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    1946. Europe lies in ruins, torn apart by “Plan Z.” The zombie Führer has been cast into Hell but Hitler’s hordes are back for more!

    From the makers of Sniper Elite 4 and Strange Brigade, ZOMBIE ARMY 4: DEAD WAR rises today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC! The brand new installment in Rebellion’s cult horror shooter series is available both digitally and in boxed copies*.

    While I realize this isn’t a family-friendly title I personally am an adult who enjoys playing pew pew zombie games with my friends. This one has my attention largely because of the up to four player co-op option. There’s something about venturing out to survive hordes of zombies with a crew that makes my heart happy.

    Watch The Launch Trailer:

    Zombie Army 4: Dead War is out NOW! Get your copy here today!

    Zombie Army 4 features:

    • A harrowing Story Campaign for 1-4 players
    • Huge new levels across Southern Europe and beyond…
    • Epic weaponry, powerful skills and elemental enhancements
    • 100 levels to rank up – build the slayer you desire
    • Gorge on the goriest X-ray Kill Cam ever
    • Horde Mode returns – bigger, better and tougher!


    In addition to the main game, the Super Deluxe Edition grants access to tons of additional post-launch content. That includes:

    • 3 new Campaign Missions
    • 4 new Character Packs
    • 9 new Weapon Bundles
    • 5 new Weapon Skin Packs
    • 4 new Character Outfit Packs


    In addition to the main game, the Deluxe Edition outfits survivors with a crate-load of additional extras, all available Day 1, including:

    • Undead Airman Character Pack
    • Solid Gold Weapon Pack
    • The Undercover Karl Character Outfit Pack

    For more information, please visit

    *Boxed copies available on PS4 and Xbox One

    **This post contains affiliate links. The Mommy Gamers earns revenue when you make purchases using these links. All revenue is used on boxed wine and video games. ~ Jax

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    Arkshot: First Impressions

    The Mommy Gamers Arkshot Game First Impressions

    The Mommy Gamers community got early access to check out Arkshot, a game best described as arena shooter meets party game. Getting started with Arkshot is pretty simple. You select your color, bow, mask and taunt then team up with three friends for five different modes on fourteen maps.  Out of the four of us who played, we had mixed thoughts on the game. Two of us loved it, one of us was kind of impartial, and the fourth player asked me if I hated him as a person because I asked him to play such a horrible game. Personally I had fun, but could have done without certain aspects of the game.  I giggled like a teenager for a second when I saw the bow named “The Boner” and realized there were penis, orgasm and fart taunts.  Maybe that’s the demograpic Arkshot is trying to appeal to, but I wasn’t the only one who agreed that the potty humor could have been left out.

    Check out our Twitch stream footage with our first impressions on Arkshot, and leave your thoughts in the comments below.  Does Arkshot look like a game you’d like to play?

    Arkshot released on May 19, 2016 and is available on the Steam shop here, currently priced at $7.99.  It is also worth noting that Arkshot is purely multiplayer, so you’ll want to convince three of your friends to also pick up a copy. The Mommy Gamers were provided keys to play and share with our Twitch community.  To get in on future community play dates make sure to follow TheMommyGamers Twitch channel at www.Twitch.Tv/TheMommyGamers

    You can also check out our other game content on our YouTube channel here: 

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