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    Character Profile: Lara Croft


    Here’s a riddle for you. What do you get if you combined the X chromosome from Indiana Jones (before Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, of course) with the X chromosome from Bruce Wayne, toss them in a blender with a just a dash of Annie Oakley, and finally pour the whole thing into the mold of a British supermodel? If you guessed Lara Croft, the star of Eidos Interactive’s insanely popular Tomb Raider franchise, you’d be absolutely right. For the past two decades, fans have joined Lara on her globetrotting adventures in video games, comic books, and even two major motion pictures, with a third on the way.

    From the heights of the Himalayas to the depths of Atlantis, facing off against deities and doppelgangers or tigers and T-Rexes, Lara Croft has “been there” and “done that”.  Gamers were first introduced to Croft’s world back in 1996, when video game publisher Eidos reached out to her with the tantalizing offer of bringing her various adventures to life as a video game, allowing gamers the opportunity to walk (and run and jump) miles in her shoes. The first Tomb Raider hit store shelves and, before long, fans couldn’t get enough of Lara Croft.  

    One game wasn’t enough to stave off gamers’ thirst for adventure and their craving for this new heroine. So Croft and Eidos expanded their deal, leading to the release of a second Tomb Raider game … and a third … and a fourth. Games started popping up everywhere,  from PC to Mac, Dreamcast to PlayStation, Game Boy to PSP, PS3 to Xbox 360, and even now on iOS to Android and PlayStation 4 to Xbox One … if there’s been a gaming platform within the past twenty years, Lara Croft probably been on it.

    So what’s a girl to do after she’s conquered the digital world? Why, go after the entertainment world, of course. Just a couple of years after the success of the first Tomb Raider game, Hollywood started to take an interest in Lara Croft and her international exploits.  Of course, with Croft keeping herself busy travelling the world in search of rare artifacts, it’s not like she could take time out of her busy agenda to work around a film’s shooting schedule.  So who would filmmakers pick to fill Lara’s … er … holsters?  

    None other than Angelina Jolie.  Jolie’s look and attitude brought Lara to life on the big screen, not once but twice, in Paramount’s Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in 2001 and the sequel, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life in 2003.  Fans seemed to enjoy the live action take on Lara Croft, as both movies earned sizeable box office receipts. Even now, Warner Bros. and MGM have green lit a new Tomb Raider feature film reboot for 2018, with Alicia Vikander taking over the role of the intrepid adventurer.

    After twenty years, Lara Croft still inspires people to overcome obstacles, to face their fears, to become better and stronger in the face of adversity, and to believe that they can accomplish anything. And Lara’s story is far from over.  With her new movie in the works, an upcoming PlayStation 4 release of The Rise of the Tomb Raider, and the ongoing comic book series from Dark Horse Comics, 2016 is definitely shaping up to be The Year of the Tomb Raider. And the most famous spelunker in video game history shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


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    Xbox Games With Gold: Get Your Lara Croft On


    If you have a Xbox Live Gold account you can download Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light for free until January 31st.

    This is the first ever co-op action-adventure game featuring Lara Croft. You and a friend can play co-op or you can go solo and explore and solve deadly traps, kill off massive groups  of undead enemies and monsters, collect over 60 artifacts and more in this title. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light offers twin stick shooting, and platform gaming shown through an isometric view. Several review sites have given this game 90/100 or 9/10 scores for it’s action, gameplay and amazing visuals. Normally it goes for $14.99… so get it while it’s free!


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    Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition Unboxed


    I did what I swore I would never do, I bought a collector’s edition of a game. Yes, Tomb Raider suckered me in and got me to spend an extra 40 bucks.

    The Tomb Raider series holds a special place in my heart. It’s one of few games that both my father and I have played over the years. His not-so-secret crush on Lara Croft is one of my favorite things to pick on him about. So maybe I justified this splurge with the fact that I can share this with him? Not sure, but I feel that what I got was well worth the extra money.

    Here’s what you get in the Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition:

    *A copy of the game.

    *Play Arts Kai Lara Croft Figurine — Posable figurine with over 40 points of articulation.

    • The dirt on her body and clothes have been realistically recreated to tell the tale of Lara’s fierce fight for survival on a desolate island in her first and most harrowing adventure.
    • Comes with alternate set of three (3) hands, bow and arrow, shotgun, handgun, and climbing axe.
    • Figure Size: Approx 8.0″ Tall

    * Endurance Survival Kit Packaging — Worn and weather-beaten steel tin recovered from the Endurance shipwreck.

    • 15″ x 19″ Double Sided Island Map and Poster — Discover Key Landmarks from the mysterious island of Yamati, where Lara Croft and her fellow castaways were marooned after the Endurance shipwreck. On the reverse is a poster size image of the box art.

    * Lithographic Print — 5″ x 7″ heavy stock lithograph print with matte frame, designed by Crystal Dynamic’s Senior Art Director, Brian Horton, painting by Brenoch Adams.

    *Experience Shields — 3 Iron-on badges of the game’s key icons

    • Animal Instincts
    • Climbing Axe
    • Fire Arrow

    *CD soundtrack — Tomb Raider Original Soundtrack ‘Survivalist cut’

    • A collection of 10 tracks totaling over 60 minutes of music from the game

    *Downloadable Content — Weapons Pack

    • A selection of weapons to help Lara survive against the island’s inhabitants.

    I’m only a few hours into Tomb Raider, but I can already tell you…I’m in love with this game. The story, graphics and sounds all work together perfectly and make me feel like I actually am Lara. I cringe when she gets injured, which happens a lot. Last night I had to force myself to stop playing, and it has been a long time since a game has been able to pull me away from everything else and completely have my attention.

    Originally I was hoping to play through Tomb Raider and then gift it to my Dad when I was done, but it looks like I’ll have to buy him his own copy. Keep an eye, or an ear, out for Episode 31 of The Mommy Gamers podcast. Elaine and I both picked up the game and will have plenty to say about it I’m certain.

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