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    Obduction (or OMGOREALLY!)

    CyanLogo_mediumIf you’re any kind of PC gamer, the words Myst and Riven should send you into shudders of ecstasy. They are absolutely gorgeous, immersive adventure games with some of the most beautiful music ever put into something that wasn’t a movie.

    Cyan, Inc. is at it again with a Kickstarter campaign for a new project, currently called Obduction. There isn’t a lot said about it yet, but it will be a lot like Myst: you’ll be plopped down into a beautiful alien landscape, and okay, start exploring.

    Since this is a Kickstarter, there are levels of giving and rewards. From as little $1 (Thanks and get Kickstarter backer updates) to $10,000 (attend a design meeting on Cyan’s dime or virtually, have lunch or dinner with the design team, test and give feedback on early builds, get updates from the producer, get credited in the opening credits plus all rewards at the other levels). Yes, they already have 1 backer at the 10 grand level. But for only $25, you’ll get a digital download of the release game, a digital manual, access to backer-only forums, your name in the end credits, and a digital high-resolution piece of concept art. For $25, that sounds good to me!

    Check out some stills and then go to the campaign page and watch the video.

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    Buddy & Me by Sunbreak Games Needs Your Help

    There’s not much time so I’ll keep this short and sweet. Buddy & Me is a unique platforming adventure about friendship, running through the forest of dreams. It’s for select iOS & Android mobile/tablet devices.

    Their kickstarter project is currently $9,000 under goal with less than 48 hours left.

    Their kickstarter project is currently $7,000 under goal with less than 30 hours left.

    OMG They are less than $800 away from their goal with four hours left! Chip in now!

    I want this game, my son wants this game… If you watched the video above I bet you want this game too! Please tell your family and friends. Together we can make this game possible!

    You can also help by using to tell the Mayor of Seattle about this Pacific North West inspired tablet game.

    Buddy & Me Team:

    • Jason Behr: President, Creative Director.
    • Brennan McQuerry: Lead Programmer.
    • Gene Lange: Background Concept, Painter.
    • Andrew Brinkworth: Character Illustrator, Animator.
    • Aaron Cherof: Composer.

    Games, Video Games
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