Wytchwood is a neat gothic style storybook type adventure RPG game developed by Alientrap Games and published by Whitethorn Games. You can play Wytchwood on PC, or any console. The artwork reminds me of a detailed popup story book. The gameplay is smooth for both keyboard, mouse, and it is also fully controller capable.

Upon starting the game you (the witch with a pot on her head) wake up in your cottage and from the get go it draws you in by looking at all the items just scattered around. Just like any good witch you need a grimoire. Your grimoire will help you learn new potions to use along your adventures. The evil goat in the yard will order you to collect souls to complete his contract. You will need to collect items through out the areas to make your tools to be able to collect other items.

There are several types of areas to adventure through and find different ingredients. Hack your way through the forest or stomp around the swamp. Make sure to talk to the interesting people you find along the way as each folk person you find has their own story and will help you along the way. Don’t forget to use your special “Witch’s Eye” to scan over items, By using the eye it will help you remember potions and be able to scan monsters to see their weakness.

With any crafting game it can become a bit grindy. However Wytchwood has so much character between the stories, puzzles and just over all scenery it is hard to get bored. I very much enjoyed this horrifyingly adorable game. Keep in mind the game does have blood, some violence, and an odd sense of humor!