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  • Sparklite cover art

    Sparklite: Ready for an Adventure?

    Sparklite is a wonderful new release from Red Blue Games that takes us into the world of Geodia. In this top-down adventure game, you will find an ever-changing world of Sparklite-powered gear to help you take down the titans of mining!

  • Old Sonic vs New Sonic Trailer

    Make Sonic The Hedgehog Great Again

    The new, and very much improved, movie trailer for the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog movie released today. Hopefully leaving even the most vocal critics with a sense of renewed gratitude and hope. Is this the Sonic you were all hoping for?

  • Sparklite Soundtrack Now Available For Pre-Order

    Sparklite’s soundtrack with a distinct GameCube aesthetic that has caught the attention of many listeners. Expect a memorable experience covering everything from grasslands and deserts to poisonous bogs and hidden caverns throughout this heartfelt game and soundtrack.

  • Nordlicht loading screen

    Nordlicht: A pretty little adventure

    I don’t usually play point and click adventures but when I saw the artwork for Nordlicht I had to give it a go. It sounds…

  • The Mommy Gamers Extra Life GameStop Gives Charity Mixer Stream

    TheMommyGamers Extra Life GameStop Gives Charity Stream

    It’s Extra Life charity stream time! On Saturday, October 19th starting at 12 pm ET we will be gaming to raise funds for sick kids on our Mixer channel. The Mommy Gamers are teaming up with GameStop to bring you a great stream and some awesome prizes!

  • Jackbox Party Pack 6 Review

    Jackbox Party Pack 6

    With this, the sixth version of these popular party games, can the good folks at Jackbox Games REALLY keep ideas fresh? After spending some time with this newest version I can confidently say: Yes. Yes they can. And this might be their best pack yet.

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