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    Extra Life #FiveDollarFriday Joke Edition



    Extra Life is a 24 hour gaming marathon to raise money for sick kids at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  One of the fun ways I like to reach my fund raising goal I set each year is by doing something I call Five Dollar Friday, or #FiveDollarFriday.  On Fridays during Extra Life time I simply ask my friends and family to donate five dollars (or more) toward my goal, and in exchange I do silly things.  This video is from last year, and I am sharing it to show everyone how simple and fun it is to hit your goal.

    So, for this Five Dollar Friday, I am bringing the jokes once again.  Donate $5 or more to if you’d like me to do a joke video for you!  I will get all the videos done within the next week and post them to our YouTube channel here:

    * 100% of what is raised through Extra Life goes to help kids at the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital you select when you register (for free) at Marcia is supporting Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida.  Anyone can sign up and make a difference in their local community For The Kids!

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    Episode 73: Hug It Out

    After getting off to a bump start the ladies talk about Elaine’s vacation, the Destiny loot cave, Five Nights at Freddy’s, health & fitness successes and failures, the fall TV line up, and they finish things off with Extra Life. Hooray for consistency!

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    Family Board Game Night – Extra Life Version


    When was the last time you sat down with the kids to play a board game? I personally haven’t tried since my four-year-old convinced me to buy My Little Pony Monopoly, and promptly ran off with all the playing pieces. My dreams of playing as Pinkie Pie have been crushed forever.

    What if I told you that you could commit to having family board game night with your kids, and also support your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital at the same time?

    Since 2009, I have participated annually in Extra Life, a 24-hour gaming marathon where I get to play games and heal kids. Over the years I have heard a wealth of reasons people cannot participate. Many people don’t understand that when I say “gaming marathon” that I’m not just talking about console games. All sorts of games will work! Tabletop games, computer games, hopscotch and of course…board games.

    TMGHMWWith three children of my own, I understand that as a parent, you probably can’t sit down and play games for 24 hours. No matter how much you’d love a day off from life to relax and game. But what if you could honor that 24 hour gaming commitment, spend more quality time with your children, and as an added bonus…use it as an opportunity to teach your children that they can also make a difference in their community and help kids, simply by having fun with their family?

    My suggestion to you, is to register to participate in Extra Life, and make a pledge to spend 24 hours throughout the rest of the year gaming with your kids. It can be a board game night once a week, or just sitting down to let your son beat you at Mario Kart. Even if you’re not great at gaming, your kids would probably enjoy you sitting down and asking them to teach you how to play their favorite game.

    If you are unfamiliar with the work that Children’s Miracle Network does I would encourage you to take a moment and visit their website. These hospitals treat the babies who are born early, kids who are battling cancer and kids who suffer a traumatic injury, just to name a few. They treat children regardless of their families’ ability to pay, and the more money we raise, the more children we can all help in our own communities.

    I hope you join us in being heroes in your community and showing your children that it’s important to give back when you can, and that it can be fun to do so.

    To register for free, or just learn more about Extra Life visit


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    Why Extra Life?

    extralifeextralifeextra-life_thumbAlthough Extra Life (the 24 hour gaming marathon fund raiser for the Children’s Miracle Network) doesn’t take place until October 25th, eager participants are already signing up and raising funds. Why are thousands of gamers joining already? What is the pull for gamers to do do extraordinary feats to help out with this charity? Well I can’t speak for them, but I can tell you why I Extra Life.

    This past week three of our four man team had the opportunity to tour the Kentucky Children’s Hospital, the hospital we support through our Extra-Life gaming fundraising. To put it succinctly, it was amazing, inspiring and humbling all rolled into one.

    Members of Team Pike gaming for Extra Life

    Members of Team Pike gaming for Extra Life

    The first thing the guys noticed was the art… from pieces from local artists to children’s paintings. it made the colder looking white and teal walls (which they all said they are working on changing and renovating) brighter and welcoming to children of all ages. The second thing I noticed was how comfortable the atmosphere was. Not once did I see anyone looking stressed or hurried. Everyone was all smiles and looked like they loved their jobs.

    Now I could go on all day spouting facts off on everything I learned about KCH. The point I’m trying to make is this… I have now seen what a difference these dedicated doctors and nurses, as well as every other staff member, make in every child’s life that they take care of. I have heard countless stories before my tour, and I’m sure I’ll continue meeting people with their own stories, of how well patients are treated at the hospital. These outstanding people deserve our help.

    Team Pike group

    I want these people to never have to worry about a piece of equipment that they need, the only thing I want them to worry about is taking care of our local kids… that is the way it should be. I have a healthy and active five-year-old son that I love with all my heart. I know I’m one of the lucky ones. I know there are plenty of moms and dads that do not have that piece of mind. That is why I do my part in Extra Life.

