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    Quick Reviews: Nintendo Labo

    With Nintendo Labo you’ll hear far fewer “I’m bored” whines this summer

    We picked up Nintendo Labo for some summer fun and it’s amazing! Check out the very first of our “Quick Reviews” section on YouTube where we will bring you reviews that are short and sweet.


    At $69.99 the cost of Nintendo Labo made me pause. That’s a lot of money to drop on something. After my daughter made just a couple of these cardboard crafts all of my doubts were gone.

    The fact that Nintendo Labo provides the most thorough step-by-step instructions I’ve ever seen is amazing. At eight years old, Hailey was able to complete these without any assistance at all.

    Nintendo Labo has kept her entertained doing one project each day so far. Then she spends the rest of the day showing everyone in the house what she made, and how it works with the game apps.

    As a parent my absolute favorite part about Nintendo Labo is the discovery aspect of each creation. This isn’t just a pile of cardboard, there are high-tech sensors as well, giving my daughter an awesome educational experience as well. She is as excited about learning how things function as she is about playing the games. Clean up is easy too as any unused parts can just get tossed in the recycle bin.

    We have enjoyed our time so far with Nintendo Labo and I believe you will too. This isn’t a sponsored ad. I picked this up with my own money, but if you use our link to pick up your set it helps us keep doing what we’re doing.

    You can pick up Nintendo Labo on Amazon. Use our affiliate link to support the site or just click the image below to shop for Nintendo Labo and start having fun!

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    Claybook (Game Preview) Review – Xbox One

    Claying With Yourself Never Felt So Relaxing

    I grew up in a strange time for video games. Publishers were always trying new things. For a while there were games that based their looks off of an old animation style, Claymation. The game studio Interplay Entertainment put out a few games in this style. The ClayFighter series got recognition for being a fighting game that parodied pop-culture as well as the fighting games at the time. It was so popular that it spawned sequels.

    Flash Forward to 2017 and meet, Claybook from Second Order.

    Claybook Game Review The Mommy Gamers

    Claybook, out now in Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access, is a game set entirely in a world of clay. Shocking right? Players move, mold, and shape the clay in order to complete a puzzle or task within the world. As mentioned before the game is currently in Early Access but it already shows A LOT of promise. Controls are fluid and the animations look incredible. Players will jump, rewind, create duplicates and change shapes throughout the colored world of a If I have to point out anything negative it’s that I don’t feel there’s enough weight to the clay. The clay moves around relatively fast and feels incredibly light, even for clay.

    One of the incredible little touches the team from Second Order put into the game is the coloring. When the clay moves or turns on one color of clay, you start to see that color appear on your clay shape. It’s a little touch, but it shows how much insight they put into how a material like clay would interact with itself.

    Xbox Claybook Game Review The Mommy Gamers Mike Robles

    Claybook is also bringing some interesting gameplay additions with it. Up to 4-Player Split Screen action, leaderboards, and an incredible toolbox to let players create and share their own worlds. With so much added gameplay the team at Second Order will have their hands full with the development of this title. With Claybook being in Game Preview/Early Access platform they will be able to see how the community reacts to the game. Since the game isn’t in full release yet they have plenty of time for feedback.

    To me, there’s something almost relaxing and satisfying in Claybook. I ignored the pressure of the leaderboards and replayed the same levels over and over again trying to find different solutions. The soft soundtrack mixed with the imaginative gameplay create this sense of serenity in a video game world filled with assassins, soldiers, and street fighters. If you’re looking for a fun break with a hint of challenge, open up your Claybook and dive in.

    The reviewer was compensated with a code for review purposes.

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    Immersed Games Looks to Kickstart MMOs in the Classroom

    Screenshot of the city of Espeth, from the top of a building in the city.

    Screenshot of the city of Espeth, from the top of a building.

    Let’s face it, there’s no end to the range of projects looking to get funded on Kickstarter. After all, one man’s quest to make Potato Salad has already raked in over $60,000 in backing with more than a week still left to go. That being said, Kickstarter is still home to some more altruistic projects such as Tyto Online, a new educational MMO game in development from Immersed Games

    “We are not your average educational gaming team. We are not trying to make learning fun. Learning is already fun,” says Lindsey Tropf, Founder & CEO of Immersed Games. “Our vision was born from the realization that all games, even games like World of Warcraft, are amazing learning tools. You learn and care about rich, detailed information, without even trying. We wanted to harness that experience to learn something that mattered outside of the game world.”

    Concept art of the biodomes in Zyto Online.

    Concept art of the biodomes in Tyto Online.

    In Tyto Online, Earth has been rendered uninhabitable, forcing an evacuation of the planet’s surviving population. As one of these refugees, players are brought out of cryosleep as students of Tyto Academy, a futuristic school tasked with helping to learning from Earth’s past to help recreate its future. Players will team up for various missions, which will include solving puzzles, decrypting historic records, exploring alien landscapes, and leveling skills, all while learning real-life information during and after each quest. One example sends players on a mission to discover why the ant population in one particular biodome seems to be acting very strange and then inexplicably dying. Over the course of the mission, players will discover the ants had fallen victim to a fungus, essentially turning them into zombies. The mission data then goes on to describe similar cases of a “zombie fungus” existing on Earth.

    With a little more than two weeks left to go, Immersed Games has received just over $21,000 in backing of its $50,000 Kickstarter goal for Tyto Online. Stretch goals being offered include additional character customization options, a “Water Balloon” PVP arena, and additional biodomes, with scalable educational content for multiple grade levels, including potential continuing education beyond grade school and high school.

    Sure, it’s no potato salad, but teaching kids real science through video games is also less a lot less likely to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

    To support Tyto Online click here.

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