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    Review: We Binged Realm Royale for the First Time

    Realm Royale Last Chicken Review The Mommy Gamers

    During “New Game Tuesday” on The Mommy Gamers, we played Realm Royale for the first time and it was awesome. It is free on Steam right now and is currently in alpha mode. While we did experience some minor glitches, the overall feel of it was smoother than most at this phase.

    Hi-Rez, the makers of Realm Royale, have also made games like Smite. As a mom, Realm Royale feels more kid-friendly, and I say that loosely. If the game chat is off, because cuss words and foul language from other players, it is okay for them to play. Unless you’re still on the fence about guns and such, I do see it being friendlier versus PUBG or Fortnite.

    Realm Royale Jump Zepplin Screen Review The Mommy Gamers

    Since this was my first time playing, I got World of Warcraft and Overwatch vibes immediately playing the game. In retrospect, it has the same concept of PUBG or Fortnite but has the all the differences in graphics, mechanics, and gameplay.

    Graphics are very cartoonistic and let me tell you about that chicken. When you have minimal health, you move into a blue chicken carrying the putrid white flag and looks like it is having a hard day without any caffeine. Not to mention, it won’t stop clucking, so opponents will track you down. It’s better to run and hide the best you can.

    One area is called Fungal Forest and gives me Zangarmarsh feels from World of Warcraft with the overgrown mushrooms. Then there is an area that is nothing but swamp marshlands, and it immediately signaled a Zandalari feel, again from World of Warcraft. The overall graphics remind players of WoW or Overwatch, but I see both elements within the game.

    Realm Royale 3 The Mommy Gamers Screen Shot

    Using the basic keys, A, S, D, W, you move around. Sadly, you do need to use a mouse to move around as the letter keys move your body, not the screen. A few tips, Z mounts a horse; Control crouches. Use I for inventory and tab for the map. Yes, so different. Falling to the ground seems scary and different. It does take an adjustment period, but when you hit the ground, you land in the superhero pose and there is no fall damage.

    There are no materials to collect, no llama, no building to save yourself from teams or duos either. Queue all the tears. Realm Royale does share the same color scheme as well as Fortnite; so grey, green, purple and gold. I didn’t see any blue in the several hours that I played. If there is an item you don’t need, you can disenchant them for shards. You can then take those shards to a forge and create one of six items, and queue multiple, non-similar items. Example, I can create a piece of gear and a health or armor potion. The gear piece will take a full minute, while the flask will take a mere 20-30 seconds.

    Realm Royale 4 Fungal Forest The Mommy Gamers

    Overall, the gameplay does take a minute to get used to; and by a minute, I mean a few games. I will say that while I am skeptical about any game that comes out the mocks Fortnite, I am hesitant to pick up and try. I am glad I did and will probably be picking this one up again. Since the game is still in alpha mode, the battle royale aspect has not even hit the servers yet, amongst other things that are non-clickable. I see the massive potential behind this and am optimistic that this game will be popular for some time.

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    Influenster RoseVoxBox Unboxing


    If you are on Twitter or Facebook I am sure you have at least one friend who sometimes posts about products and then thanks Influenster for sending it to them and then possibly wondered what that was all about. You can find all the information you need to know about Influenster here. “But what exactly are these VoxBoxes like?” you may still be asking. Well here is a video of my unboxing of the most recent program that they are running called the “RoseVoxBox” and hopefully it will answer some more of your questions.

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    September 28th: Free Museum Day!

    Smithsonian Live Museum Day 2013

    This Saturday, September 28th, you and a guest could get into your local museum , for free! Free is good, and I’m always thankful to find something fun to do with the kids, that won’t kill our budget.

    Go to the Smithsonian Magazine’s Museum Day Live! page, then use the “Find A Museum” tab to see if there is a participating museum near you. Use the Ticket Information tab to request your emailed-to-you ticket. I also recommend calling the museum of your choice before ordering your ticket to verify their participation – just in case. You may wish to ask them if they will accept the email on your smartphone so you can go paperless!

    You only get one ticket per household, and it only covers 2 people, so if you have multiple children you might want to invite a friend or grandparent to get a ticket and go with you.

    Note that this covers basic admission only. It will not cover parking, special exhibits, etc.

    If you participate in Free Museum Day, please visit us on our Facebook page and share pictures of you and your family having fun!

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    Turtle Beach Giving Away 100 XP SEVENs at PAX Prime

    B0094MYU4M_05Have an old headset laying around? Looking to upgrade or try something new? Attending PAX Prime this weekend?

    If you answered yes to these questions (especially the last one) make sure you toss your old headset in your suitcase before you hop on the plane tomorrow. Gamers attending PAX Prime in Seattle can bring in their old gaming headsets and trade-up to a brand new, tournament-grade XP SEVEN surround sound gaming headset from Turtle Beach.

    Be one of the first one hundred PAX attendees to come to the Turtle Beach booth Saturday, August 31 with a pair of gaming headsets from one of their competitors and they will trade them for a brand new XP SEVEN.


    Goodbye old friend.

    Goodbye old friend.


    I will be retiring my Tritton Ax Pro headset. I feel like I’m dumping an old boyfriend. I’ve had this headset for five years now. My husband actually bought this for me at the GamerTag Radio Community Vibes event, one of the first events I ever attended. We’ve had great times, but the lure of a brand new headset…for FREE? Well, it was just too hard to say no.

    If you want to participate in this trade-in awesomeness, you can’t just bring any old headset. Check out the fine print:

    • Only gaming headsets with stereo sound or surround sound and integrated chat will be accepted
    • The offer does not apply to chat-only communicators
    • The offer does not apply to ear buds
    • The offer does not apply to Turtle Beach brand headsets
    • One hundred XP SEVENs are available on a first-come first-served basis
    • Trade-up program only on Saturday, August 31
    • One trade-up per person

    XP SEVENs have a MSRP of $279.95.


    Keep an eye out for a follow up article while I’m at PAX Prime this weekend. For more information on Turtle Beach products, including the XP SEVENs, check out their website.

    And here’s an unboxing video, just because we like unboxing videos:



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    Win a Copy of Wreck-It-Ralph!


    We Know You’re Listening

    Here’s the deal. We know you’re listening to our podcast. The proof is in our download records, and it’s making us giddy! However, even though there are so many of you listening and even subscribing to us for FREE on iTunes…none of you are leaving us a review.

    What gives? Do we need to bribe you? Because hey…we’re totally okay with that.

    In an effort to encourage you to leave us a comment on our podcast we are giving away a copy of Wreck-It-Ralph on DVD. For FREE! All you have to do is leave us a review on our podcast which is also FREE to listen to. Look at all this fun FREE stuff that’s going on here!

    Wreck-It-Ralph is a great movie for kids, or for anyone who likes gaming. It’s a perfect flick for any fan of The Mommy Gamers. If you haven’t heard the story, it’s about a video game villain that wants to be a hero and sets out to fulfill his dream, but in doing so he brings havoc to the whole arcade where he lives.

    Here’s How To Enter:

    Go to and leave us a review on iTunes. You may have to create an account, but it shouldn’t take more than a minute of your time.

    Use the box below and provide us with the name you used to post the review so that we know who you are. Extra points will be awarded for liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter, but you cannot win unless you leave us an iTunes review.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Contest Ends: Monday, March 25th 2013 at 12:00 P.M.

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