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    Live Recording of Episode 115

    Recording Episode 115

    You have been formally invited to join Carrie, Marcia and Desirai as they record Episode 115 of The Mommy Gamers Podcast! Not only do you get to watch us as we do our live streamed video recording of the podcast via Twitch, you also get the pleasure of chatting with others in the chat room as we record…and asking us questions during our live Q & A session.

    We would highly recommend subscribing to The Mommy Gamers Twitch Channel here:

    This way you always know when our show goes live, and while we plan to post one of these each week to remind you about the show, you can never have too many reminders.

    Can’t make the live stream recording?  Fear not!  We post all the videos for you to view on our YouTube channel as well!  You can check out past episodes and other entertaining content there:

    We look forward to chatting with you this Saturday evening!

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    Episode 114: Incorrectly Pronounced

    Pronunciation Unit

    This week the ladies are joined by game journalist and friend Robert Workman. They chat about Amplitude, the latest lipsynch battle, game length, Garden Warfare 2 beta, and much much more.

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    Episode 106: Ode to Fromage

    Photo Credit: Fête du Pain via photopin (license)

    Photo Credit: Fête du Pain via photopin (license)

    This week the ladies talk about FLBlogCon, Carrie’s cheese mistake, the fall TV line up, Paper Towns (movie), water on Mars, Heroes Reborn, Cinderella, Attachments by Rainbow Rowell, Desirai’s gaming dry spell and Marcia’s feelings about it.

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    Episode 105: Rated Arrrrr

    ’tis week Marcia, Desirai ‘n Carrie be joined by th’ Daily Crate Lead Editor, Amanda Farough. They make lots ‘o lame scurvy pirate joke ‘n puns. Carrie talks ’bout her the hour in Paris, th’ Taken Kin’, Marcia’s Rock Band rejection, ugly Thin’s Dyin’ Violently, Stephen Kin’ ‘n yo ho ho ‘n a bottle ‘o rum. If all the pirate jibberish was too crazy to comprehend, basically there was a ton of awesome content packed into this podcast episode and you should absolutely listen, and share the podcast with  a friend, or an enemy who really hates puns.

    Interested in supporting The Mommy Gamers? Earn exclusive rewards by becoming a patron on Patreon. Remember, you can subscribe to The Mommy Gamers podcast for FREE on iTunes and Stitcher or you can access The Mommy Gamers app through Podcast Box on iTunes or in the Amazon app store for Android. Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter, and Facebook too!


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    Geek Chic Furniture Review


    A few years back I was at a comic-con (I think it was Wizard World’s Chicago Comic-Con) when I discovered Geek Chic. If you don’t know about it yet, and you’re committed to living a geeky lifestyle in all ways, you MUST get to know this company.

    Geek Chic creates custom-made furniture designed for tabletop games, comics, and video games. The pieces are gorgeous, made of wood you choose, sized to your specifications, with accessories and features chosen by you. These are high-quality wood tables and cabinets, fitted with bells and whistles that any self-respecting fanboy or fangirl will love. I got to keep mine in the divorce, and you know what – most days, I’d rather have it than my ex.

    Now, this isn’t an impulse purchase. Because all tables are customized, they do cost you a pretty penny. And they take close to a year to create. Ours was ordered in August and in our hands by the following March. Geek Chic is located in California and take periodic delivery runs across the country, so it also depends when they’re coming out to your region (or at least, this was the case when I purchased my table in 2011). But its employees do a fantastic job of keeping you updated, even sending you pictures of it at different stages of development, and you’ll be the envy of every gamer you know once your piece of furniture comes in.

    Here's mine with leaf open. You can see we've tucked the Skylanders checklist under the acrylic sheet, and there's the bamboo floor underneath.

    Here’s mine with leaf open. You can see we’ve tucked the Skylanders checklist under the acrylic sheet, and there’s the bamboo floor underneath.

    My coffee table, now several years old, has weathered beautifully into a cherry color and has been conscripted into holding my (kid’s) Skylanders collection, Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, Nintendo controllers, and more. It’s called a Hoplite, and features it includes are:

    • a “game vault” – basically this is the inside of the table, 4’x2′ and about 2 1/4″ deep, with a clear acrylic sheet that covers the bottom and can be pulled up using a suction cup (included) so that boards, game sheets, and more can be placed underneath the sheet and protected.
    • indexed drawers underneath, for storage. The drawer is two-directional, so you can pull it out from either side of the table.
    • four hardwood leaves to cover the top of the game surface, which can be removed easily for access to the interior. If you’re cheap, you may be able to opt for a larger top that covers the entire surface, but it’s heavy, or leaves that go lengthwise instead of widthwise.
    • mine includes spongy removable inserts with controller cutout shapes, to cushion my controllers. You can have custom inserts made for whatever you’re keeping in there. I may have to upgrade, as mine was made for the Wii and not the Wii U, and there’s no good space for my Wii U pad.
    • a rail system. The rails on the side of Geek Chic tables are designed to hold cool accessories, like a cupholder (for drinks or dice) or a tray. We opted for one cupholder with ours, although honestly we don’t use it much.
    This is my table, with drawer open. My PS3 insert is empty because my ex-husband took that console in the divorce.

    This is my table, with drawer open. My PS3 insert is empty because my ex-husband took the PS3 in the divorce. Bastard. 🙂

    You can also customize the type of wood, length, width, and floor of the table (plain white is the default, but we upgraded to beautiful bamboo). I think we changed the height of the table slightly, but I can’t recall exactly the dimensions. I can tell you that my table is even more beautiful than the PR picture above, and it’s probably the nicest, sturdiest, prettiest piece of furniture I’ve ever owned – and would be so even without all the geeky-cool features.

