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    Design your fashion, win a Nintendo 3DS

    splashRising Star Games and Aksys Games have teamed up to release a new “life sim” game: Girls’ Fashion Shoot for Nintendo 3DS. In this game, you’re an aspiring model. Do you have what it takes to rise to the top and become a major fashion editor?

    Along with this release, they are running a contest to win a Nintendo 3DS (US, Canada, excluding Puerto Rico and Quebec).  Here are the basic rules:

    It’s easy to enter:

    • Design a  fashionable outfit using whatever materials you prefer—colored pencils,  markers, collage… the only limit is your imagination!
    • Create an electronic image of your  design by scanning it or taking a photo.
    • Submit your entry via email to, or at the Facebook page for the  chance to win one of FIVE awesome prize packages!
    • Your image  must be in one of the following file formats: JPEG (.jpg), BMP (.bmp), TIFF  (.tif), or PNG (.png), and may not exceed 2MB in size
    • Entries will be judged on the  basis of Fashion Sense, Creativity and Quality.

    Be  sure to submit your entries by January 31, 2014! Must be 10 or older to enter  (13 or older on Facebook).

    The full rules can be found here. There are additional stipulations  not in the basic rules, so I highly recommend reading them carefully. There will be 5 winners.





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    My Week in Animal Crossing New Leaf

    y experience thus far with Animal Crossing New Leaf has been as crazy as the turnip prices, up one day and down the next. I have suffered through the death of my Nintendo 3DS, the frustrations of attempting to transfer my broken 3DS to a new 3DS XL, and the heartbreak that went along with not being able to find one of the coveted exclusive Animal Crossing 3DS XL systems for my beloved Kiki. (That’s my sister…JustJen)

    Maybe one of these days I will post a proper review for you all to read, but I wouldn’t bet on it. For now I just plan to post some random blogs about the fun I am having in the game. Most of the pictures I took throughout the week were lost when the top screen of my beloved 3DS stopped working. So here’s the recap…

    I am now Mayor Jax of Jaxville. I guess I wasn’t  supposed to be the mayor, but I took on the roll anyway. My first house was a tent and my first piece of furniture I shook from a tree was a toilet. Very functional and practical.

    Since then I have upgraded my house twice, visited the tropical island and celebrated the building of the town fountain. My main obsession in Animal Crossing has always been flowers. So it was no surprise to me when I obtained the Gardening Store rather quickly.

    GardenPrior to getting the Gardening Store, which at this point only grants you two flowers per day, you either have to wait on flowers to randomly grow at a rate of 2-5 per day or if you’re smart you have figured out that you can hop on over to the island and collect flowers in the tours you can do over there.


    I was especially giddy when my pink rose hybrids came in. I’m not saying pink is my favorite color, but it is one of the easiest hybrids to obtain in Animal Crossing.



    So here I was, all happy…pink roses around my house. Then my 3DS died, and I upgraded to a new 3DS XL, transferred my system after much frustration and I guess I forgot to change my system time after the transfer. I figured it knew what time it was. The next time I hopped on Animal Crossing I changed the time and date and played and played and then hit A to catch a bug and all kinds of craziness happened.

    I thought it was part of the game, I was going through some kind of time warp where the Town Hall clock was spinning, and then it panned back to my house, then the clock again, and my house…and then it was the year 2036.

    Eventually I realized this was not some fun part of the game and that I had royally, or mayorally, screwed up. I fixed my system settings, employed the help of my friend David Chapman and we painstakingly plucked all the weeds that had popped up over the last 13 years. My daughter (who also resides in my town) and I are especially upset over the roaches that infested our houses and that our hair is hideous and unfix-able as we have yet to play enough to unlock the Shampoodle shop. Thank goodness for hats.

    I’m really enjoying Tortimers Island (spoilers) which unlocks after you finish paying off your first home loan. Tortimer is the previous Mayor, for those of you new to Animal Crossing. and has retired to a cute little tropical island. For 1,000 bells you can take a round trip to Tortimers Island, and trust me it is well worth it. I haven’t made less than 100,000 bells per trip. My favorite part is sailing over with Capp’n, who looks a lot like Kapp’n, the bus driver in Animal Crossing City Folk. Capp’n will sing to you while you cruise over to the island.

    Capp'n singing wife

    Songs about his wife…




    Songs complaining about the government….

    Capp'nSingingStew                                                        Random songs about stew and his wife’s good cooking…

    The island is fun, and I wish I still had my pictures from it. (darn technology)  But I did grab a few coconuts to put on my beach, along with some lemons, mangoes, and Durian. I may have collected more than a few coconuts for my beach…

    Tour                                                                            So there are like…dozens of them…

    Fishing is absolutely amazing on the island also and you can bring back a pretty big haul. There are special things you can purchase from the island shop, but they require medals, not bells, which can easily be obtained by finishing one of the island tours (challenges). Keep in mind that you can collect flowers, bugs, etc while on most of these tours.



    The tours start off incredibly simple. There are tours for fishing, bug collecting, fossil collecting, and more.

    One of the many fun things about Animal Crossing New Leaf is the ability to create public works projects. These add new fun buildings and features to your town. They do cost some bells, and range from quite inexpensive to OMG that’s a lot of bells. My daughter and I finished off our fountain and are now working on our second bridge to give her easier access to the beach from her home.


    Whenever you finish a public works project the town throws you a little celebration ceremony. Please note my fabulous bed head from being warped into 2036 and back again. The public works projects are great, but I find they distract me from my goals to earn a ton of money and build my house up.

    Another fun thing I encountered this week was Gulliver, passed out on the beach. Gulliver is not new to Animal Crossing but for those that don’t know what to do with him here are some tips:

    Keep talking to him.

    Actually that is the only tip. Eventually he will wake up and talk to you. He’s kind of lost his memory and will tell you where he has traveled. He will give you some clues, which should be fairly simple for you to figure out. You need to guess where he has been and he will reward you with a prize.


    He doesn’t wake up in the best of moods however. He’s sad about a lost love, or maybe hungover from last night…who knows…


    But eventually he will wake up and chat with you, and if you answer his question correctly, the next day you should have a neat little present in your mailbox from him.

    There are also some exclusive items you can get from Nookling Junction. Fortune Cookies will cost you two play coins which are easily earned by walking around with your 3DS in your pocket, or by strapping it onto your dog while you have it run around your yard. (Ahem…David Chapman) After you eat your fortune cookie you hand the ticket over to Timmy or Tommy and they reveal your prize. My favorites so far have been the Bill Blaster, Pikmin (which is a cute flower window box filled with Pikmin) and….

    PeachUmbrella                                                                                              Peach’s Parasol

    Animal Crossing New Leaf has made my gaming experience for 2013. I’m amused by the people that claim it is only a kid’s game, and even more so amused by the “adults” I know that are going crazy over it. I’ve always played the Animal Crossing games, and am very happy to know that I’m not alone.

    Keep an eye out for more random Animal Crossing blogs!



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