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  • My Time at Portia PC Release Date

    My Time at Portia PC Release Date Announced

    Currently available in Steam Early Access, My Time at Portia will be getting a full PC release on the 15th January. A console version is also in development and will be heading to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch™ in Spring 2019.

  • Darksiders 3 Review The Mommy Gamers

    Darksiders 3 Review

    In Darksiders 3 all hell is breaking loose, the Seven Deadly Sins have gotten out, and you playing as the Horseman Fury have been tasked with putting them back in their place.

  • RimWorld Review

    RimWorld Review

    RimWorld has been playable for a number of years, but recently left early access. Version 1.0 is out now and ready to play. This frustrating, yet oddly compelling sci-fi colony sim, is a spiritual successor to Dwarf Fortress.

  • My Time at Portia Review The Mommy Gamers

    My Time at Portia: Early Access Review

    My Time at Portia is a simulation sandbox RPG developed by Pathea Games and published by Team17 Digital Limited. It was successfully funded during the fall of 2017 on Kickstarter and is currently in early access for the PC.

  • Battle Princess Madelyn

    Review: Battle Princess Madelyn

    When I agreed to do this review, I hadn’t heard anything about this indie release from Causal Bit Games. But, as a woman who has…

  • The Mommy Gamers Assassin's Creed Wine Lot18 Review

    Wine Review: Assassin’s Creed Wine Collection

    Wines offered from Lot18 are usually limited edition and unique. And let’s be honest, it doesn’t get more unique than wine themed around one of Ubisofts’s most popular game franchises, Assassin’s Creed.

  • Chicken Pox Never Looked So Cute

    Get ready to rage at a really simple game y’all! Chicken Pox is an adorable little mobile game available on iOS and Android that just…

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