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    Valorant’s New Skins

    Because using the regular guns is for scrubs
    Elderflame Dragon

    Riot is no stranger to monetizing their games by frequently adding in cosmetics for players to show off during games. So it’s no surprise that Valorant has already released it’s first set of high dollar skins. Last week, Valorant released an Ultra Edition set (more on that later) called Elderflame. Check out the release video below for all the awesome visuals.

    WTF is an Ultra Edition?

    Valorant has five tiers of skins at varying price points. Select, Deluxe, Premium, Ultra, and Exclusive. As you’d imagine, the lowest tier is just pretty pattern skins that aren’t too involved and as you get higher on the list the guns/knives get prettier and include animations. (see below for the general prices per gun per tier)

    As you can tell from the video, the Elderflame skins have a lot going on. Not only are their base models animated and have special sound effects, but you can use Radianite points to upgrade them to be more animated and change to different color dragons.

    So, how much does this fancy set cost?

    The Elderflame costs a whopping 9990 Valorant Points (VP), which translates into about $100. In the bundle you get the knife, card, spray, and title in addition to Frenzy, Judge, Vandal, and Operator gun skins. And spending money to buy VP to then buy Radianite Points to upgrade the skins with is just.. well it’s a lot. Probably another $100 if you wanted to upgrade them all, if not more.

    And I hear you out there, “who pays $100 for cosmetics in a game?!” Obviously many people because I have run into quite a few dragon guns this week and based on how much I’ve seen CS:GO skins go for, and how much I’ve personally spent in other Riot games… well there are a lot of us out there who love to buy cosmetics to support the games we love.

    And the skins keep coming!

    Hot on the heels of the Elderflame set comes Oni and Sakura. Leaked earlier this week but now showing in the game after this morning’s update, are some gorgeous skins with Japanese themes: demons and cherry blossoms! As someone who loves everything Japanese, you can bet I’m hyped about the arrival of these beauties.

    There’s no information yet about how they will be priced but I’m guessing they are the next set to be in the bundle shop when Elderflame leaves in a few hours. My guess is that they will be Premium Edition prices for the Oni items (due to the skin variants) and perhaps Deluxe Edition prices for the Sakura ones (as they are static).

    Going forward

    I’m curious to see what other designs Riot comes up with and extra curious to see what ends up being in that Exclusive Edition tier. I hope that those tie into fun events or eSports. Only time (and leaks) will tell! Time to get a side hustle cause these things are expensive and either my wallet or I am gonna cry!

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    Gaming Oddities: Super 3D Noah’s Ark, Now Available For Your SNES


    Video game history is full of interesting (and occasionally misguided) attempts at creating fun games for the masses. Just look at one of my old favorites, Katamari Damacy, a surprisingly addictive game in which a big sticky ball goes rolling around picking up stuff. Or check out this list from

    But one of my favorite oddities in the video game world is called Super 3D Noah’s Ark, a game released by Christian company Wisdom Tree, Inc. for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1994. Based on the Wolfenstein 3D engine from id Software, this was a religious-themed game that has the distinction of being the only commercially-released game not licensed by Nintendo. Legend has it that id Software, makers of Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, sold the engine to Wisdom Tree to get revenge on Nintendo for censoring parts of Wolfenstein 3D; clearly, Wisdom Tree’s version was going to be even more censored and take that, Nintendo. Whatever the reason, the fact is that Super 3D Noah’s Ark happened. The game reportedly only worked once it bypassed Nintendo’s lockout chip with help from an official SNES game.

    noahsarkI sadly never played Super 3D Noah’s Ark, but I hear it wasn’t completely terrible. The idea is that the first-person player (Wolfenstein 3D, as you may know, is considered one of the first games of the FPS genre) is the biblical Noah, running around shooting animals on his ark with drugged food so that they’ll go to sleep. Yes, you heard me right. In the game, Noah and his family are just a few days away from dry land, but the animals – including goats and sheep, initially, then camels, giraffes, kangaroos, monkeys, cows, bears, and more – are roaming the ark at will, and they’re hungry (I guess there isn’t enough food on the ark for everyone?). Yet apparently, they’ve bred like…well, rabbits. Noah has a slingshot and berries, and over six levels of the ark he gets better slingshots and better berries, along with more intelligent animals. If you run out of food, I think you get to punch them (where’s PETA when you need them?).

    I’ve heard that there was some carryover from Wolfenstein, in that toxic waste and brick dungeon walls made it onto the ark. I would love to see how Wisdom Tree explained that away.

    3dnoahsarkHere’s the great part. As I was researching this post, which I’ve been considering writing for months, I did a Google search and discovered to my complete surprise that Wisdom Tree is re-printing the game. It’s true! You were already able to get it from the Wisdom Tree games website for your (older) PC for $7.50, and now you can buy an honest-to-God SNES cartridge of the game for $65. My timing is pretty awesome. Divine intervention, perhaps? I happen to be an atheist, but if I was a character in a game I’d be sure something more than mere coincidence was going on, and I’d probably go investigate, with slingshot and berries in hand. That is, until I could locate my BFG.

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