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    Arkshot: First Impressions

    The Mommy Gamers Arkshot Game First Impressions

    The Mommy Gamers community got early access to check out Arkshot, a game best described as arena shooter meets party game. Getting started with Arkshot is pretty simple. You select your color, bow, mask and taunt then team up with three friends for five different modes on fourteen maps.  Out of the four of us who played, we had mixed thoughts on the game. Two of us loved it, one of us was kind of impartial, and the fourth player asked me if I hated him as a person because I asked him to play such a horrible game. Personally I had fun, but could have done without certain aspects of the game.  I giggled like a teenager for a second when I saw the bow named “The Boner” and realized there were penis, orgasm and fart taunts.  Maybe that’s the demograpic Arkshot is trying to appeal to, but I wasn’t the only one who agreed that the potty humor could have been left out.

    Check out our Twitch stream footage with our first impressions on Arkshot, and leave your thoughts in the comments below.  Does Arkshot look like a game you’d like to play?

    Arkshot released on May 19, 2016 and is available on the Steam shop here, currently priced at $7.99.  It is also worth noting that Arkshot is purely multiplayer, so you’ll want to convince three of your friends to also pick up a copy. The Mommy Gamers were provided keys to play and share with our Twitch community.  To get in on future community play dates make sure to follow TheMommyGamers Twitch channel at www.Twitch.Tv/TheMommyGamers

    You can also check out our other game content on our YouTube channel here: 

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    The Mommy Gamers Play Portal Knights

    Portal Knights The Mommy Gamers


    Portal Knights is an adorable 3D sandbox RPG adventure game that can best be described as a combination of Minecraft and Nintendo with some cool RPG elements. This video walks you through the character selection process and beginning quests in the game.


    For more information on Portal Knights check out their website:

    Join us on our Twitch channel each week as we try out new games with our community:

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    Layers of Fear


    Finding myself without a date on Valentine’s Day, I decided that playing a horror game would be better than sitting around watching chick flicks and guzzling wine. Enlisting the aid of my teenage son to assist me through this M for Mature rated game…because I am a responsible parent, we braced ourselves for what we hoped would be an enjoyable and unsettling experience. Layers of Fear rose to the challenge and left us literally screaming for more.

    Layers of Fear is a psychedelic horror game that allows players to get inside the mind of an insane painter. In an effort to ensure that our community shared in the fun, I Twitch streamed my adventures through the halls of an ever-changing Victorian-era mansion. We survived, and this playlist is the result of many hours of terror, laughs and a whole lot of fun.


    While I believe that the more than four hours of gameplay speaks for itself I do want to wrap this post up nicely and say that I would absolutely reccomend this game to anyone who loves horror games. There are multiple endings, 18 Steam achievements and lots of items to collect that I missed on my first run through, making the replayability factor pretty great.

    For more future adventures in gaming, make sure to follow The Mommy Gamers on Twitch here:  You can set it up to notify you when we go live so that you never miss out on any of the fun. We are also housing some of these videos on our YouTube channel along with our library of book reviews, podcast episodes, unboxings, and other entertaining random content. We’d love it if you’d subscribe to our channel!

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