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    Through the Darkest of Times

    Can you survive and help take down the Nazis?
    through the darkest of times artwork

    Wander into Germany during the rise of the Nazi party in Through the Darkest of Times, brought to us by Paintbucket Games and Handygames. Lead a resistance group in Berlin to gather information, help free the people, and weaken the regime. And do it on any device you like!

    Art, history, & strategy

    The artwork for Through the Darkest of Times is a striking style that instantly captivated me and is the primary reason I sought out a key to review. I’ve been playing it on and off for a while now on my phone, which honestly has been really nice because I can do that anywhere. Every time I get to see a new scene I’m reminded just how gorgeous the game is and really lends itself to telling such a generally bleak story.

    Obviously, the game’s story is rooted in actual events that happened leading up to World War II and you play as the leader of a resistance group. Every day you choose new tasks for your team to do like gather supplies, convert new supporters, spread the truth, or even attack special points of interest to weaken supply lines or gather vital documents to use against the regime.

    Even on mobile, the controls are super easy to use and the game doesn’t take much time to understand how to play. It’s a well-built interface and I haven’t run into a single bug. But the real star of the show is the stories and how your choices affect outcomes.

    Throughout the game, you’ll have choices to make that will direct what happens to your character and how the story progresses. Personally I think I played a very linear character that had set ideals but I’d be curious to go back through the story again and choose other reactions to events and maybe build up a character who takes a more aggressive approach instead of the quieter more passive stealth game I played. It’s definitely worthy of replaying to find out what things change.

    Get your copy today!

    I’m excited to report that this game is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. While I enjoyed the freedom of playing it on my phone I think having it on a larger screen would be really nice and I’m looking forward to playing it on stream or YouTube some time in the near future.

    Grab yourself a copy in the Google Play Store, Apple Store, Steam, or included in the August Humble Bundle Choice!

    #Disclaimer: A product key was provided to me for review from Terminals. The review is 100% my unbiased opinion of the game and I played it only on mobile (Android).

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    This War of Mobile

    A little slice of depression on my phone
    This war of mine stories: a father's promise

    This War of Mine has been a long time favorite of mine and I’ve played it on both PS4 (thanks PS Plus subscription!) and PC. Recently I got the opportunity to play it on my phone with a storyline I hadn’t played before (though it’s been on the other versions, I simply never purchased the DLC). A Father’s Promise adds yet another layer to this already depressing game and gives the game a sense of urgency whereas the regular stories are really about lasting the longest period of time you can. Spoilers ahead, duh.

    Rummaging through the debris of a broken building in This War of Mine

    The Story

    Imagine being stuck in a city that’s getting bombed and has become an active firing range where you just have to find somewhere to hole up, fly under the radar, and survive until it’s finally safe to GTFO. Well, that’s the scenario in This War of Mine. Supplies are scarce and as you spend your days trying to secure your living space and building everything you need for comfort, survival, and sanity. At night you send someone out to get supplies and hopefully, someone stays back to hold down the fort without getting stabbed.

    In A Father’s Promise, you start out with just two characters. A father and a daughter. Without spoiling the story-line too much – your daughter is taken away and you’re now not just trying to survive but find her. You trace her whereabouts through clues left at different scavenging sites. And you’re having to do all this solo – whereas you would usually have your scavenger sleep during the day and someone else build, you now have to balance it all with one person.

    On the upside you only have one mouth to feed, but time is a killer. It adds a new level of difficulty and as I said, urgency to the game where previously there was none except the impending doom of winter. It gave a nice twist to things that freshened up my experience with the game.

    Playing on Mobile

    Because of the games easy mechanics of mostly point and click, this game translates very well to a mobile device. Sometimes the smaller screen can get annoying if you fat finger something but otherwise it functions exactly as it does on all other platforms. Huge props to 11 Bit Studios for creating a game that performs so well.

    Divine Verdict

    I have always loved this game. It takes a horrible topic and instead of masking it with the perceived valor of being a soldier, puts you into the fray as a civilian. It doesn’t shy away from the darkness at all, confronting things like depression and even suicide. The addition of having to find a child in this story-line adds even more to the game. 10/10 if you get the chance to play this game (without being triggered too hard) DO IT.

    Find it on PS4, Xbox, Steam, and in the App Store! And check out the website.

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    Chicken Pox Never Looked So Cute

    Get on your tractor and grab some eggs!

    Get ready to rage at a really simple game y’all! Chicken Pox is an adorable little mobile game available on iOS and Android that just released today. It’s developed by Nosy Jones, an indie studio based in Australia. This is their first title to release and brings together talented contributors from more than 12 countries – including Australia, France, Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic, South Africa, England, Brazil, Sweden, New Zealand, Argentina, and  the United States.

    Main Screen


    You play as a chicken named Pox and drive around obstacles to pick up eggs. The races are timed and courses make pictures you can share at the end. There’s also hidden blue eggs that turn into in game currency, rude sheep and cows who won’t get out of the way, and unsafe automatic farm gates that like to slam shut in your face (how rude). You’ll also be able to unlock airport and ocean environments later in the game.

