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  • The Mommy Gamers Podcast Episode 197: Covid Bad Video Games Good

    Jax and Keeba nope out of talking about anything political or COVID related and bring you a break from the drama. Gaming chats cover the new Fortnite Season, The Last of Us 2, and Control from Remedy Games. Usually they cover news & hot topics but those are all hot garbage dumpster fires right now.

  • April & May 2020 Twitch Clips

    Some of the best Twitch clips you all clipped in April and May. Charity Karaoke fun, jump scares, and shrubbery hubbubery!

  • Valorant artwork featuring agents Sova, Phoenix, Viper, Jett, and Cypher

    Valorant is Live!

    Load up, Let’s Become Valorant! It seems like only a few months ago that Riot teased us with an upcoming shooter, only referred to as…

  • June Twitch Giveaway The Mommy Gamers

    The Mommy Gamers June Twitch Giveaway

    Legend of Zelda fans are going to absolutely LOVE The Mommy Gamers June giveaway! Entering to win is incredibly easy. Just watch our Twitch channel during the month of June. The more you watch, the more Channel Points you’ll earn and the more times you can enter our giveaway.

  • Being the Second Player: An Animal Crossing Rant

    When I was two weeks into New Horizons and didn’t yet have a vaulting pole while everyone else seemed to be growing turnips and creating whole islands full of tarantulas, I had to turn to the Internet to figure out why I couldn’t even cross streams of water.

  • Little Spoon Baby Food Giveaway

    In order to help alleviate the pressure from families impacted by COVID-19, I have teamed up with Little Spoon in order to send a shipment of free baby food to 3 families in need.

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