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    A Day In My Life…

    Kimberly Kinrade & Family

    This is guest post about a day in the life of author Kimberly Kinrade. Read below to see how she keeps up with her writing, 3 kids, pets and husband.

    I recently wrote a post for Novel Publicity called “This is the year you publish your novel: A road map to getting it done.”

    I’m a Jr. Project Manager with them. I’m also the Marketing Director for Evolved Publishing and a paranormal and fantasy author for young adults and children… oh and a mother of three with two dogs and two kittens and a publishing schedule that makes me wonder if
    I’ve lost my mind.

    Someone asked me how I do it all. Honestly, I’m not sure. I just keep going until it’s all done (and it’s never actually done.)

    2011 was an exciting year for me. I published three books, took on several new clients and got engaged. This year is proving to be even
    more amazing. I got married, and will have six more books out this year with more to come.

    So, what my day looks like:

    5 a.m. Get up, kiss Dmytry, get on my computer and check emails.

    6 a.m. Still responding to emails, seriously? Omg.

    7 a.m. The emails are multiplying like horny rabbits. I’m not even sure how to stay on top of them.

    7:20 a.m. Get kids up and ready for school. Take dogs out to go potty. Deal with whiny 5 year old who’s too tired to go to school
    because she wouldn’t go to sleep when she was supposed to the night before. Find shoes the 7 year old somehow lost between last night
    and this morning. No you cannot take your stuffy to school. No you cannot take your DSi to school. No you cannot stay home to play on the computer.

    8:20 a.m. Grab a snack before heading back to the computer. Kiss my husband, Dmytry.

    8:30 a.m. Check my files for each client, start working on their projects.

    12:00 p.m. Come up for air. Kiss Dmytry. Grab another bite to eat. Take dogs out again. Get on business call or attend meeting with

    2 p.m. Meetings done (hopefully) and back to work. Kiss Dmytry. Update social media sites. Spend a totally useless hour watching random videos my friends have posted on Facebook. Thanks guys.

    3:30 p.m. Crap, kids will be home in less than 30 minutes and I still haven’t done any writing. But I haven’t done that guest post that’s
    due either. Open file and work on post.

    4:00 p.m. Kids are home. Hugs and kisses for everyone. Yes, even Dmytry. Get kids snacks, take dogs out again. Check school paperwork and homework. Talk about their day.

    5 p.m. Finish guest post while kids are playing on their Nook, DSi and Leapster.

    7 p.m. Oh crap, we haven’t given the kids dinner. Dmytry and I scramble to get dinner ready for them (and us, I guess.) Thank goodness for canned stew.

    8 p.m. Back to the computer. Check more emails. How the heck are there more??? Kiss Dmytry, a lot!

    9 p.m. Get kids ready for bed. Kisses and hugs for all (including Dmytry.) Read bedtime story. Halfway through, stop reading bedtime story because this book is really awful and who would write something like this for kids anyways? The main character is totally obnoxious and unlikable and I do not want my kids behaving that way or learning from her. Pick a new book and remind myself to
    finish my children’s chapter book series.

    10 p.m. Send out review requests to book blogger for my books while hushing kids every 10 minutes and dealing with 400 million potty breaks.

    11 p.m. Kids are quiet, finally. Work on books, then spend an hour watching our latest series addiction on the computer.

    Midnight Write 3-6k more words on current book. Stay up all night if on deadline, if regular night go to bed at 3 a.m.

    3 a.m. Crawl into bed with Dmytry. Yes, there are more kisses. No, I am not going into more detail than that!

    Variations to this routine include but are not limited to: Laundry day, grocery shopping day, family night on Friday night where no work
    gets done past 4 p.m. until the kids are in bed, sick days where less work gets done and summer break where it’s a miracle anything gets
    done at all. Ever.

    And there you have it folks. A day in my life. Isn’t it exciting?

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