    You play via just one finger! Just point and Pox follows your finger through whatever path you take. You literally can’t get any simpler controls wise. Only thing you need to do is make sure you give obstacles a little more room because it’s very easy to ‘fat finger’ yourself accidentally into some flowers or a cow.

    There are vehicles and character decorations like hats and glasses you can purchase in game to change things up. Yes, that means there’s micro transactions but you can also just get things by finding the blue eggs and claiming achievements to get in game currency. Plus there are daily gifts so you do not have to spend any money ever on this game if you don’t want to.

    And of course you can connect this game to Facebook and share the fun with your friends!

    Key Features

    • Drive and fly awesome vehicles – all with their own unique trails.
    • Reveal cool pictures by collecting the eggs in order!
    • Explore stunning 3D environments such as the Farm, Ocean and Airport!
    • Find all the hidden blue eggs in each level for bonus rewards.
    • Compete against your friends to be the Chicken Pox king!
    • Customize Pox and the eggs by mixing and matching hats, glasses, and masks in hundreds of cool and funny combinations!
    • Unlock fast paced mini-games that test your skill and reflexes.
    • New content added regularly!

    Game Trailer

    Do I like it or hate it?

    So I installed the game before release, late Monday night, so that I could get a good feel for it before writing this. I wanted to be able to tell you about my experience with the game versus just about it releasing. So here we go.

    This game is freakin’ adorable. Super easy to play yet tricky enough that I raged a few times last night on a harder level. When you run out of gas taking too long on a map you’re offered the chance to watch an ad or pay with eggs to get more. Your lives, designated by gas cans, are lost if you fail to complete a map and you have a healthy amount of them to begin with that regenerate on a long timer (like 1 per 5 hours). 

    I’ve played through several levels of the game and am enjoying it. I plan to keep it around and collect all the things. ALL OF THEM! So obviously I recommend you go download and give it a try now.

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    Operate Now: Hospital – $20 Gift Card Giveaway

    Available on iOS and Android exclusively from Spil Games

    Here at The Mommy Gamers we love giving stuff away to our community. Today it’s a $20 gift card to use for in game purchases in Operate Now: Hospital.

    Available on iOS and Android exclusively from Spil Games, Operate Now: Hospital, is a drama inspired medical journey, where you experience being a surgeon, building a medical team, and managing a hospital. In this realistic simulation game, your objective is to assemble a highly skilled medical team to perform operations on patients and to put your medical facility at the number one spot in the world.

    The game is free to download so you can start playing now while you wait to see if you’ve won. I’ll be playing as well and will return with a review of the game once the contest is over. I may have already gotten my husband hooked! Oh the hospital drama!

    Download from Google Play
    Download from iTunes

    Scrubs and gloves at the ready! Enter the giveaway below.

    Google Play / iTunes $20 Gift Card

    I Missed This Whole Flappy Bird Thing


    Over the last few weeks, my Facebook feed has occasionally forced upon me images of this little pixelated bird flying between pipes that look like they came from 8-bit Mario’s world. Apparently, these pictures came from a frustrating yet addictive game called Flappy Bird. I dismissed this game the same way I initially dismissed Candy Crush Saga requests – as something too meaningless and faddish and probably dumb to really catch my interest. I figured if it was any good, it would stick around and down the line I’d download it and check it out.

    And then, suddenly, creator Dong Nguyen announced he was pulling the game. I gasped, wondered where I could download Flappy Bird before he completely eradicated all traces of its existence, started contemplating if I should get it for my Android phone or my iPad, then got a work email I had to respond to and promptly forgot all about it. Then I went on with my day, because I am a mom and I have crap I have to do.

    Sure enough, Flappy Bird is no more. As I write this phones loaded with Flappy Bird are being offered on eBay for thousands of dollars, Kotaku is issuing mea culpas for possibly contributing to bullying that maybe led Flappy Bird’s creator to shut it down, people are debating the little app’s merits (great endless game with lots of genuine buzz, or terrible time-waster inflated by bots and ripping off Mario, Grand Theft Auto and everything else?). And I missed the whole thing.

    I’m fascinated by all the buzz, generated over a game that existed for just a few months. Flappy Bird reportedly took just a few nights to make, and was made available for free because its developer felt he couldn’t charge for a game that simple. The game, during its lifespan (and it’s been available since mid-2013), generated something like 146,000 reviews – many of which were put up on the last day, and the tongue-in-cheek nature of which helped make it even more popular. BuzzFeed created an article, which right there means You’ve Made It and Every Idiot Knows What This Is. and even The Atlantic have weighed in. Flappy Bird, at the time of its demise, was bringing its creator $50,000 a day in ad revenue. This is a great story, right? With a strange ending.

