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    Ink Whiskey’s Entertainment Flask Review


    The Entertainment Flask – What is it?

    So a couple of weeks ago at C2E2, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, I had a great time checking out interesting geekery of all kinds – the cosplay vendors alone were worth the price of admission. As always, I spent way too much money on Thor t-shirts, Totoro decals and comic books. But my very favorite item that I picked up there is the Entertainment Flask from Ink Whiskey. The name’s not so catchy, but come on, look at the thing. It’s the video game-inspired accessory every drunk needs! Or maybe it’s the drinking-inspired accessory that every gamer needs! I’m not sure yet.

    inkwhiskeyzeldaThe Concealable Entertainment Flask is a container for your grown-up drinks that’s been molded to look like an original Nintendo Entertainment System 8-bit game. It’s made from hard plastic with a silicone topper. The labels on the flasks are parodies of old-school NES games – they include Super Bar-Hop Bros., Drunk Hunt, Castlevodka, Metal Beer and The Legend of Drink (which, at the convention, was available in gold, but that version is no longer sold on the Ink Whiskey website so you’re SOL on that one).

    Do they really perform as advertised?

    inkwhiskey2There’s minimal information about these flasks on the website. My recollection from talking to the guys at the Ink Whiskey booth is that they hold something like 4.3 ounces, which is enough to get you buzzed if you’re drinking high-proof alcohol. I have to admit I haven’t tried that yet – I don’t drink a lot, and when I do, it’s mostly Moscato and sangria or craft beer. So basically, my flask is usually filled with water and accompanies me to my kids’ soccer games. I know, my life is pretty G-rated.

    I have no real complaint about utility – the flask appears sturdy and the label seems fairly water-resistant, although it has started to show small signs of wear at the crease after a few days trapped in my purse.  Also, the location of the cap that seals the flask is right where the grip portion on the top left of an NES cartridge is located. That’s a good place, as the flatness of the stopper allows you to easily grip it and pull it out to access your beverage. However, if you’re actually drinking from the flask it’s a bit awkward because once you pull the cap out you’ve got two solid pieces of plastic with a “u”-shape in between them, where you’re expected to put your mouth to drink. It takes a little practice to do without spilling. Or maybe my mouth is too small.

    Is there anything else I need to know?


    I left the cap slightly loose so you can tell which is the flask, and which is the game.

    The main attraction with these flasks is the coolness factor. They aren’t exact in every detail, but they’re pretty close, and the differences aren’t obvious. They’re actually just slightly thicker than a real NES cartridge (I’m including here an image of one of my real NES cartridges with the one I purchased). The flasks even still fit in those black sleeves that came with the games – just a bit more tightly, though.

    Final Thoughts

    I basically needed a flask like I needed to see another rape in “The Game of Thrones.” I already have a TARDIS one and a Hogwarts one and I don’t even drink. Well, not much. Certainly not enough to want to hide alcohol in an old-school video game cartridge. But I couldn’t resist this one, and I have no regrets in buying it. One of these days I might even put something harder than water in it…

    Grab yours from the website for $20.

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