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    Kickstarter: Oniri Islands – Children of the River

    Oniri Islands children of the river The Mommy Gamers Kickstarter Review Hands On

    Oniri Islands:Children of the River is a co-op adventure from Tourmaline Studio coming to tablets in winter of 2017.  With only one day left the Oniri Islands Kickstarter project has surpassed their goal, meaning this beautiful adventure and exploration game will become a reality. You still have time to get in and help them reach their stretch goals, and collect fun rewards like having your name added to the game credits, stickers, digital art goodies and more!

    The Mommy Gamers Oniri Islands Children of the River Kickstarter Review Preview Hands On

    My daughter Hailey and I recieved acess to a demo of Oniri Islands as well as prototypes of the Mina and Tim figurines. Mina and Tim are “smart toys” that we moved around our tablet to explore the world of Oniri Islands. The cooperative play aspect of this game is such a fun feature. Hailey and I each took control of one of the figurines and worked together to travel through maze like sections, dodging quicksand, and working together to solve puzzles. In addition to using the toys to move around, they also were used to unearth items, and collect and carry quest items. We did not recieve the masks for the characters, but based on the demo they have secret powers tied to them that help players interact with the environment in fun and unique ways.

    Hailey just turned seven years old last week and she seems to be the perfect age for this app. She did get a little frustrated with a couple of the puzzles, as the demo version we played lacked a lot of guidance. However, I got the feeling that Oniri Islands is meant for exploration and creative thinking, and together we were able to put our heads together and figure out each challenge. While the demo we played was fairly short, I was very impressed with the way the story flowed. Between the lovely music, awesome visuals inspired by other games I love like Animal Crossing and Zelda Wind Waker, I look forward to adventuring through more of the Oniriverse.

    To learn more about Oniri Islands visit their Kickstarter page here, and if you decide to back this wonderful game make sure to tell them The Mommy Gamers sent you!

    *The Mommy Gamers recieved a demo of Oniri Islands and prototypes of the figurines for review purposes.

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    The Mommy Gamers 137: Leon Kennedy’s Hair

    The Mommy Gamers : The Mommy Gamers 137: Leon Kennedy's HairThis week the ladies are joined by Dan Hammill aka Greenskull, the founder of Ready Up Live. They talk about PokemonGo (of course), 100 layers of… videos, YouTube, Animal Crossing amiibo support, Card Wars, The Secret Worlds, and more.

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    Episode 109: Do Over


    This week Desirai is joined her brother Lazarus and Samantha Olvera aka Lady Pwncess. They talk about Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, the World of Warcraft movie trailer, Disney discontinuing slave Leia merch, nutscapes and more.

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    Episode 89: Trololo


    Happy April Fools Day! For a show with no prepared show notes, Marcia, Desirai and Carrie still had a ton of cool stuff to talk about. Carrie talks about how Reed Scarfino trolled everyone by claiming to be the first male Frag Doll.  Gaming chat included Resident Evil, The Evil Within and why Des thinks you should give it another chance, Never Alone, new Yoshi yarn Amiibos and the significance of Amiibos vs Amoebas. (really?) Toss in a discussion on old couches, cat poop and letting your teenager pick out new furniture and you get a show chock full of absolute nonsense, laughs and fun.

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    Gaming As Therapy: How I Got Through My Divorce


    My divorce will be final next week.

    I know, I know. How did my ex-guy let an amazing woman like me get away? Someone who is willing to spend hours playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and rarely complains if he logs too much time on the Xbox? Someone who’d rather be immersed in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and gets press passes to C2E2? Well, let’s just say that relationships are complicated, and what happens in Vegas apparently stays in Vegas.

    Almost a year since we broke up our 13-year marriage for good, I am finally at peace with the world. My gift to myself during the breakup process was an Xbox One at launch, and it was probably the best thing I could have bought for myself.

    When I became single again, I suddenly had more time for myself. I no longer have to cook two separate meals for dinner (my ex is a vegetarian), or do the things my husband wants to do (I get nightmares after watching “The Walking Dead”). I still have my son most days, but he’s at an age where all he thinks about and talks about are Minecraft and Clash of Clans. The other night, I was dealing with an editorial emergency and every 10 minutes, literally, he’d come in and ask me if I was done yet and when could I go into Animal Crossing and start catching feathers and could I get him a green one and don’t I know that Festivale is only ONE DAY each year. Now he knows how I feel when I nag him to clean his room.

