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    World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Review

    World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is the seventh expansion in the Blizzard franchise. With the Horde and Alliance at one another fighting for the Azerite supplies, it also means that this expansion is PvP based. War Mode is just the beginning when it comes to taking down enemies, leveling, and taking the Azerite for yourself.

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    What is Happening in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch

    The Warbringers

    Blizzard is about to launch their seventh expansion, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. The pre-patch leading up to the Battle for Azeroth launch has been interesting and detailing events of the past that is leading up to this epic faction war between the Horde and the Alliance. We have Jaina who is making deals that are unsettling. Saurfang is exhausted and ready to meet his maker while Sylvanas pushes for the win at the end of this battle. Either way, we have a lot of content to discover as the PvP based expansion comes into play. Who will win the battle?

    In the last month, we’ve had to endure the talent and class changes, the enabling of War Mode, and a HUGE stat squish. While the first week didn’t bring any content, it allowed players to discover what their class could and could not do. I will also mention that the artifact weapon was decommissioned, which was a little underwhelming. Where’s the fancy cinematic that shows what happens? You can also read what is coming in the next expansion, here at The Mommy Gamers.

    In week two, we were brought the first of three cinematics that details what happens with Jaina, Saurfang, and Sylvanas. Jaina has made decisions that even she may not happy about, lives and loved ones lost. Jaina has had to make some difficult decisions and it influences her future, which is interesting and potentially could be the reason why she got frustrated and left Khadgar, to begin with.

    As we headed into week three, many are feeling worn down and tired of war. Saurfang is no exclusion to this, especially after losing his son. He takes his gear off and just before the sun rises, hopes that someone will target him, ending the exhaustion. A troll is reluctant to see that not happen and keeps yapping away. Our new friend says something to Saurfang that gets him thinking. Nevertheless, it gets his butt back in gear. It was the more emotional pulling trailer out of the three, and it’s called “Old Soldier”.

    Last, but not least, we have Sylvanas. Over the years, Sylvanas has been pushed aside and told no so many times, but here she is, the Warchief and planning to take over. Step one was the burning of Teldrassil, step two could be to push the Alliance back into their corners and then unleash the Plague of Undeath to create more undead.

    But until the expansion officially launches August 14th around the world, we won’t know anything. But those in the United States can play World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Monday, August 13th at 3 pm PST.

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    What’s Coming in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

    New Story, War Mode and More
    World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth What's new

    Big things are coming in Azeroth, so whether you’re Horde or Alliance, it’s time to get your crap together. Gear up, alter your talents, because this war is going to be of epic stories for future generations. Pre-patch for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth went live July 17, and people went nuts. While this was more of the changes for characters such as talents, War Mode, and the PvP toggle, we have to wait till July 24th for the storyline for the Horde and Alliance to begin. Along with the new expansion, the level cap has increased to level 120.

    New Content
    This upcoming storyline will venture us to Teldrassil as the Horde and Alliance fight against one another, which is three weeks before the Battle for Azeroth release on August 14. The escalation in the battle between the Horde and the Alliance will begin in Teldrassil and follow through in Lordaeron. This new conflict will be at the heart of Azeroth.

    Some changes are already here, and one of them is the Orcs and their upright posture from the Burning Legion. There will be a customization option as well for players as they create Orcs as a new toon. Blood Elves now have golden eyes and a few new facial options as well!

    No Races/Classes (Kind of)

    No new classes with this expansion, but there are new races, sort of in the new expansion. These include the Highmountain Tauren and the Lightforged Draenei, amongst many others, a couple will also unlock with the content within Azeroth, like the Dark Iron Dwarves and Mag’nar Orcs. This is also a bummer for many players, but Dark Iron Dwarves do look fun!

    PvP / War Mode
    In PvP, things have changed drastically. Traditionally, servers had Normal, PvP, RP and RPPvP. Now, all servers are PvE, and to take part in world PvP, players must toggle War Mode either in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. Once players are outside the walls of their main city, players roam into the same environment as other players with PvP/War Mode toggled on. This way, those that want to quest without being ganked by the opposing side can move and enjoy the experience.

    War Mode enables various bonuses: PvP talents chosen will be available anywhere PvP can occur, an additional bonus to experience while leveling and bonus gold and Resources from World Quests.Now that doesn’t seem fair for someone who wants to raid and run dungeons, now does it?

