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    Immersed Games Looks to Kickstart MMOs in the Classroom

    Screenshot of the city of Espeth, from the top of a building in the city.

    Screenshot of the city of Espeth, from the top of a building.

    Let’s face it, there’s no end to the range of projects looking to get funded on Kickstarter. After all, one man’s quest to make Potato Salad has already raked in over $60,000 in backing with more than a week still left to go. That being said, Kickstarter is still home to some more altruistic projects such as Tyto Online, a new educational MMO game in development from Immersed Games

    “We are not your average educational gaming team. We are not trying to make learning fun. Learning is already fun,” says Lindsey Tropf, Founder & CEO of Immersed Games. “Our vision was born from the realization that all games, even games like World of Warcraft, are amazing learning tools. You learn and care about rich, detailed information, without even trying. We wanted to harness that experience to learn something that mattered outside of the game world.”

    Concept art of the biodomes in Zyto Online.

    Concept art of the biodomes in Tyto Online.

    In Tyto Online, Earth has been rendered uninhabitable, forcing an evacuation of the planet’s surviving population. As one of these refugees, players are brought out of cryosleep as students of Tyto Academy, a futuristic school tasked with helping to learning from Earth’s past to help recreate its future. Players will team up for various missions, which will include solving puzzles, decrypting historic records, exploring alien landscapes, and leveling skills, all while learning real-life information during and after each quest. One example sends players on a mission to discover why the ant population in one particular biodome seems to be acting very strange and then inexplicably dying. Over the course of the mission, players will discover the ants had fallen victim to a fungus, essentially turning them into zombies. The mission data then goes on to describe similar cases of a “zombie fungus” existing on Earth.

    With a little more than two weeks left to go, Immersed Games has received just over $21,000 in backing of its $50,000 Kickstarter goal for Tyto Online. Stretch goals being offered include additional character customization options, a “Water Balloon” PVP arena, and additional biodomes, with scalable educational content for multiple grade levels, including potential continuing education beyond grade school and high school.

    Sure, it’s no potato salad, but teaching kids real science through video games is also less a lot less likely to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

    To support Tyto Online click here.

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