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    The Mommy Gamers Podcast Episode 174: The Twitch Stream Strikes Back

    The Mommy Gamers Podcast Episode 174 The Twitch Stream Strikes Back

    After a nearly two year hiatus, The Mommy Gamers Podcast is back on Twitch for a live recorded show. Carrie and Marcia brush the dust off their cameras and kick things off with a little getting to know you session. Game chat this week was pretty lively as Carrie had some downtime thanks to a nasty case of mastitis. She played ELEX, Turing Test, and Cuphead. Marcia actually gave Destiny 2 a chance, but is still obsessed with Fortnite, and went off on some rant about eating a bush. We’re convinced she’s finally lost her mind completely.

    The ladies reminisce about Supermarket Sweep, which is apparently making a comeback. They also try to sort out whether or not they think the Amazon Key Service, allowing delivery drivers to leave packages inside your home, is a good thing or a straight up “NOPE”.

    The ladies also talk TV & Movies, covering Lucifer, Orville, Baby Drive and much more. The question and answer segment of this episode was one of our best in a very long time thanks to our live audience. Questions such as: What games are you looking forward to, if you binge watch Stranger Things over three days will you die, and a long conversation about craw fish etouffe round off this lively podcast quite nicely!

    Carrie’s new baby was clearly the star of the show, and you can listen to the podcast using the link below as usual, or watch the live stream we included in this post.

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