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    Teamfight Tactics Set 3: Galaxies

    Let’s take this fight to another world
    Set 3 of Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Theme

    Teamfight Tactics, brought to you by the people at Riot Games, is an auto chess game that gained popularity on release and has fluctuated quite a bit since. Riot is of course known for its hit game, League of Legends, a MOBA game that attracts huge numbers in the esports scene. The lore surrounding the characters (or champions, as we call them) of LoL is massive and has enabled them to make a lot more content based on that world.

    Riot has capitalized on letting their fanbase play different styles of games with the same champions they are familiar with. Each season, called a set, of Teamfight Tactics has a selection of champions with assigned attributes. This week, on March 18th, the newest set releases with the theme of Galaxies.

    WTF is Auto Chess?

    Auto chess, or auto battlers, are games where you choose units, place them, and they automatically fight against another team on a set board. You are one of 8 players, fighting each other in a mini-tournament style, losing points each time you lose a match until a winner emerges. To win against the other teams you’ll need to not only build a solid team but also keep an eye on what everyone else is building plus learn to use your money wisely.

    So if you like strategy and can think quickly, you might enjoy playing any of the auto chess games. And if you like League of Legends you’ll enjoy Teamfight Tactics in particular.

    How to Play Teamfight Tactics

    This week marks the arrival of the next set (or season) of Teamfight Tactics. Each season has brought a new dynamic, changing out what champions are available and what type of items and skills they possess. Every champion has an Origin, a Class, and can carry 3 items or buffs. A champion costs 1 to 7 gold to buy. And each champion can be combined to make a higher tier version – 3 to make a tier 2 champion and 3 tier 2 champions to make a tier 3 (that’s 9 tier 1’s to make a tier 3). Higher tier champions have higher stats and do more damage.

    If you put together champions with the same origin or class, you get extra buffs. Things like increased armor, chance to do more damage, or maybe get mana or spell power. In addition to combining traits, you’ll get items in carousels and PvE rounds that you combine to give your champions extra fighting power.

    A wonderful cheat sheet for the new set by mobalytics

    What’s Special About Set 3?

    Each new set brings new origin set, changes out what champions are present, and even what skins those champions wear to fit their origin/class combo. On top of the usual changes, Set 3 brings some new mechanics to the game. Set 2 introduced “Elements” to the game where each match was either wind (dodge), water (mana), fire (attack speed), or earth (health) and each gave a different buff for champions placed in spaces that contained that element.

    Set 3 introduces a new mechanic where each match will take you to a different Galaxy, with its own set of rules. Some of these are Neekoverse: where everyone starts with two Neeko’s help (an item that clones any champion). Another other is Lilac Nebula: where every champion in the first carousel of the game will have a value of four gold. (Side note: this mechanic will release with patch 10.7 to give players the chance to adjust to the new champion sets first.)

    This new set also introduces a battle pass system that will allow players to earn cosmetics for our characters, called Little Legends. Needless to say, as someone who has a history of buying all the skins, I’m super hyped about this addition.

    Should You Try TFT?

    I’m a huge fan of the universe Riot’s created. I’ve played League of Legends since beta and up until a few years ago, I was one of those people who picked up and learned every new champ that came along (I fell off the bandwagon when I had my first kid). TFT had a lot of hype when it came out and then kinda died off, so I didn’t end up picking it up until Set 2 released. I climbed my way from Iron 1 to Platinum 3 and have definitely fallen in love with it.

    If you like strategy games and are willing to put in the time to learn the mechanics of the game then I definitely think you should give it a go! Prepare yourself for Set 3 with the 10.6 patch notes and make use of great guides found on Mobalytics and LoLchess!

    As a final side note: I’m really excited to see Riot finally branch out, first with Teamfight Tactics and now with Legends of Runeterra – their card game, as well as their upcoming forays into FPS and an animated series. Maybe we’ll even get a Runeterra movie some time, like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy have produced.

