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    Loot Crate: Geek and Gamer Swag

    I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting mail! Anything that’s not a bill puts a smile on my face. Postcards, hand written letters, packages I ordered from Amazon, that’s all it takes for me to do the happy dance.

    Once upon a time there was a subscription service called The Sampler which sent monthly boxes chock full of handmade goodies. Unfortunately, they’re not around anymore, but I’ve been seeing more and more subscription sites popping up. Just today I read about one called Glossybox which ships cosmetic and perfume samples for $21/month. Then there’s the Dollar Shave Club which will bring shaving razors right to your boyfriends door step. No more ‘I forgot to buy razors’ excuses! However, the geek in me is most excited about Loot Crate.

    Loot Crate ships 6-8 epic geek and gamer related items to you every month for $13.37 — see what they did there? More specifically, Looters can expect the best new and emerging companies producing gear, snacks, toys, hardware, art, and other goodies. They even keep the contents a secret until all the boxes have been delivered!

    I often miss out on the coolest geeky swag cause I can’t make it to all the events. Now I can have them delivered to my door! There’s even an option (and discount) for paying a full year upfront. Sounds like the perfect birthday or X-mas gift for that special gamer/geek on your life.

    Loot Crate (August Box)

    Loot Crate’s August Box

    Testimonials borrowed from their website:
    [quote]”Loot Crate did an amazing job of fulfilling on the original promise. Everything in the Crate was epic!”[/quote]

    – Joey B.

    [quote]”Its like getting a Christmas present from a family member, who understands that you’re a geek, every month.”[/quote]

    – The Ulmet

    [quote]”Great concept and execution. The items were great and I can’t wait until next month!“[/quote]

    – Tyler B.

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