    But basically, I’ve had more time for gaming. Not much, but a little is better than nothing.

    The great thing about gaming is that it takes up a lot of your brainpower and energy, or it can be relatively mindless and engrossing if that’s what you need. I don’t have time to stew about anything else when I’m playing a game, even if it’s just a free iOS app timewaster. Initally, when I was going through the stages of grief and anger and resentment, this was a huge relief. I spent a lot of time doing things that distracted me from focusing on the end of my marriage 24/7, and I think that was healthy. (Full disclosure: I also watched a shit-ton of “Doctor Who.” And “Sherlock” and “Arrow.”)

    I know there are many critics of gaming who see kids playing shooters and think that’s a major cause of violence, but I think the opposite. I think playing games, if you’re already a mentally healthy person, gets the negativity out of you. I no longer feel like taking a BFG to my dear ex. I took that bad energy and used it to destroy demons. Killing the enemies in the game, whether the Covenant or zombies, was a metaphor for my own life – I’m getting rid of the things IRL that are bringing me down.

    My soon-to-be-ex-husband and I now have a pretty good relationship. I can’t forget what he did, but I can forgive. I can appreciate his good qualities – the ones I fell for in the first place, back in the day – and the class he’s shown in making things easier for me since we split. We talk, we make decisions about our son together, he comes over and changes the lightbulbs I can’t reach, and sometimes we go to Chipotle to get tacos (steak for me, Sofritas for him) and catch up. Every person, gamer or non-gamer, should have that kind of relationship with her ex. Gaming  made it easier for me by letting me vent my frustrations somewhere safe.

    We all heal in different ways, in our own time. Here are the games I credit for keeping me sane during this dramatic and difficult time:

    • Plants vs. Zombies 2 – mindless time-traveling fun fighting zombies with the cutest sunflowers and peashooters you’ll ever see. Since I could play this in small doses this is still my travel game of choice.
    • Halo 3 – Halo 3 is a bonding experience for my kid and me as he carries me through missions – I’m terrible at FPSes, but working on it! We picked this Halo because it was the copy we could find. (And for the record, I know this and Titanfall are rated M+, but I also play the games and I know what my child can handle – no Grand Theft Auto for him.)
    • Animal Crossing: New Leaf – There’s such an amazing online community, and this is the one game that I actually play socially with people other than my son.
    • Pokemon X – My kid has Pokemon Y, so we trade back and forth and he helps me when I am stuck.
    • Ninjatown: Trees of Doom – This is an Android and iOS game that I still play even years after it came out, because it’s so cute and fun and I am still trying to break 2100 feet. You climb trees, jumping or flipping from one to the other, with ninjas, fireballs, and other obstacles in your way.
    • Titanfall – Ok, it was just the beta and we got in on it late, but wow. I admit to lifting my kid’s “no screen time” punishment for one day so he could check it out before it went away.
    • Dance Central – One other great distraction for me during this period was exercise – I love Zumba and S.W.A.G. When I can’t go to the gym, this is pretty fun and I enjoy laughing at the pictures the Kinect takes of me in my Cookie Monster PJs as I try to copy the moves.
    • The Last of Us – At least, I played this until it became too much for me – which, frankly, wasn’t that far in. As it turns out, the type of person who can’t make it through an episode of “The Walking Dead” certainly won’t be able to get through this. But the anticipation of being able to play it because I had more time all to myself was worth a lot. And there’s nothing better to remind me that life could be worse!



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    Episode 44: Your Face

    Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 4.39.32 PM

    This week the ladies get together to discuss The Last of Us, Animal Crossing, New Super Luigi U, Hotline Miami, the Sims official magazine, Ellen Page, breast implant ruptures, bad reality TV, and the dietbet Marcia has challenged Desirai to. Who are YOU betting on?

    Also, beware of Elaine’s random f-bomb. You’ve been warned!

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    Tails From Animal Crossing: Noir


    When I signed onto this, I thought it would be a simple snoop job.  After all, it’s a story I’ve heard so many times before.  A guy pulls a Houdini and disappears, leaving nothing behind but a crying fiancée and an empty bank account.  That’s when the women come to me with some big sob story thinking “something bad must’ve happened” and looking to me for answers.  Unfortunately, those answers usually end up involving finding the poor schlub at a bar, drowning his sorrows in a bottle of cheap whiskey after getting his heart broken by some money grubbing showgirl.