    But for those that want to run instances and find gear for transmogrification, there is a little something for them. Running instances with 11 levels or more above the maximum for the content will automatically queue for Legacy Loot. A standing example would be a level 110 running Pandaria raids should get the Legacy gear. Under the rules in place, drops will include a chance for items for a full party or raid at the instance level.

    Pre-Patch Updates

    World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Pre-patch notes are available here, so players can see what changes have been made in World of Warcraft.

    Also, as this article was written, it was brought to my attention that players will no longer need to purchase the Battle Chest, which has Vanilla through Legion to play. Players only need to pay the subscription of $14.99 per month to play up to level 100, or 110 once Battle for Azeroth officially launches.
    After some research, it looks that Blizzard has renamed the Battle Chest to WoW: Complete Collection. The bundle allows players to venture anywhere and everywhere in Azeroth, 30 days of game times, a level 110 character boost and a pre-purchase for Battle for Azeroth.


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    Late to the Party: The Warcraft Movie

    This review contains some possible spoilers. If you have not yet seen the movie, and do not want to be spoiled, you may not want to continue. The spoilers aren’t massive, but they are there. You have been warned.


    I know, I know, the Warcraft movie has been out for a while now. However, since I refuse to be one of those parents who drags a small child to a movie they aren’t going to pay attention through, I wait to see movies until they come out on streaming. Warcraft was definitely well worth the wait. As a fan of the franchise, and as a fan of fantasy movies in general, Warcraft was everything I could have hoped for.

    Warcraft mostly follows the story of the first game, which I used to watch my boyfriend in high school play almost nightly. I didn’t have a PC back then, so I would just watch him play, and loved it. The movie tells of the Orcs‘ arrival in Azeroth along with the introduction of Fel magic to the Orcish race. Adapted for the screen by Charles Leavitt (In the Heart of the Sea) and Duncan Jones (Source Code), Warcraft was very faithful to the actual lore of the game. There were a couple of liberties taken, but nothing that was glaring or completely story-changing. Also, even though the lore of Warcraft is very deep, the movie does a really good job of not alienating viewers who may not have had any prior history with the games.

    Durotan Warcraft

    For those of us who have played the games, the movie was full of Easter eggs and references. From the subtle addition of a Murloc, to Hellscream standing in the background, I couldn’t stop nergasming. I think my favorite moment in the movie, though, was near the end. During the epic final battle between Khadgar and Medivh, Khadgar is surrounded by the same yellow glow that a player in World of Warcraft is surrounded by when they level up. KHADGAR LEVELED UP DURING THE BOSS FIGHT. I literally stood up and cheered. I shouted, “He leveled up! Did you see that? He leveled up!” I don’t think anything in any movie ever has made me as happy as that small addition did. Bravo, Duncan Jones, bravo.

    Khadgar Levels Up

    I really hate the bad reviews that Warcraft received. I feel as if video game movies shouldn’t be reviewed by the same critics as other movies. That would be living in a fantasy world, but if you’re not a gamer, you just don’t get it most of the time. This was everything a video game movie should be. It was true to the game’s lore, it explained itself well for those who haven’t played the games, and had a ton of fun additions for those who do play the games. Anyone else looking to make a video game movie should take note.

    In case you haven’t seen it, and want to, Warcraft is currently out on streaming, and will be released on DVD and BluRay on September 27th. I’ve seen the list of special features coming on the DVD/BluRay including a gag reel, deleted scenes, and several featurettes.

    Have you seen it yet? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Episode 140: Styrofoam Pumice Stone

    The Mommy Gamers Episode 140 Syrofoam Pumice Stone

    This week on Episode 140 of The Mommy Gamers Podcast Carrie, Desirai and Marcia discuss some odd topics like pumice stones and vaginal steaming. Marcia feeds her World of Warcraft obsession with Legion, the latest expansion in the game. Desirai forces us all to play ConMan: The Game mostly because she still wants Nathan Fillion to come on our podcast one day. The ladies discuss some recent movies, books they are reading, new health and fitness adventures and so so much more in this very full and entertaining podcast episode.

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    The Mommy Gamers 136: Commitment Issues

    The Mommy Gamers Podcast Commitment Issues Episode 136

    This week Marcia and Desirai are joined by A Hare Affair’s  creative and crafty Ashley Gorecki. They talk about Pokemon GO, World of Warcraft, Stranger Things, the mini NES Classic, Zootopia, BFG, pimple cupcakes and more.

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