    Extra Life has given me more than I have ever put into it, I have met friends that I thought I would never see face to face, got to make new ones, and I have met some gaming industry movers and shakers. But most importantly raising money for Extra Life given me a greater sense of what really counts in this world…. the giving of ones self for another human being.

    Episode 53: Out of Beta



    Marcia and Desirai are joined this week by their friend Joanna, a Mommy, a gamer and an Extra Life 25 hour marathon weekend survivor.  The ladies discuss their marathon experience, who lasted all night, what games they played and how they’re all way too old for gaming that long ever again. But hey, it was for a good cause right? You’ll be entertained with discussions about Ingress coming out of Beta, new television shows and Joanna’s mother-in-law’s gentle snoring in the background.

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    Oh, and if you liked the show, please leave us some feedback in the comments section.

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    Gamers Are A Giving Bunch


    The general public may not have figured this out yet, but gamers are generous. After all, we’re the type of people who like to overcome obstacles in the name of good, rescue the princess, defeat the alien menace, and protect our homes from zombies. It only makes sense that we also like helping people in the real world as well.

    As fans of this site already know, many of us involved in The Mommy Gamers are participating in this weekend’s 25-hour Extra Life marathon, raising money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals across the country. Yes, of course it’s an excuse for us to play games all day with no interruptions. I am expecting to spend much of my time getting through The Last of Us, because I simply haven’t had time to play it since I bought it. But it’s also a chance for us to do good while doing what we love – and that’s a total no-brainer for me.

    Still, this isn’t just a plug trying to convince people to give us money. (Just do it! There are a few days left!) I also wanted to remind everyone out there that there are also other charities, beyond Extra Life, that allow gamers to enjoy gaming while helping out good causes. These include:

    Child’s Play: Many of us who attend gaming events have heard of Child’s Play, an organization dedicated to providing video games, toys, books and other fun items for kids in a network of 70 worldwide hospitals. Cash donations are accepted and go toward purchasing games, consoles and more for kids who can use this equipment for therapy, diversion, and connecting with others. Many marathons and gaming events have been set up to fundraise for Child’s Play while letting people enjoy games and interact with gamers, including the upcoming Desert Bus for Hope and The Cookie Brigade at PAX events.

    Humble Bundle: When I first learned about the Humble Bundle, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it myself. The basic concept is that a bunch of games are bundled together for purchase, and buyers get to set their own price. They can also decide how to divide the funds up to go to charitable organizations, game developers, and/ or the folks who bring you the Humble Bundle. This is a great deal, and the bundles always include at least a few things I want. Sales change weekly, and games are DRM-free.

    The AbleGamers Foundation: This fantastic organization helps empower disabled children and adults through gaming, by championing assistive technology and providing reviews geared toward those with physical challenges. It also acts as an advocate, encouraging game publishers and developers to utilize best practices for accessibility. AbleGamers is supported by events like the Minethon.

    There are plenty of others, of course, from small groups of college kids playing games for their favorite cause to big endeavors like Extra Life. Throughout the year events – marathons, trips, tournaments – take place supporting these groups and more causes worth the time and effort. I encourage all gamers, and friends, to get involved; there are so many ways to do good while doing what we love. That really goes for whatever we enjoy doing, whether it’s gaming or dancing or collecting stamps. Everyone can find a way to give back.

    As well as being generous, gamers are also competitive, and we want to win this fundraising thing. So now, the shameless plug: my Extra Life page is here (I’m not playing with The Mommy Gamers this year, I’m with the Retroids group, which was founded by some of my old EGM colleagues and is more local to me). If you’d like to support other members of The Mommy Gamers, they’re at Team Jax. I recommend donating at least $5 or so to Ashton, Desirai’s boy, or Hannah, Marcia’s daughter, because I think the kids should be encouraged, and I’d love for them to really discover the joy of giving. Next year, maybe my son will participate too.

    Thor: The Dark World 3D Advance Screening Raffle



    The story of Thor, the Mighty Avenger, continues in Thor: The Dark World on November 8th, 2013. Can’t wait to watch it? Maybe you won’t have to!

    We are raffling off  on pair of tickets to an advance screening of Thor: The Dark World in 3D.

    When: Monday, November 4th at 7:30 p.m.

    Where: AMC Regency 24
    9451 Regency Square Blvd.
    Jacksonville, Florida

    How to enter the raffle:                                                                                imgres
    We are fund raising for Extra Life, a 25 hour video game marathon on November 2nd to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. To enter this raffle, simply donate $5 to anyone on Team Jax. Make sure to write “Thor” in the “message to fundraiser” section when you make your tax deductible amazing charitable donation. Each $5 donation to help sick kids, counts as one entry into the raffle, so $50 gets you ten entries and so on.


    Winner will be selected on Monday, October 28th at 12:00 p.m. (EST) and tickets will be mailed out that same day!

    *Special thanks to Max Michaels of Movie Mob for donating these tickets to Extra Life and Team Jax

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