    I should have known something wasn’t right the minute I got on that train. No sooner than we’d pulled out of the station, some young punk saddles up across from me and starts giving me the third degree.  Sure, it started off simple enough, asking if I had the time.  Then this guy starts pushing for my name, where I’m headed, why I’m going there.  Then he excused himself and went on his merry way.  It didn’t seem all that suspicious at the time, but based on everything else that’s happened with this case, I’d have to guess that this “Rover” guy was a scout for the man behind the curtain.  After all, one thing was certain … someone knew I was coming, and they had set up a little welcoming party for me.

    As I stepped out of the station, a crowd of faces I never met suddenly surrounded me.  There was a lot of muttering and unintelligible gibberish as confusion spread, until finally one of the crowd walked up to me and began talking to me as if we were long lost friends.  She told me she was expecting me and that we had to get down to business right away.  She quickly pulled me away from the rest of the crowd, all of whom now seemed to be cheering my arrival.

    “What the hell was all of that?”

    My new friend looked at me and said, “I’m sorry. Nobody here is used to strangers.  When they heard a new face was coming to town, I had to act fast to get you a good cover story.”

    “Wait a minute. Who the hell are you?  And for that matter, how did anyone even know I was coming?”

    “Your guess is as good as mine for the second question.  As for the first, I’m Isabelle.  I’m the administrative assistant for the mayor here.  I’m also the one responsible for you getting hired to find out what’s happening around here.”


    “What exactly are you talking about?  I was hired to find a missing person.  Goes by the name ‘Tortimer’. That’s it.  You know him?”

    Isabelle started to squirm like her skin as two sizes off.  “Yes. I knew Mr. Tortimer.  I worked with him.  It’s like I said, I’m the administrative assistant to the mayor.  That is … well, was … Mr. Tortimer.  At least before he died.”

    “Let me get this straight.  Tortimer was the mayor? And now you’re telling me he’s dead?  Oh this just gets better and better.  But wait, if Tortimer is dead, why did you have someone hire me to find him?”

    “Because he’s not the first person to disappear under mysterious circumstances around here.  You might find it interesting to learn that in the past twelve years, no mayor has ever had to run for re-election.  Whether it’s because he’s spontaneously developed a sudden and fatal allergic reaction to bee stings, or conveniently stumbling off the platform in the path of an oncoming train, no mayor has ever lived through his initial term.”

    “So, you think someone killed Tortimer?”

    “That’s just it. Every previous mayor died in an accidental but very public way.  Mr. Tortimer just, well, vanished.  I think he knew something was going to happen.  I can’t explain it, sir, but until I see a body, I don’t want to believe he’s dead.”

    Isabelle started to tear up.  It was taking every ounce of her willpower to hold herself together.  I had no idea what was going on, but now I was more than a little curious to find out.

    “Okay, fine.  You want me to look into things?  I’ll look into things.  First thing’s first, though.  Where are we headed?”

    “We’re going to the Town Hall.  To the mayor’s office.”

    “That’ll work.  Maybe I can find some clue as to what happened somewhere around there.  While we’re at it, we might want to put some extra eyes on the new mayor to make sure nothing happens to him while I’m investigating.”

    Isabelle was squirming even more now, looking about as comfortable as a horse in a glue factory.

    “Isabelle … is there something you’re not telling me?”

    “Remember when I said I had to come up with a cover story for you coming to town?”

    “Yes … Isabelle, what did you do?”


    “Well, I kind of made you out to be the new mayor.”

    “You WHAT?!?”

    “Look, you had to have some sort of reason for being here and needed the people in town to trust you.  Plus, as mayor, you’ve got pretty much free reign to come and go as you please without anyone asking any questions.  Besides, if someone IS targeting the mayoral office, it makes sense to find out directly, right?”

    “By putting ME in the crosshairs?  Besides, what the hell do I know about being mayor?”

    “Don’t worry about it.  I’ll take care of most of the administrative work.  Plus, you’ll have plenty of space to work in the Town Hall.  Speaking of which, we’re here.  Welcome to your new office … Your Honor.”

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