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    Free Comic Book Day 2013


    If you’re up early today like I am, sipping coffee and glaring at your kids for waking you up before noon on a Saturday, I raise my coffee cup in salute to you.  However, they may have done you a favor in waking you up early.  This means you still have time to hunt down the locations of your local comic book stores today and grab some FREE comic books!

    Free Comic Book Day is the first Saturday in May, and this is the second year it has also fallen on an equally geeky “holiday”, May the Fourth.  If you’ve never been out for a free comic book day, you are absolutely missing out.  I took the kids out last year just because I was curious about the whole thing.  I am not comic book person, and neither were my children really.  The first shop we stopped at had an outside comic book yard sale set up, with five cent comics, a bouncy house and free smoothies!

    Excited by all of the fun, we decided to hit a second comic book store.  The line was insanely long, but between the Star Wars cos-players, random cos-players waiting in line, and a lovely man with a guitar who serenaded my then two year-old daughter, the time passed by quickly and we were rewarded with a big stack of FREE comic books.  I was surprised to see that comic books aren’t all the traditional super hero stories I assumed they would be.  They had something for every age range from the very young to…well…old people like myself.  If you’re a parent you know it can be hard to get your children into reading.  Walking out of the store with all three of my kids smiling and riding home with them all silent and enjoying their new books made my day.

    05NkB3kL8LVcmvt_hjVp9UDb7wnyzDkblXakAWjYE-g                          My kids and I enjoying our first Free Comic Book Day, May 2012

    I can’t wait to get out there and do it all again today!  It’s not too late to find a comic book store and go check out the festivities in your area.  I plan to stop by Black Hive Comics here in Jacksonville, Florida.  In addition to the free comics they will be having an awesome raffle, bbq and lovely geeky burlesque performers.  For more info on Free Comic Book Day, check out their website.  To locate a store nearest you use this handy dandy little tool.

    And if you need further convincing to go out today, here’s Hugh Jackman:

    If you and your family go out today, please take a picture and share it and your adventures today with us on our facebook page!




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