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    The Mommy Gamers Podcast Episode 193: Carrie’s Meaty Balls

    In before January is completely over…whew! Carrie and Marcia are on track for at least one podcast a month for 2020. If you’ve ever questioned just how much content could possibly be packed into a short half hour show THIS is the podcast to listen to.

    The ladies chat about Death Stranding, The Witcher 3, Animal Crossing New Horizons, Sea of Thieves and a ton of other games. TV chats run amok as well with Star Trek: Picard, The Good Place, whatever that new Dracula show is on Netflix, and Lego Masters. 

    To wrap up the show we chat goals for 2020, the new Byte app, and something about some Jersey guys meaty balls. 

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    Episode 96: Tijuana Monkey Balls


    Marcia “Prison Panties” Morgan, Desirai “Pee My Pants Excited” and Elaine “Come At Me Bro” are in the house!  W00t w00t! Is Elaine back for good? What happened to Carrie? You’ll have to listen to find out!! This lovely trio of sarcasm chats about more video games than one podcast can contain: Witcher 3, Puzzles and Dragons, Splatoon, the mess that is Batman Arkham Night, Destiny (yes…again).

    If gaming chat isn’t really your thing fear not, they make sure there’s something for everyone by discussing the new colored armpit hair trend and what to watch in the TV “offseason”. Tune in for all this and more!!

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