    Now, here’s a picture of the dining room table I would purchase if I had the room and the money, and if I was a seriously into role-playing games:


    This bad boy is the Sultan gaming table. All these cute little shelves and drawers can be slid and tucked back into the table. The image shows the lid on, but as with my little coffee table there’s a (generously proportioned) gaming vault underneath. Awesome, right? I’d also be willing to purchase the Vizier, which is smaller in profile so that it can actually double as an dining table.

    I recommend checking out the Geek Chic website if you covet these lovely pieces of furniture. And why wouldn’t you?

    And here’s your bonus picture of the day. Cats like Geek Chic, too.


    This is Elsie, our Lost Cat.

    This is Elsie, our Lost Cat, doing some general investigation.

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    Ink Whiskey’s Entertainment Flask Review


    The Entertainment Flask – What is it?

    So a couple of weeks ago at C2E2, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, I had a great time checking out interesting geekery of all kinds – the cosplay vendors alone were worth the price of admission. As always, I spent way too much money on Thor t-shirts, Totoro decals and comic books. But my very favorite item that I picked up there is the Entertainment Flask from Ink Whiskey. The name’s not so catchy, but come on, look at the thing. It’s the video game-inspired accessory every drunk needs! Or maybe it’s the drinking-inspired accessory that every gamer needs! I’m not sure yet.

    inkwhiskeyzeldaThe Concealable Entertainment Flask is a container for your grown-up drinks that’s been molded to look like an original Nintendo Entertainment System 8-bit game. It’s made from hard plastic with a silicone topper. The labels on the flasks are parodies of old-school NES games – they include Super Bar-Hop Bros., Drunk Hunt, Castlevodka, Metal Beer and The Legend of Drink (which, at the convention, was available in gold, but that version is no longer sold on the Ink Whiskey website so you’re SOL on that one).

    Do they really perform as advertised?

    inkwhiskey2There’s minimal information about these flasks on the website. My recollection from talking to the guys at the Ink Whiskey booth is that they hold something like 4.3 ounces, which is enough to get you buzzed if you’re drinking high-proof alcohol. I have to admit I haven’t tried that yet – I don’t drink a lot, and when I do, it’s mostly Moscato and sangria or craft beer. So basically, my flask is usually filled with water and accompanies me to my kids’ soccer games. I know, my life is pretty G-rated.

    I have no real complaint about utility – the flask appears sturdy and the label seems fairly water-resistant, although it has started to show small signs of wear at the crease after a few days trapped in my purse.  Also, the location of the cap that seals the flask is right where the grip portion on the top left of an NES cartridge is located. That’s a good place, as the flatness of the stopper allows you to easily grip it and pull it out to access your beverage. However, if you’re actually drinking from the flask it’s a bit awkward because once you pull the cap out you’ve got two solid pieces of plastic with a “u”-shape in between them, where you’re expected to put your mouth to drink. It takes a little practice to do without spilling. Or maybe my mouth is too small.

    Is there anything else I need to know?


    I left the cap slightly loose so you can tell which is the flask, and which is the game.

    The main attraction with these flasks is the coolness factor. They aren’t exact in every detail, but they’re pretty close, and the differences aren’t obvious. They’re actually just slightly thicker than a real NES cartridge (I’m including here an image of one of my real NES cartridges with the one I purchased). The flasks even still fit in those black sleeves that came with the games – just a bit more tightly, though.

    Final Thoughts

    I basically needed a flask like I needed to see another rape in “The Game of Thrones.” I already have a TARDIS one and a Hogwarts one and I don’t even drink. Well, not much. Certainly not enough to want to hide alcohol in an old-school video game cartridge. But I couldn’t resist this one, and I have no regrets in buying it. One of these days I might even put something harder than water in it…

    Grab yours from the website for $20.

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    June 2013’s Lootcrate “Mashup” Unboxing


    Every month I look forward to the day my Lootcrate comes in the mail and this month’s definitely did not disappoint. The theme this month was “Mashup” and the contents were full of amazing crossovers. Check out this video in which my awesome assistants and I discover the awesomeness contained within this month’s box!

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    Loot Crate: Geek and Gamer Swag

    I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting mail! Anything that’s not a bill puts a smile on my face. Postcards, hand written letters, packages I ordered from Amazon, that’s all it takes for me to do the happy dance.

    Once upon a time there was a subscription service called The Sampler which sent monthly boxes chock full of handmade goodies. Unfortunately, they’re not around anymore, but I’ve been seeing more and more subscription sites popping up. Just today I read about one called Glossybox which ships cosmetic and perfume samples for $21/month. Then there’s the Dollar Shave Club which will bring shaving razors right to your boyfriends door step. No more ‘I forgot to buy razors’ excuses! However, the geek in me is most excited about Loot Crate.

    Loot Crate ships 6-8 epic geek and gamer related items to you every month for $13.37 — see what they did there? More specifically, Looters can expect the best new and emerging companies producing gear, snacks, toys, hardware, art, and other goodies. They even keep the contents a secret until all the boxes have been delivered!

    I often miss out on the coolest geeky swag cause I can’t make it to all the events. Now I can have them delivered to my door! There’s even an option (and discount) for paying a full year upfront. Sounds like the perfect birthday or X-mas gift for that special gamer/geek on your life.

    Loot Crate (August Box)

    Loot Crate’s August Box

    Testimonials borrowed from their website:
    [quote]”Loot Crate did an amazing job of fulfilling on the original promise. Everything in the Crate was epic!”[/quote]

    – Joey B.

    [quote]”Its like getting a Christmas present from a family member, who understands that you’re a geek, every month.”[/quote]

    – The Ulmet

    [quote]”Great concept and execution. The items were great and I can’t wait until next month!“[/quote]

    – Tyler B.

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