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    Episode 123: Hoodwinked

    It’s April 1st and Desirai and Marcia are coming at ya with a combination of fact and fiction. Can you tell what’s what? Listen and let us know!

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    A Llama Simulator Is Coming!

    I have just discovered that I’m completely gullible.

    I’ve been falling for April Fool’s jokes all day. When I woke up, it was to an alarm that my son had placed under my bed so that I couldn’t find it when it started going off. In total seriousness I’ve been wondering why my friend never told me she had a house in Florida when she announced today that she’s moving. I’ve been trying to catch’ em all hoping to become a Pokemon Master at Google. I want to see this movie on Netflix!

    I guess I can be too serious sometimes. I need to grow a sense of humor. Here to help me is the announcement by Kalypso Media about the new game Llama Simulator, “the brilliant new spin-off of the universally-acclaimed Tropico series.” Play as a llama living on the island paradise of Tropico, eating grass or disrupting traffic during rush hour.

    You can customize your llama’s fur color, size, and the length of his or her tongue. Use accessories to create a fashionista llama! Wear ridiculous hats, false beards, leather jackets and more in 1080 HD graphics rendered in 60 FPS. Live a life of llama luxury!

    Features of this game include, as the press release states, llamas and the beauty of silence. Also, “zero thrilling missions and no absorbing campaign.” You can “experience absolutely no compelling background story in non-existent breath-taking cut scenes, not narrated by professional voice actors.” Take on a role as either the chaser or the llama, or you can play Hector (El Presidente’s favorite llama).

    The game is coming in 2014. Awesome.


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