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    Cut the Rope Gets into the Holidays


    A mysterious package was dropped at my door.
    And I said to myself, “What’s this box for?”
    I opened it quick when, to my surprise,
    Inside was Om Nom with big puppy dog eyes.

    The Cut the Rope star had come for a reason,
    To spread some good cheer this past holiday season.
    Om Nom had not come to hang out and chill,
    Instead he was here as a ZeptoLab shill.

    It seems Cut the Rope had a new line of toys,
    Filled with plushies and figures for all girls and boys.
    ZeptoLab sent Om Nom to get a good pitch in,
    But the poor guy just stared at the food in my kitchen.

    CutTheRope2 While Om Nom kept busy with marathon snacking,
    I searched through the box and all of its packing.
    I found scraps of paper that were shredded and ripped,
    Leftovers from Om Nom eating his script.

    I soon began thinking this visit was moot,
    When down in the box I FINALLY found loot.
    A press kit was sent to show off the wares,
    So I snatched it up quick and headed upstairs.

    Nommie Micro Figures were the first on the scene,
    With itty bitty versions of the eating machine.
    Blind retail three packs feature cute lil’ devils,
    And come packed with exclusive Cut the Rope levels.

    CutTheRopeThe 5-inch Pose-N-Play plushies were next on the list,
    They’re cute and they’re cuddly, and not to be missed.
    These two Om Nom plushies, dressed in disguise,
    With reindeer horns or 3D glasses for eyes.

    Next was the 3-inch Om Nom plush on a clip,
    Which cute as it was, started giving me lip.
    It “om nom”-ed and “nom nom”-ed and put on a show,
    Like the REAL Om Nom still snacking below.

    Two 6-inch plushes next rounded the bin,
    A star and box, both with secrets within.
    Take each of these plushes, turn their insides around,
    And a cute little Om Nom is there to be found.

    Wrapping up the last of these Cut the Ropes treats,
    Is an 8-inch plush Om Nom that sure knows his beats.
    This DJ Box Om Nom spins Cut the Rope tracks,
    With a whimsical flair any other plush lacks.

    CutTheRope3I returned downstairs to check the fate of my feast,
    It had all been devoured by that cute little beast.
    With all the food gone, Om Nom was now in a rush,
    Though he was now stuffed more than his plush.

    As scurried out the door and went on his way,
    I screamed, “Have you got nothing to say?!?”
    He turned and replied, “Om nominom nom,
    Buy my toys at Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and at!”

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