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    Sarcasm isn’t safe anymore…

    facebook-logoI have been mulling over a topic over the internet for the past few days all centered around a nineteen year old that got into an argument with a friend on Facebook back in February. It concerns his interpretation of humor and sarcasm and how it was perceived by others including authorities. This is the story of Justin Carter…

    “Someone had said something to the effect of ‘Oh you’re insane, you’re crazy, you’re messed up in the head,’ to which he replied ‘Oh yeah, I’m real messed up in the head, I’m going to go shoot up a school full of kids and eat their still, beating hearts,’ and the next two lines were lol and jk.,” said Jack Carter (Justin’s father).

    A unidentified Canadian woman saw the post and took it as a threat. She looked up Justin’s address, found out he lived very close to an elementary school and then called police in Texas. Justin is still in jail at the time of this writing. The charges he is facing is eight years for terroristic threatening.

    Justin’s statment was two months after the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut. “Justin was the kind of kid who didn’t read the newspaper. He didn’t watch television. He wasn’t aware of current events. These kids, they don’t realize what they’re doing. They don’t understand the implications. They don’t understand public space,” said Jack Carter.

    According to the reports I have read online there were no weapons were found in his home. There is no prior record of violence. There is no history of psychiatric problems. Nor is there anything negative being said by friends of Justin Carter. The only thing removed from the home was Justin’s computer.

    There are so many tangents I can go on about. So please bear with me as I do so…

    First off, the statement that Justin Carter made was insensitive, scary and downright timely considering that the Sandy Hook shooting happened TWO MONTHS before. So I don’t buy the whole “he wasn’t aware of current events” garbage. The kid had a Facebook account, of course he knew about the school shootings. Just yesterday my Facebook was all afire about how Justin Bieber urinated in a mop bucket in a kitchen and how the new Grand Theft Auto V trailer looked amazing… I believe a mass shooting at a school just might have come across his page just a few times.

    Another thing… How come no one closer to Justin didn’t report his Facebook status to police? Let me reitterate this: A WOMAN FROM CANADA reported it. Doesn’t it seem odd that no one close to him thought this could possibly a threat? Probably not…

    League-of-Legends-Game-LogoPlease understand that expressing yourself with the written word can be very difficult. Things like “LOL” and “JK” are not part of the whole world’s venacular. Many people can take things out of context and sometimes people say and write things that they really don’t mean. Especially when engaging in smack talk on an online game like League of Legends. (The game Justin was playing prior to the incident.)

    If everyone did exactly what they said they did online, then my mother should be rolling on a mattress made of money from all of the two dollars she was paid for services rendered for illegally selling her body to each of the adolecent teens that apparently also like to play Call of Duty and Halo. I should also really ask my parents to submit my birth certificate for testing to prove I was in fact concieved and born after they were actually married, that is… if my father is truly my father.

    In my humble opinion this whole Justin Carter case screams a huge misunderstanding. Yes, he made a threat… he should be questioned and given a psychiatric evaluation of his mental status. But if he is mentally ok and not considered a threat, then what? Well in Texas he is going to be put on trial for his remark. Let me write that again in a different way… He will go to trial for a sarcastic comment to a friend. When this does go to trial what will this mean for the rest of us if he is convicted?

    If he really is disturbed, he needs help and be removed from the public for the safety of all until which time he is reformed. However, if he messed up trying to convey sarcasm to a public audience…. then what?

    Does the judge send him to jail for eight years for making an empty sarcastic threat to save face so the people that voted this judge in feel that he didn’t waste the court’s time and  taxpayer money on keeping the kid locked up? Or does he make the kid do a crap ton of community service educating the high school and college kids that sarcasm has no place on Facebook. I’m glad that I’m not that judge… I am also very glad that it is not me sitting in jail. Which reminds me….

    *NOTE* The author of this article did convey sarcasm when writing about his mother. His mother has never been, to his knowlege, a “lady of the night”. Nor has his mother ever had sex with any underage child. The author is also pretty sure that his father is in fact, his father. Also… the author would like to renounce to anyone that he has ever played online that he did not pay have sex with their mother… the ladies he has had sex with gave themselves willingly, without compensation and always with protection… And lastly, even if he impied it every 2 minutes… The author is not “Your Daddy”. Thank you.

    So how do you feel about your posts? Do you always say what you mean? Let me know in the comments below. But be careful, there is always someone watching. Like the title states… Sarcasm isn’t safe anymore…


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