    The popularity of the game may have been too much for Nguyen, who probably took it down so he didn’t have to deal with haters, critics  (did I mention it’s a FREE download?) and other folks displaying bad behavior. All asking for more from the game’s creator, making him feel overloaded and out of his depth (as seen on his Twitter feed). Well, at least, that’s my interpretation of why he quit. And now he’s getting death threats too.

    See, this is why we can’t have nice things. Thanks to the Internet and people, I won’t ever get to play Flappy Bird and decide for myself if I like it or not. Unless I’m willing to shell out $6,000 for this iPhone with Flappy Bird installed (spoiler alert: I’m not). Not that I’m actually blaming everyone (or anyone). I’m just thinking that this hyper-critical modern world we live in today, full of instant feedback, faceless comments, a forum for everyone, and out-of-control virality, can sure be a mixed bag.

    And as a result, Flappy Bird has flown off into the sunset, hopefully dodging green pipes along the way. I’m just going to have to find another game to play.

    Titanfall, anyone?

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    10 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Candy Crush Saga

    Candy Crush Saga

    I understand your hesitation. With all the Candy Crush Saga jokes getting tossed across the internet I was hesitant too. And it certainly doesn’t help that many people are now referring to it as Candy Crack. But let’s put all that aside for a moment and consider a few possibilities. Maybe this game is more than an addiction waiting to happen maybe it is a chance to become a much more generous, successful, and healthy person and even maybe one day you will become the envy of all fellow Crushers. How is this possible? Read on and discover 10 reasons why you should be playing Candy Crush Saga…

    1. A use for those requests

    So your phone just went off and it looks like you have just received a request from one of your 300 Facebook friends to play Candy Crush and now you have fury burning inside of you. Before you let your anger overwhelm you and inspire you to write your friend a hate message, take a breath. Before you possibly wound your friendship for life consider that maybe if you accept this request all the other ones won’t upset you. Maybe eventually you will find yourself appreciating them. Who knows maybe you might even send one of your own requests to a friend someday.

    2. The newest way to get connected

    Ever have someone on your Facebook that you only met once, had a great connection with and never talked to again? Well, Candy Crush is your solution. That person probably plays and a simple request for a life in a private message can open the door to a mutually beneficial relationship. You will be bffs in no time or maybe more. There may even be a Candy Crush themed wedding in your future.

    3. Helps you find your purpose

    Ever think to yourself “My life has no purpose”, “I have nothing to offer anyone”. Well, I am here to tell you that YOU ARE WRONG! You have so much to offer the people close to you whether it is something as simple as a Candy Crush life or something major like a much needed 3 extra moves. You can help someone beat level 128 and there is no greater purpose in life then to be there to help others.

    4. Happier relationships

    How great would it would it be if there was a mute button for that loud nagging that comes out of your significant other? Well shockingly there is something better. Candy Crush. Candy Crush Saga will help you block out everything you don’t want to hear or experience. Are the kids getting on your nerves? Don’t worry, just enter the Candy Crush world and everything will pass in time.

    5. Something to do on the toilet

    We have all had a moment when we sat on a toilet bored out of our minds and felt completely unproductive. Well, no more. Now, you have Candy Crush on your phone and this boring task has become the greatest opportunity to concentrate on being the best you can be in Candy Crush. Your friends will start to envy you and wonder where you find the time to pass level after level. Waiting at the doctor’s office? Sitting in a boring meeting? Maybe now is the time to download Candy Crush Saga.

    6. The story line

    You can skip it.

    7. Support the underdog

    If you have ever seen anyone play candy crush you can tell it is remarkably simple, yet in May 2013, the developer of this game, was ranked third for publishing company with the highest number of downloads from the app store. An incredible feat considering they only have 3 games available for download compared to mega game tycoon EA who currently has over 800 games available but was taken down a notch on the scale because of the rising popularity of the Candy Crush. I love supporting the little guy so if you like seeing the underdog taking the lead too or you just hate EA start playing candy crush and give the little guy a boost.

    8. A great place for sibling rivalries

    Do you find yourself constantly competing with your siblings? Who’s smarter? Who’s the most successful? Well now there is a new way to compete. Who’s going to reach level 100 first? Who’s going to get the higher score on level 62? What makes Candy Crush an even better place for sibling rivalries is the share feature. Now you can tag your sibling in a special Candy Crush Saga post that rubs your success in their face.

    9. A healthy addiction

    Unlike drugs or alcohol, Candy Crush is a healthy addiction. Much like keeping your body active at the gym Candy Crush is a puzzle that is actually keeping your brain active which according to The Alzheimer’s Association can greatly reduce the risk and impact of Alzheimer’s in your future. So play Candy Crush Saga! It’s good for your health.

    10. A way to succeed at something

    Did you fail in school? How about your career? What about your relationships? No worries just start playing Candy Crush and you will finally get a chance to feel what it’s like to succeed at something. For example today I succeeded at beating level 139 of Candy Crush which is a level I have been working on for days. What have you succeeded at today? I’m sure it was nothing as epic as level 139.

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