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    The Inner World Review: Xbox One

    The Inner World Game Review The Mommy Gamers Mike Robles

    I love me some old school (and new school) point-and-click adventure games. I’ve played everything from Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, to Strong Bad’s Cool Games for Attractive People, The Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands and more. I look forward to more of these games in the future (I’m looking at you, Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy).

    The Inner World, developed by Studio Fizbin, is a 2D point-and-click game with an amazing stylistic choice. Everything is done in traditional hand-drawn animation. Giving this game one of the most unique looks I’ve ever seen. It’s like playing a cartoon. Hell if the game played it self and I just had to keep mashing the A button to progress I would. It’s that awesome looking.

    Originally a PC/Mac title from 2013, The Inner World has finally made it’s debut on Xbox One. The team has taken the time and effort to ensure a smooth port and it shows. The animations are clean, the worlds are great, and the dialogue is as sharp as ever. I am glad that I didn’t play it upon it’s initial release because everything was new and exciting.

    The Inner World Mike Robles The Mommy Gamers Review

    An in-depth hint system is there to help players out if they get stuck. Trust me, you will get stuck.  The puzzles are really well done and will have you backtracking, guessing, second guessing and doing what you can to try and solve them. Some of them are incredibly easy, others will definitely have you scratching your head.

    The story is cute and interesting enough to keep you engaged while not being too overbearing. With five chapters of gameplay you are looking at at least eight-to-ten hours of gameplay if you take your time. Which you really should. There’s enough to look at and plenty of characters to talk to. You play as Robert, an Asposian who has never seen the outside world. His charm and naive outlook on life makes him extremely likable as a main character.

    Gameplay is relatively simple, use your controller to point-and-click on the screen, solve puzzles, find the secrets of Asposia. If you’re looking for a cute, imaginative story then you can’t go wrong with The Inner World. If you’re like me and missed it the first time, I highly suggest picking it up.

    The Inner World is currently available for $14.99 on the Microsoft Store and on the PlayStation Store

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