hoping this new audience will help fund the rest of the episodes.

    Albert & Otto stars young Albert. A boy set out to search for his sister in 1939 Germany. Right away the atmosphere is unsettling. Cold machinery and metal clanking fill the backgrounds as the wind howls. The sound design in this game really makes you feel small and insignificant in a world ravaged by war.

    Adding to the atmosphere is the contrast in colors. Black, white, and shades of grey fill your screen as Albert makes his way through the world. While venturing you stumble across Otto, a bunny that used to belong to your sister. When you find Otto you gain new abilities like a double-jump. You can also place Otto down to help trigger platforms and solve puzzles.

    To help combat the massive giant crows that attack you, Albert has a gun… because… why not? Honestly I am a little confused about the gun because in a platforming game with puzzles a gun seems out of place. Maybe in future episodes the gun will have a more significant role but for right now it doesn’t do much except kill birds.

    Throughout the game letters from your sister are scattered about and it becomes increasingly clear that something more sinister is happening. Cryptic messages and creepy imagery appear as you progress through the game.

    The controls are decent. Albert’s jumps don’t always make him land where you think he’s going to land. This lead to a lot of missed jumps which was frustrating while trying to defeat a boss. Albert can only take one hit before he dies and you have to start over from the last checkpoint. The difficulty isn’t too bad but the game is pretty repetitive. Puzzles are clever and there are some great moments where you send poor little sheep to their death. No I’m serious, you can light a sheep on fire to use it as a torch. Which I will admit, made me feel like a real jerk.

    Albert & Otto is a welcome addition to the “small-child-in-a-creepy-black-and-white-world-puzzle-plattformer” genre. You just have to get used to the jumping controls.

    *The reviewer was given a copy of Albert & Otto: The Adventure Begins for Xbox One

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    Late To The Game – SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell [Xbox One]

    Hello readers and welcome a new series called Late to the Game. Where I will be reviewing some older titles that you might have missed. For this first installment I’ll be looking at SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell out now on Steam, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

    SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell is a first person speedrunning game inspired by Quake and Super Meat Boy. Developed by Pine Studio and published by Headup Games SEUM is an intense journey through Hell. Marty was just minding his own business when a group of demons kicked his door down and stole his limited edition beer. In the midst of the scuffle Marty and another demon both lost their arms. With a little bit of self surgery Marty attaches a demon arm to his shoulder and dives into Hell to get his beer back.

    Right from the start SEUM throws players right into the fire. Players will run, jump, shoot fireballs and pick up power-ups such as teleport, anti-gravity and creating platforms. The movement in SEUM is incredibly smooth and forces players to think fast. Players must be careful because every move they make will register when Marty is traveling at high speeds, one wrong move can mean death.

    The music and sound in SEUM fits the Hell aesthetic perfectly. Sick guitar riffs and heavy metal tunes blast their way into your earholes as Marty grunts his way through the game demanding his beer back. The sound of fire coming from his hands has that wonderful singe and crackle to it.

    If you’re looking for a game that is both frustrating and rewarding I highly recommend you give SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell  a look. It keeps track of your time as well as friendly and world leaderboards to keep you trying over and over again to get that perfect run. There are even some other game modes that focus purely on time and speed. In fact, at the time of this writing SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell is on sale on Steam for $5. That’s one HELL of a deal… see what I did there? One HELL of a deal? Get it? You get it.


    *The reviewer was compensated a copy of SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell on Xbox One for review purposes.*

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