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    Ewin Knight Series Gaming Chair Review

    Ewinracing Knight Series The Mommy Gamers Review

    Which chair to buy when you sit for many hours a day is a very important decision. Gaming, working, streaming, or doing anything that requires long hours in a chair can take a toll on your body. How do you pick the right chair? If you’re like me you hit the internet looking for some honest reviews. Hopefully this one about the Ewin Knight Series gaming chair I’m currently sitting on helps.

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    Murdered Soul Suspect Review

    Why I love it and you should, too.


    Murdered Soul Suspect is the newest game developed by Airtight Studios and published by Square Enix. Set in current Salem, Massachusetts you play as Detective Ronan O’Conner searching for the answers to why he was murdered. The game begins with your murder and you spend the entire rest of the game as a ghost using your new found ghost skills and your already established detective skills to solve who murdered you and why.


     From the first trailer I saw of this game I was enamored with it. It seemed as if it was a dark investigative game and I wasn’t disappointed. After the game released, however, I became nervous to play it because it seemed to get mediocre reviews. Whereas I can see why it may not have been some people’s cup of tea, I truly feel as if they just didn’t go into it realizing what type of game it was, and reviewed it unfairly.


    Murdered Soul Suspect is not an action game. Let’s just get that out of the way right now. Other than the occasional tie in with one of the game’s demons (which greatly resemble a dementor from Harry Potter or maybe even a ring wraith from The Lord of the Rings) there is no combat what so ever. Even with the tie in with the demons there is not really a battle so much as a stealth/assassination mechanic. If fact, there is no way to go head on with a demon. The only option is to hide in spectral energy and then perform an assassination while it isn’t looking.

    Murdered: Soul Suspect_20140531225613

         A game without any action these days is almost unheard of, however this isn’t the first game that has used this format. Games such as Indigo Prophecy and Shadow of Destiny used a very similar format. Ronan walks around and searches for clues to solve not only his own mystery, but also takes time to help some ghost friends in need. I truly feel as if some people who have played this game have been confused as to what the game is trying to accomplish. The fun in Murdered Soul Suspect doesn’t come from high octane action or gunfights, but it is fun on a more cerebral level. The setting, story, creepy mood, all are extremely well executed in this game.


     In summation, if you don’t mind a game with little to no action, but love a good puzzle or atmospheric game, then I cannot recommend Murdered Soul Suspect enough. I truly enjoyed this game and my hope is that other people will read this review and give it the chance it deserves.

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